Enter your email address to subscribe to this site and receive notifications of new posts by email. There are many ways to achieve inner peace, a state of being as varied and diverse as the individuals who claim to have experienced it. Self confidence is the trust in oneself to have the skills to deal with anything one is not prepared for. In addition, to be a Gardnerian or Alexandrian Wiccan, you must be initiated - you cannot self-initiate or dedicate as a Gardnerian or Alexandrian; you have to be part of an established coven. Eclectics a€?Energetica€? Beginning of 2012 a€“ 2013 season featuring: The Littledales of Central Asia as told by Elizabeth Clinch.
The evening will begin at 6:00 pm with a slide presentation about their concept and their work.
We will hear from women who like, Teresa Littledale, are contemporary examples of a beloved tradition. Karen Gerwitz, the Executive Director of the World Trade Center Denver, has orchestrated everything from a G8 Summit to the official visit from the Emperor and Empress of Japan --- and once ran a sawmill in Ghana. Gina Doubleday is the Communications Officer for the UNESCO World Heritage Centre at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris. Cara Lopez Lee is the author ofA They Only Eat Their Husbands: A Memoir of Alaskan Love, World Travel, and the Power of Running Away (Ghost Road Press, 2010). Moderator Mary Ellen Gallagher has been a consultant to The World Bank, The International Institute of Applied Systems Analysis and Exempla Healthcare.
We will be welcomed by PJ Da€™Amico, Executive Director who brings over 20 years of experience to the nonprofit sector where he has served as an advocate for social change at both the local and national level.
Jacquelyn Benton has had a multi-level teaching career that spans over thirty years, the last ten of which have been in the Departments of English and African & African American Studies at Metropolitan State College of Denver.
Denver Eclectics thrives by offering opportunities for our members to a€?spread our wingsa€? a€“ soar and sing new songs. Current Trends and Hot Spots in International Relations presented by, Ambassador Christopher R. Throughout the country over the past two decades or so, there have been significant challenges facing museums of all kinds. What must museums do to become more relevant and therefore be defined as value for the changing American public? Women Who have Wings Courage Award 2012 Winner, Chi Yvonne Leina from Cameroon will share her inspiring story. In 2012, Women have Wings will award the WHW Courage Award to three women living in the courageous spirit of Amelia Earhart.
The Clyfford Still Museum is the newest addition to Denver's burgeoning Cultural Arts District and is located adjacent to the Denver Art Museum in the city's Civic Center Cultural Complex. We will have the opportunity to offer 3 groups of 30 each to a special private tour of the museum.
If you want to participate in this special morning please sign up and we will notify you which tour you will be assigned. Denver has two of the countrya€™s leading experts in DNA analysis and they have just moved to a new state of the art crime lab.
Wende and Hank perform many musical styles, and at this performance youa€™ll hear swing, ballads, blues and boogie. January 2011 brought hope to the Arab world - a region saddled with long-standing, repressive dictatorial regimes.
The Education Century: Education as Seen on the Front Lines, presented by Michael Johnston, Colorado Senate, District 33. I perked up my ears when I received an Email from Kathy Terry who said a€?I saw Michael speak last year at the Teach For America 20th Anniversary Summit in Washington D.C.
He has taught at a rural school in Greenville Mississippi, for two years as part of the Teach for America program.
A Cartoonist's View, The World According to Keefe, presented by 2011 Pulitzer Prize winner, Mike Keefe, who else?
Mike Keefe threw himself into auto assembly line work, the United States Marines and graduate school in mathematics.
I saw Mike present and I thought a€“ Denver Eclectics will love having and laughing with him and we will have the program in the evening so you may bring a significant other. Denver is as exciting as it is today because Dana looked at the past and imagined how the past could inspire the future. I have asked Dana to review the city as it was 40 years ago and how because of historic preservationists, we were the envy of many other cities. The 2012 election has just ended on November 6th and Denver Eclectics has the good fortune of having Floyd Ciruli founder of Ciruli Associates who is, perhaps, best-known to Colorado audiences as a pollster and political analyst for 9-KUSA TV, KOA Radio, and The Denver Post. I know I speak for all of us in thanking Floyd for coming to put meaning behind the election. From Caves to Castles: The Story of Humanity through the Bead and Ornamentation, presented by Sindi Schloss founder and owner of International Gemological Services, Scottsdale, Arizona. Sindi is Denver Eclectic Attendee, JoAnn Schlossa€™s daughter, with an in-depth expertise as a gemologist.
DID YOU KNOWa€¦ beads are believed to be one of the first forms of human adornment, and are considered to be one of the first material objects not required for survival. The Wild Animal Sanctuary is the oldest and largest nonprofit Sanctuary in the US dedicated exclusively to rescuing captive exotic and endangered large carnivores, providing them with a wonderful life for as long as they live, and educating about the tragic plight faced by an estimated 30,000 such animals in America today. Pat will share his inspiring story that because of his concern he has established the oldest, largest nonprofit sanctuary in the Western hemisphere near Keensburg, Colorado. We will hear about how a coalition of nonprofits is working together to improve environmental sustainability.
In 2011, a consortium of international-development agencies, led by Golden-based iDE and Boulder-based Engineers Without Borders-USA, approached The Denver Housing Authority with a plan to turn the building into a shared headquarters. We will learn about this big idea which epitomizes social entrepreneurship at its center and will bring awareness that Denver is a hub of cutting edge ideas and initiatives. I know that we are very interested in the concept of personalized health care and again, we are lucky that Denver has such leaders in our community.

Hammering Out Human Rights, Eleanor Roosevelt at the United Nations is presented by Susan Marie Frontczak. Those of us who have traveled with Eleanor, rather Susan, will be eagerly awaiting this third installment.
The dinner will be our Denver Eclectics Holiday dinner of beef tenderloin enjoyed with the ambiance of candle light and authorized guests are encouraged to join us! A common definition of inner peace is the absence of conflict, which sounds ideal at first, but on further consideration it becomes clear that this is a linear notion since it doesn’t quite fit the scope or impact that the absence of conflict would have on daily life. It is also knowing that all the scenarios one has repeatedly contemplated to deal with the unknown can never fully identify its impact until said conflict appears. Some are as simple as choices that need to be made while others are more complex and interconnected, perhaps with repercussions that lead to major changes in one’s life. George Littledale, an unlikely British couple who explored Central Asia in the 1890s with their fox terrier.
She has traveled with her husband in the Karakoram Range of northern Pakistan and to Chinese Central Asia, visiting some of the places where the Littledales stayed. They came to Eclectics before in 2008 but Lee has a nepotistic streak and is proud to feature her relatives. The two were so touched during their volunteer work they decided to do something WONDERFULLY DIFFERENT.
According to Saint Augustine, a€?The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.a€? This panel and its moderator have read many pages, and they look forward to sharing how their journeys have transformed their professions, their families and their sense-of-self.
Raised in the US, Gina is a writer, editor and mom to four-year old Eva, who occasionally corrects her French. She writes about American culture for a French journal, and her fiction has received international recognition.A  She is also a friend who has presented to Denver Eclectics before and now has left Denver for Paris a€“ yes Paris, France.
The building was designed by renowned architects Semple-Brown to encourage artists and visitors alike to enter a realm where inspiration remains absolutely unchecked. Hill is a former career diplomat, a four-time Ambassador, nominated by three presidents, whose last post was an Ambassador to Iraq from April 2009 until August 2010. Meeting New Challenges Around Changing Demographics and Psycho a€“ Graphics presented by, Dr. Cogar was recommended to us by Sally Russo who said he has many compelling stories and he tells some of them at sea as a lecturer on the Sea Cloud. I am certain members of Denver Eclectics like and support museums, but what about the next generation?
So today we are also including Eliza Woloson, anthropologist and founder of Global Education Fund who will then introduce Chi Yvonne Leina. The two-story, 28,500-square-foot building was designed by Brad Cloepfil of Allied Works Architecture specifically to display Still's work.
The museum allows visitors the unique experience to understand the legacy of Clyfford Still, an artist whose life has been shrouded in mystery and the bulk of whose work has been hidden from public view for over 30 years. Greggory LaBerge, Director of Forensics and Evidence, Division: Denver Police Department will be joined by Mitch Morrissey, District Attorney of Denver.
This is a 60,000 square foot four level building expected to be occupied by the end of July. Now add Wende Harston a vocalist who received the Great Ladies of Jazz award and was an honoree at the Five Points July 3 festival in 2011. Their historical approach to the music will also inform us about the roots of American song in blues, spirituals, ragtime and early jazz.
Young people and ordinary, working-class citizens stood in solidarity in public squares, protesting years of corruption and the violation of human and civil rights. Award-winning preservationist Dana Crawford initiated a concept of urban renewal that was one of the first of its kind in the United States.
Among many awards, she was presented with the prestigious Bonfils Stanton Award also known as the Colorado Nobel Prize.
We are concerned about the world situation and how it affects us and then in addition, Floyd will give us an understanding of the possible message behind our national election to the world. She will ask us, IS THE DESIRE TO ADORN PART OF OUR DNA or IS ADORNMENT MERELY A BYPRODUCT OF OUR QUEST FOR HUMAN EXPRESSION? They are considered to be one of the first indicators of early symbolic thought leading to the anthropological definition of a€?modern man,a€? predated rock art by 70,000 to 90,000 years! Pat began saving captive wildlife after learning that thousands of a€?surplusa€? animals were being kept in tiny cages in the back of zoos all across the country a€“ with many being euthanized on a daily basis.A  Pat set out on a mission to help save these animals by building a small rescue facility on his family farm outside Boulder, CO. It has just completed an elevated walkway to keep crowds contained and to offer a birds eye view of rescued animals.
The center will occupy a historic, 25,000-square-foot warehouse in Denvera€™s Curtis Park neighborhood, at 1031 33rd St. Schwartz, MD is the chair of the Department of Medicine at the University of Colorado, School of Medicine. They present fascinating programs on issues ranging from Russia under Vladimir Putin to the Titanic: From Sinking to Salvage no pun intended. We have been transformed back in time to the great depression, WWII and now we will be inspired by Eleanor who once and for always answers the question, a€?Can one person change the worlda€??
Martina€™s is an acclaimed choir now in its 18th season led by founder and artistic director Timothy J. Many people would argue that anything other than a Gardnerian or Alexandrian tradition is, by default, NeoWicca. Nick Clinch has led two successful Himalayan expeditions, the highest first ascents made by Americans, and led the 1966 expedition that made the first ascent of the highest mountains in Antarctica. Also in keeping with last yeara€™s opening there will be a a€?surprisea€? for every attendee. Over the course of their years working at food banks and shelters they saw the growing number of people needing assistance: hardworking single moms, the elderly who cannot retire, the educated and the uneducated.
Prior to Iraq, among other postings, Hill served as Assistant Secretary of State for East Asia and Pacific Affairs.
I know the Sea Cloud only selects the best presenters they can find, so Sallya€™s recommendation and Sea Cloud mean a real a€?Winnera€?.

Those audiences and supporters who have long supported museums are declining in number, and the cost of doing business continues to rise.
For no matter the magnitude of her goal, the first step toward every womana€™s dream requires an act of great courage.
We had a tour with Mitch in the old crime lab several years ago but now we will learn about this new facility and all the a€?jazzya€? new technology. This duo who perform in concert venues, nightclubs and jazz history classes will make the Country Club rock.
Both teach music and both have been involved in the Harmony Project, an innovative integrated-arts program.
Stanton, Assistant Professor of Islam at DU and an expert on contemporary Syria, explain the latest developments.
He came back to Colorado in 2003 and became a principal of the Joan Farley Academy, next he was principal of the Marvin Detention Center and founding principal of Mapleton Expeditionary School of the Arts. But then, in an unguarded moment during Watergate, he found himself drawn to Richard Nixona€™s nose. She pioneered the redevelopment of Denvera€™s historic Larimer Square in the mid 1960s, creating a festival shopping area from the neglected and abandoned buildings of Denvera€™s original main street. Denver Eclectics is very honored to have the opportunity to learn about her trail blazing path. Most recently, he has appeared on NBC Nightly News, CBS Evening News, CNN with John King, Fox News Special Report, PBS News Hour, National Public Radio and the BBC.
Archaeological evidence has determined that not only did prehistoric cave dwellers adorn themselves, but the desire to adorn can be seen throughout modern human history!
Sandy Vinnik heard him present about his new book Medicine Science and Dreams: The Making of Physician a€“ Scientists. If any program will have you on the edge of your seat and keep you awake after dinner and wine, it will be John giving a medley of highlights of the important world issues of 2012.
Resolving moral conflicts and ethical dilemmas are the mechanics of finding inner peace, but at its heart lies self confidence, the path that takes one closer to selflessness. And for good measure, when they presented the Littledale story to the Royal Geographic Society Black Tie Dinner in London, they received a standing ovation.
It is a small 40 table restaurant which serves delicious locally grown food at lunch Monday a€“ Saturday 11am to 2pm. Their distinction lies in the fact that they have been able to preserve much of their African heritage in their everyday lives. The year of this Inaugural Award marks the 75th anniversary of the famed pilota€™s attempt around the world flight.
Yet the peaceful transitions soon gave way to violence: civil war in Libya, harsh repression in Bahrain, and military aggression in Syria. She will focus on Arabic-language media coverage, youth issues, and the new, often Islamist-leaning, political parties helping govern the new Arab world. In 2010 Johnston was featured in Forbes Magazinea€™s a€?7 Most Powerful Educatorsa€? and Time Magazinea€™s a€?40 under 40a€?. Today, Larimer Square serves as a prototype for the revitalization of forgotten main streets and architectural landmarks throughout the country.
Denver Eclectics has had the honor of their presentations over the years and the evenings are special and memorable.
So it’s important to identify those places in our personality that render the truth invisible, objectify them as much as possible, then one can decide whether this is how they wish to be perceived or not. WHW will grant annual Courage Awards in perpetuity by creating an endowment through selling of the only fully restored sistership of Earharta€™s trusty 1935 Lockheed Electra 10E. We can take pride that we have visionaries and leaders right here in a€?River Citya€? -oops Denver! Put a a€?gold stara€? by this program and get to a€?schoola€? - Denver Eclectics - on time before the doors close. She went on to many projects, the Oxford Hotel, the Acme Lofts, the Edbrooke Lofts and Cooper Flats Condominiums among many others. Roosevelt speaks of the ground-breaking, grueling, tempestuous, and eventually triumphant development of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, a Magna Carta for humankind. They have released eleven acclaimed CD recordings and this evening the choir will do Rose a€“ themed Christmas pieces and The Christmas Story by German composer Hugo Distler ( 1908 a€“ 1942). NeoWiccan often supports and accepts the blending of deities from different pantheons - for instance, a practitioner might have a statue of Aphrodite on her altar, right next to a statue of Thor.Kiernan, who lives in Atlanta, follows a NeoWiccan structure in her belief system. It largely has to do with their history, which points to a specialized slave trade, the isolation of the Sea Islands, and a tropical environment that their slave masters, could little withstand. Ambassador to Poland (2000 a€“ 2004), Ambassador to the Republic of Macedonia (1996 a€“ 1999) and Special Envoy to Kosovo (1998 a€“ 1999). The Active Minds team, John Henderson and Zane Robertson have presented to us for several years on different topics. Find out why Human Rights matter to you, and to the potential longevity of the United States. They will include us in a few a€?sing alonga€? selections and the evening promises to be a joyful occasion.
It is essentially a fascinating piece of American History that still remains largely untold.
Throughout the nineties he was a weekly contributor to USA Today and a regular on America Online.
We will all join our voices and sing because as our mantra says a€“ a€?We do not sing because we have answers, but we sing because we have a songa€?.
I don't need to do the same as established groups do - I practice as a solitary, I got started by reading the outer court material published by people like Buckland and Cunningham, and I mostly focus on what works for me spiritually.

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