The second method implies skipping speaking to Lucan Valerius and obtaining the artifact as part of the Bleak Falls Barrow quest. The first step is of course reaching Bleak Falls Barrow which is described in the walkthrough of Bleak Falls Barrow.
Further actions are available after reaching the room in which you have to defeat the Giant Frostbite Spider. In order to discover the secret of Bleak Falls, you will need to reach the large cave at Bleak Falls Sanctum, the last room of the underground structure. At the end of your conversation with Jarl Balgruuf the Greater, he asks you to consult with Farengar Secret-fire, his wizard. You can just simply trek there on foot, this offers more experience from encounters along the way.
Keep slashing and dashing until you reach a spiral staircase, which you need to climb down.
Farengar in Whiterun gives you Bleak Falls Barrow, but if you have already visited the area prior you will not need to visit it again. If you partook in The Golden Claw earlier, you will have already visited this area and also procured the item that Farengar requests. The linear path leads outside to a small waterfall, the base of which features a chest and corpses to loot. Through the iron doors at the top of the stairs, you walk down the hall to the stone door ahead. Move towards the engravings on the Word Wall to learn Unrelenting Force, at which point a Draugr Overlord appears. Or you can see order in top image as well but is better to look at video to know in future how to solve quests. After the battle approach the man imprisoned by the spider, namely Arvel the Swift (screen above). Look for the corpse of Arvel the Swift, who apparently wasn't able to run away safely (screen above).

Head towards the main altar and approach the Word Wall (screen above), thanks to which you will most probably learn the first Word of Power - Force, Unrelenting Force. Run over to the Word Wall (the massive wall with a big dragon head on it) and approach the wall.
He own's his own business and likes to spend his free time playing MMORPGs like Runescape, World of Warcraft, and many more. Speak with Farengar and, if you already have the Dragonstone in your possession, you will have the dialogue option to show him. When you initially try to pull the lever, you will initially be met by a shower of arrows -- obviously this is an unintended result. Descend the spiral stairs to the cobweb-filled area below; be sure to pick up the Scroll of Fireball. In these tighter spaces, you will encounter more draugrs, but notice that the slick, iridescent liquid on the ground -- it is flammable. The path eventually takes you to a restless draugr, a slightly sturdier variant that might require more effort to slay.
On the stone door are a set of rings with symbols and a keyhole in the shape of the Golden Claw emblazoned on the door. Use the uneven terrain to your advantage; the Overlord has a hard time of keeping up with you if you alternate between a high point and low point, using a bow or long-range magic to deal damage. After reaching the destination (screen above), you will need to deal with a group of Bandits, though it shouldn't be too hard. Speak to him and Arvel will promise to share what he knows about the artifact in return for rescuing him. Move the rings so that the Bear is on the outer ring, the Moth is on the middle ring, and the owl is on the bottom ring. If not, you will need to proceed to the Bleak Falls Temple (preferably with The Golden Claw quest ready in your log as well) and wade deep into its cavernous depths to find the Dragonstone.
The interior is sparsely populated at the moment, but you'll find plenty of Skeever carcasses to pick at, as well as a locked chest on which to practice your lockpicking.

This mini-puzzle requires you to flip the three pillars on the left side to match the correct sequence of the pillars displayed above the gate. Lure the draugrs over it and light it afire either with fire magic or knock one of the flame lanterns onto the oil. In order to free Arvel, you have to destroy the spider-webs by using melee weapons or magic.
Take her out, free the obnoxious Dark Elf (He has the Golden Claw and journal you'll need to open a door later), and attempt to persuade him to hand the claw over (In my experience with this twit, he refuses and runs away). You discover that this grandmaster thief has been captured by a Frostbite Spider, but managed to mortally wound and significantly weaken the giant arachnid.
These are stronger foe than the bandits you have been seeing, so avoid dealing with too many at once. One more Draugr pops out from the coffin; slay it and loot the chest for Gold and a Scroll of Hysteria.
Afterwards approach Lucan and speak to him offering help in solving the problem (screen above). If your luck is as good as mine, don't bother rushing after him, you'll eventually catch up.
Be sure to loot the burial urns for some Gold pieces and relieve the shelves of some potions as well.
The man will tell you of the Golden Claw being stolen and of his suspicions that the thieves can be probably found at Bleak Falls Barrow.
This area is prime farming ground for Glowing Mushrooms, which can be harvested from the walls as you come to them. Slash him back to sleep and head up the staircase to the left of the Word Wall, activating a handle to raise a stone door that leads back into Skyrim.

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