Elf shelf jesus style - crayon marks tiger stripes, We did not have the “elf on the shelf” when my children were itty bitties but i absolutely adore the message that you are sending to your child!. In a somewhat odd manner, this sword has a hilt and is jointed so that Kikyo can use it like a real sword once it comes out his arm.
Before Wolverine can deliver his vengeance on Hideki, we get the lead into the next episode as 1990’s X-Villain sensation, Omega Red appears!
In re-watching this, I wasn’t sure if it felt familiar because I’d seen the episode seventeen years ago, or because the mystery of the episode is cliche? Firstly he manages to convince his mad scientist friend Hiroshi Agasa that he is Shinichi Kudo.
The first heart-breaking part of the episode is how sure Shinichi is of how quickly he’ll be able to cure himself of this problem.
The second heart-breaking part, and the part that was surely intended thus, is when Ran confesses her love of Shinichi to this little boy that’s going to stay with her and her dad. Then before he gets settled in with the Mori family, we (and Conan) are whisked to the case of the week. The second part of the case is trickier, and the outcome seems to be setting things up for those aforementioned gadgets to come into play. Meanwhile, Wolvie’s law enforcement buddy learns that being friends with Logan is not good for your long term health, as he too is killed by a mystery assailant. Finally, to top things off, this guy arrives who can pop a sword from one of his wrists in a similar manner to Wolverine’s claws.
I want to say I first saw Conan at an Ayacon convention in the late 90s, but my memory could be playing tricks on me.
Here we also meet the first of the series’ recurring policemen in the form of avuncular Inspector Megure.
There’s an impressive economy to how quickly the episode establishes the various personalities of these characters. It is played as a cliffhanger in this first episode, with Shinichi poisoned by Gin and Vodka after he gets suspicious of them. The first three of the Marvel Anime got a budget box set release in the UK a year or so back (along with Avengers Confidential).
First thing that struck me in 2016, is it’s even odder to have this young, bishonen Wolverine now than it was in 2011. In this opening episode, Wolverine returns to Japan, when a friend, lets him know that his former girlfriend, Mariko Yashida, has been kidnapped by her father with the intent to marry her to an AIM scientist, Hideki Kurohagi.
So he barges straight into their house and ends up duelling the dad by the end of the episode. It has the feel of a show like Golgo 13, in that it is competent, mechanically sound, but lacking flare.
The episode ends mid-duel with Logan popping his claws, so be back next week to see if the show keeps up this middling level of interest!
Funny and charming Studio Pierrot adaptation of the 1949 manga Anmitsu Hime by Shosuke Kurakane. Directed by Masami Anno (Wonderful Adventures of Nils) and written by Yoshio Urasawa (Nintama Rantaro).
The post Anmitsu Hime From Amakara Castle – Episode 1 (1986) appeared first on AWESOME ENGINE. In this first episode, Princess Anmitsu is turning 11, and her parents have bought her a special present from Europe. However, Mrs Castilla is a Mary Poppins-esque figure, who lets Anmitsu decorate the castle with giant paintbrushes. Laden with gags throughout, it starts with Anmitsu taking over the kingdom’s public address system and declaring her birthday a holiday. The biggest part of its charm though lies in the big, open, expressive faces of the Koji Nanke character designs. Plus, being an 80’s Studio Pierrot show, they invented a character for the show so that Shigeru Chiba has someone to voice. When we did a Dynamite In The Brain podcast on World Masterpiece Theatre earlier this year, this was the omission we regretted the most.
If you are creating a list of all time greatest anime openings, then you probably overlooked the opening to Tonde Mon Pe.
If you wish to assist me in doing God’s work here on Earth, then you can submit Youtube videos to the tumblr here. The Black Veil Brides are imposters and agents of Chaos, who are making this heaven sent task harder to accomplish by tempting honest AMV makers. 10) Rowdy Sumo Matsutaro I managed to watch 6 episodes of this story of a jerk becoming a sumo wrestler.
The post The Top 10 Anime of 2014 That I Will Never Find The Time To Finish Watching appeared first on AWESOME ENGINE. 9) Hozuki no Reitetsu 4.5 episodes watched out of 13 means I am going to the Hell Of Uncompleted Crunchyroll Queues when I die. 6) Kokkuri-san As great and funny as the first episode was, Bob’s Burgers and Brooklyn Nine Nine are better uses of my laughing time. 4) Shirobako Tsutomu Mizushima again, and this time with his greatest collaborator, Michiko Hokote.
3) Gundam Build Fighters Try I managed to watch fewer episodes of this sequel than I did last year’s Gundam Build Fighters. 1) Log Horizon Haven’t even found the time to finish season 1 let alone start season 2. This feels a little slight, perhaps due to the double page splash that eats up the page count with little plot advancement.
The Badoon are an alien race I was unduly fascinated with as a teenager as the Marvel RPG provided stats for them, but no picture. More importantly to the Marvel Universe, this issue is where Gerber begins to reintroduce the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. This interferes with a date Sharon Carter and Steve Rogers are taking in the park, so he suits up and becomes Captain America. After everything gets sorted, Ben invites Steve and Sharon back to the Baxter Building to explain what’s going on with Wundarr.
She explains that she is Tarin, and that she comes from the year 3014, when the Badoon have enslaved the solar system. After everything gets sorted, Ben invites Steve and Sharon back to the Baxter Building to explain what’s going on with Wundarr. The heroes do OK against them, but then the unoriginally named “MONSTER OF BADOON” shows up and lays them out. I have a fondness for grand stories that just happen to be told across whatever Marvel titles a writer ends up writing at the time. Two things are advanced here for the ongoing Two-In-One storyline, it’s confirmed that Wundarr is an adult man with the education of a newborn infant and Reed creates him a suit to control his powers.
Once he realises it’s the FF that have caused the explosion he goes to the Baxter Building to give them a piece of his mind about setting off explosions in the middle of the city.

Daredevil then goes to see Foggy Nelson and Shanna O’Hara (aka Shanna the She-Devil). Then changing back into street clothes, Matt Murdock goes on a date with Candace Nelson, Foggy’s half-sister. Daredevil investigates, discovers a Black Spectre agent, but gets attacked by the Black Widow, the surprise having already been spoilt by the cover. In order to pursue the Black Spectre aircraft he sees flying away with her, he goes back the Baxter Building to ask to borrow the Fantasticar. Two things are advanced here for the ongoing Two-In-One storyline, it’s confirmed that Wundarr is an adult man with the education of a newborn infant and Reed creates him a suit to control his powers. The big one is the introduction to the book of Wundarr, the satirical take on Superman that Gerber had introduced in Fear #17. Namor handles the appearance of this superpowered manchild with all the subtlety and understanding he is known for and Wundarr flees in terror from the shouty Atlantean. Over in New York, Ben Grimm is in a mood, a mood not improved on when Wundarr drops out the sky into New York traffic. Before they get a chance, the Mortoid arrives, Wundarr gets zapped, the Mortoid gets Imperium Rex’d, the Dakkamites flee and Benjamin Grimm gets left holding the baby.
The ending reads just about as rushed as I wrote that last run on sentence, with the entire palming off of Wundarr on The Thing done in 3 panels, as Namor and Namorita rush back to whatever they were up to in the pages of Sub-Mariner. Before they get a chance, the Mortoid arrives, Wundarr gets zapped, the Mortoid gets Imperium Rex’d, the Dakkamites flee and Benjamin Grimm gets left holding the baby. Pacing issues aside, it’s a funny issue, with the narrator at one point stopping and asking the reader if they are keeping up with everything that’s being set up in the comic.
There’s also a ship’s captain character who is drawn so differently to everyone else, that I presume people in in 1974 would recognise who he’s supposed to be. Following a trial run in Marvel Feature, this is the launch of the team up book starring Aunt Petunia’s favourite nephew, Benjamin Grimm aka The Thing. In this issue Ben is mad at Man-Thing stealing his codename and plans to go to Florida to beat him up.
After a collection of fights and reality alterations, the new Molecule Man dies due to the accelerated ageing he undergoes in Earth’s dimension. Gerber and Kane blast through the pages, keeping the plot moving and taking all sorts of turns. The post Marvel Two-In-One #1 : Vengeance of the Molecule Man appeared first on AWESOME ENGINE.
Kill la Kill Episode 1 and Kyousougiga Episode 00 are great, but I don’t have much to say about them other than that. Like .hack, the game in the show, Elder Tale, is long established rather than a new launch.
Still, there’s Jouji Nakata as a Puss n Boots type swashbuckler next episode to look forward to. Anne Juliana Gonzaga became a Servant of Mary following the death of her husband, Ferdinand II, Archduke of Austria in 1595, after receiving a vision of the Madonna, to whom her parents had prayed to cure her of a childhood illness?
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Not that it matters, as the main item on the agenda is establishing the core conceits of the show. The pair concoct an identity of a relative of Agasa’s and then when Ran visits, Shinichi hastily throws the names of the mystery authors Arthur Conan Doyle and Edogawa Rampo together to create his new name. Shinichi’s mind is still as smart as ever, but his body is too weak to deal with violent adults now.
The duel I thought was about to kick off last episode ends with a whimper when Logan is drugged. However we don’t get to find out, as his henchmen are dispatched by a mystery assailant and Wolvie is rescued. Despite what the end of the episode wants you to think, I am going to guess that it was the same person doing the assailing. Clearly this is who they expect you to suspect of the murder, but there are enough clues in the episode pointing to Yukio too, so it’s not as if they are being unfair if it does turn out to be her. What I definitely did remember clearly was the violent and bloody second murder in this first episode.
In fact, the whole episode is a great introduction to the main recurring characters at this early stage of the series.
Nowadays in comics Wolverine is either a young woman or a senior citizen from an alternate future. Which was not in a comic per se, rather it was in an advert for the Marvel Superheroes Role Playing game. Which given that earlier they spent a long time with two men sitting in a bar explaining the plot, I was surprised by this burst of momentum. When the present turns out to be a tutor, Mrs Castilla from the Pudding Kingdom, Anmitsu thinks her birthday is ruined. This brings them into conflict with the chief retainer and the hand maiden, who disapprove of fun and wasting money. As well as doing opening and ending animations for Studio Pierrot shows in the 80s, Nanke also did character designs for this and Spoon Oba-san (the Mrs Pepperpot adaptation). At this rate I’ll be done watching this series of 10 minute comedy episodes by the end of 2017. I’m a big proponent of Tsutomu Mizushima and yet I never find time to watch his shows these days.
I knew all the other aliens mentioned from comics I had read at the time, but the Badoon eluded me for decades until picking up the reprints of this and the Defenders. Created by Arnold Drake and Gene Colan in a one shot Marvel Super-Heroes story in 1969, they had remained unused since, until Gerber revived them in this book, The Defenders and Marvel Presents.
And to add to the coincidences, Namorita happens to be walking through the park with her friend Annie. During this Ben accidentally switches on Doom’s time machine and summons a princess from over 1000 years in the future. Captain American wants to head to the future to help out, and Ben & Sharon want to go with him. As the three heroes are dragged off, Tarin look on from a hiding place swearing vengeance as we end the issue. During this Ben accidentally switches on Doom’s time machine and summons a princess from over 1000 years in the future. Captain American wants to head to the future to help out, and Ben & Sharon want to go with him. There he meets Wundarr, for whom Reed has built a special suit that will prevent him exploding again. She thinks Black Spectre has something to do with the Mandrill, the mutant supervillan who kidnapped, and subsequently murdered, her father.

This date involves going to heavy handed parody of avant garde theatre, which ends in a hypnotised actor portraying Hitler killing an actor playing Captain America before blowing his own brains out. They board their ship and after some pummelling of henchmen, they get roundly defeated by the leader of Black Spectre and Black Widow, who drug Daredevil and hypnotise Ben.
We get some progression with Wundarr in the side story, but the main story ends up pretty much where it started. We get a recounting of his origin here for newcomers, how his father went mad, thinking his planet was doomed, and sent his infant son in a rocket to Earth.
They fear he will seek revenge for the death of his parents at the hands of the Dakkam Internal Security Force and so send a robot called MORTOID down to Earth to do their dirty work. I wasn’t even born then, so if he is a reference to something it has flown right over my head.
The reason he is falling is that while Wundarr has the leap tall buildings in a single bound part of Superman’s powers down, he hasn’t got the hang of landing yet. This is part of Gerber bringing back the character of the Molecule Man after a long absence, a story that is not finished here, but in the pages of Iron Man Annual #3. We get the old trick of Ben getting turned back into his human form for a short while, but with the added tragedy of Man-Thing getting turned back to Ted Sallis too, which puts Ben’s plight in perspective. A middling adaptation of a serialised e-book about MMOs though, that I can get a couple of hundred words out of. People whose avatars diverged from their own body shape had difficulty controlling their new bodies. In a week that gave us one great show with a simple revenge mystery and another that foregoes talky world building for hitting things with giant hammer, the literary origins of Log Horizon stick out like a sore thumb. For those who take part in office or family Secret Santa exchanges, I just heard about a cool, new free service called Elfster that randomizes names and assigns one to each participant (sorry KLD you won’t be scrambling names for me and my girls this year). We guarantee you that nobody else in the world will have the same designed Funky Christmas Sweater. Max length was exceeded Please fill out all of the mandatory (*) fields Thank you for posting a review! And probably not too far from characters any other X-Men-reading 12 year old would have rolled up. That was a good concept let down by perfunctory execution, this is something you’ve seen in dozens of action films and TV shows, but has some shots that make impact. The series continues to surprise me in how watchable it is for something so relentlessly average. Luckily Ran is a karate expert and saves him from the true criminal, as the great Conan theme plays.
The wimpy AIM husband-to-be is given the job of disposing of Wolverine, and he decides that the tried and failed method of tying someone to a train track should do the trick. It’s a classic locked room mystery, and this is just the confrontation and explanation, rather than the investigation. What 9 year old isn’t going to want to know more about this superhero with knives coming out his knuckles?
Araiguma Rascal When we did a Dynamite In The Brain podcast on World Masterpiece Theatre earlier this year, this was the omission we regretted the most.
What could be better than a Cathy knock-off rocking out in an 80’s 50’s nostalgia sort of way? You’d think after the Lizard’s frequent escape parties at the reptile house they’d have better security at this point. There aren’t even enough pages for the abject and utter failure of our heroes to rescue their friend to sink in. I guess changing artists three issues in goes to show that comic launches haven’t changed all that much in the ensuing decades.
There aren’t even enough pages for the abject and utter failure of our heroes to rescue their friend to sink in.
This issue picks up story elements from other comics being written by Steve Gerber at the time, namely Sub-Mariner and Adventure Into Fear. However he was not discovered for 22 years, and so he has the body of a man and the mind of a child (and thinks Man-Thing is his mother). A Gil Kane Namor is no Bill Everett Namor, but it is very much identifiable as a distinctly Gil Kane Namor. Here we get his apparent death in the dimension the Fantastic Four had trapped him in years prior.
Unlike .hack it does feel like the characters actually play the game rather than use it as a fancy chat room.
There’s a nice gag about what videogame food would taste like (and which may also be some foreshadowing).
In one of many nods to real life MMO game mechanics, all the characters we meet are 90th level, having already hit the game’s level cap. Other gaming gags included one about how tricky navigating menus would be if you had to do them in a real fight and another about the illogical nature of in-game architecture.
Not only does he find a corpse, but the cops arrive, and it seems he’s been framed for the murder. If anything Logan himself is the odd man out, made to look more handsome and less grizzled than we are used to seeing him. The Badoon, taking a page out of the Dalek playbook, have created these Zoms, men turned into living machines to serve the aliens. Really bad planning here by the Mandrill, who the mysterious Black Spectre leader obviously is (he has a giant statue of a Mandrill on his aircraft). And there’s a legendary raid party with the sort of dumb almost-a-joke name that real world game groups would give themselves. YUM!!!A Our loving couple had to laugh, when they were greeted with a notice at the beginning of Tracy's driveway to her farm, which read 'Only Pete & Nikki can visit today, - everyone else can piss off'. Go without her, or try to find her?' The passengers, (including Pete & Nikki) shoputed in one voice, 'WE WAIT!, - WE'RE NOT LEAVING WITHOUT HER!'A search party was sent out, and she was located and brought to the coach an hour later.
Also in the party were Noi's friend Khem and Frank's pet Chameleon Ozzy, who, despite the presence of Kat From Tv's Big Brother (See picture above with Noi) proved to be the star of the show and grabbed everyone's attention!(See picture left of Ozzy on Frank's head.)There were traditional Thai dancers and costumes, a 'Miss Thai UK Beauty Show', an 'I'm an English person get me out of here' contest, and even a LADYBOY Show, which proved to be quite spectacular. On the way back, the girl who was holding on to Elvis grabbed Pete and grabbed his waist, including him in the conga.
ANDREW (The Scots National Flag) appeared in the sky above!See Below Well, what do you expect when our ubiquitous couple go mon their adventures? Unbeknown to Pete, Nikki had arranged the trip as a special surprise for him, as he had always wanted to go to Disneyland. The staff on the plane were amazing, and treated his leg with Aloe Vera-soaked lint, and gave them a complimentary cup of tea.A On their way back to Blighty, our loving couple were amazed to find the Icelandic lady who pushed the wheelchair, and a cleaner friend of hers, running over top them and embracing them.

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