From homeless high school dropout to one of the most sought after motivational speakers in the country, Eric Thomas has truly found the Secret 2 Success.
By chronicling his days sleeping in abandoned buildings in the unforgiving Detroit winters, to his rise as a successful husband, father, CEO, educator and motivational speaker, Eric inspires the masses to reach greatness.In 2009 one of Eric's entitled Secrets 2 Success surfaced on YouTube and quickly went viral reaching over 1 million views.

It was the response to this video and the subsequent thousands of emails and phone calls from viewers ranging from high school teachers and students, to professional athletes and CEO's of fortune 500 companies seeking Eric's advice on how to reach their maximum potential that ultimately led to the writing of this book.
In the book, Eric not only details his struggles and successes, he also provides invaluable advice on how anyone can take their life from its current state to places they never dreamed imaginable.

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