Well, we have the answer for you but to achieve greatness you need to first believe in what you want, so let us introduce you to the renowned motivational speaker, Dr. He is known as the Hip Hop Preacher who is rising to National prominence by delivering a high energy message through first-hand experiences and how to live up to your full potential and greatness. The Tulane University attendee recently stopped through Georgia to shed some knowledge during an interview with V103 followed by a small group session. The former Cincinnati Bengals, New York Jets and Denver Broncos cornerback says he is NOT an entertainer, he is a man that helps to change lives.
If you NEED direction, NEED motivation and NEED the perfect guide on how to overcome the obstacles of life to achieve your dreams then Eric Thomas is your man. Sometimes, we are in the way of our own selves and Eric Thomas knows what it takes to step out of your comfort zone and achieve your goals, but it take you to believe in your dreams, believe in yourself and know why you want to make the change. You have to graduate yourself to get to the next level – learn the power of NO – If you are always trying to impress your friends with a car, new clothes, material things, then how does that get you to your goals of success?

The first step on your road to success is to listen to the interview below and take note from Dr. Do you question why everyone around you is successful and you’re still struggling to make it?
Thomas has been inspiring countless people, including the likes of billionaire Warren Buffet as well as athletes and personnel affiliated with the NBA, NFL and NCAA.
You must live to your FULL potential and that is when you will make all the money you need. You need to figure out the obstacle, so you know what you HAVE to do to become the success you NEED to be.
He is known for his engagingly personal approach, in which his messages are both dynamic & inspiring.
Eric Thomas knows no bounds, but with life’s many obstacles he turned every lemon thrown his way into lemonade.

You NEED to learn to believe in you, make you goals a reality and trust your belief system.
You might say he’s very blunt, but he is truly passionate when it comes to motivating others and helping them to believe in their goals to success. Think about that one thing that is going to take you ten years to become the success you want to be.
Eric explains that success is not the car you buy or the clothes you wear, it’s the thing that you focus on, the desire, the dream that you make reality because you believe in yourself.

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