Suhyeon is the guy the three sisters, Jinyeong, Seonyeong and Miyeong, fall in love with at the same time. As this movie deals with romantic comedy issues between one man and three sisters, each with different personalities, an acting contest among actors and actresses was the hot issue at the studio.
Also Chu, Sangmi, Choi, Jiwoo, and Kim, Hyojin, who played the role of each sister fighting to win their love for this man, went through exceptional transformations from intellectual and innocent images they had in the past. The Han sisters -- the elder, married Ji-young; bookish middle sister Sun-young and the free-spirited Mi-young -- find the placid surface of their lives upturned with the arrival of Soo-hyun, a suave sweet-talker who seems to be the perfect man.
A remake by Jang Hyun-soo (Ray Bang) of Gerard Stembridge's Irish feature About Adam (2000), Everybody Has Secrets is an attractive, slickly-packaged feature that highlights the development of Korea's star system.
As for the women, although Kim Hyo-jin (Legend of the Evil Lake) lacks some charm as Mi-young, the elder sisters steal the show. Released in the peak summer season where it was quickly overwhelmed by competition from more popular Hollywood and Korean titles, Everybody Has Secrets was arguably more successful in Japan, where it turned a modest-sized release into a more sustained box office performance. If the film ultimately falls a bit short, this is perhaps because it relies a little too much on the plot's catchy but thin central premise. Korea's super dandy Lee Byung Hun who has appeared in big screen hits like The Harmonium in My Memory and JSA is back this time starring next to Choi Ji Woo (Winter Song of Love, Stairway to Heaven) to bring you this charming remake of About Adam.
The captivating romantic tale has not only been hailed as a true winner, but also turned into a box office triumph. She reconfirms herself as a woman, not a mother, just with a glance and a few words from Suhyeon. She is a free spirit about love, saying that love is like shopping, and she breaks a lot of men's hearts. The perfect man has finally arrived, at least that's what three unsuspecting sisters think. The slick Su-hyeon works his charms on each women in different ways; as if a 'pro' when it comes to matters of the heart.
Synopsis: BH portrays Soo-hyon, a gorgeous guy that attracts all women (or even men) in the world. A mysterious stranger seduces three sisters in this sensual romantic comedy from director Jang Hyeon-Su.
The film begins with Mi-Young, the headstrong youngest sibling, cruelly dumping her loyal boyfriend in search of Mr. It's during this festive occasion that we truly begin to grasp that there's more going on in the film than we've been lead to believe, since there is at least one attendee who doesn't look so happy: Su-Young (Choi Ji-Woo, from the mega popular Winter Sonata), a bespectacled, twenty-seven year old virgin and middle sister of the family. And it's when the film then turns its attention to Jin-Young (Choo Sang-Mi), the clan's eldest daughter, that one begins to seriously question Su-Hyeon's motives.
Surrounding Lee Byung-Hun is an excellent cast, with each of the three actress giving fine performances. Three sisters, Jin-young, Sun-young, and Mi-young, simultaneously fall in love with Su-hyun.
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The most vital and important element on any garage door are the torsion springs, which allow the door to open and close quickly and smoothly. This character represents the most attractive guy in the world, and three sisters simultaneously fell in love with him.
Mi-young first discovers him at a club and brings him home to meet the family, however he ends up serving as a catalyst for the unleashing all of the household's repressed emotions. Lee Byung-heon (JSA, A Bittersweet Life) is probably a leading choice for the best-looking man in Korea, and this film is structured almost as an homage to his sex appeal. Choo Sang-mi (Turning Gate, A Smile) as the married Ji-young has long been known for the intelligence and sensuality she brings to her roles, and here she slowly and elegantly allows herself to come under Soo-hyun's spell.
As such, the film represents not only a showcase of the Korean star system, but also an example of how Korean films have come to rely ever more on audiences in Japan. It takes more than good acting to create an engaging and memorable comedy, and it would have been nice if there was a bit more happening in a narrative sense. Top heartbreaker Lee Byung Hun gets the chance to fulfill his heart's desire in this appealing new blockbuster that captures viewers with a bold mixture of comedic and erotic flair. Lee portrays Soo-hyon, a guy that attracts women like a magnet whose latest catch is Mi-young (Kim Hyo-jin). It really comes as no surprise that Japan's movie industry was itching to acquire the film's remake rights - which finally led to a record deal of over $5.5 million. The free-spirited youngest sister, Mi-yeong (Kim Hyo-jin) senses Su-hyeon (Lee Byung-hun) on her love radar, while her middle sister, Seon-yeong (Choi Ji-woo)and has no idea about love and only focuses on her studies.
The sisters all fall for him secretly, creating a comical storyline that will leave audiences wondering who will get the man.
He has been known to make films geared towards male audiences with tough male characters often in action roles. Thanks to strong performances and a clever (yet borrowed) premise, the film is a welcome departure from the umpteenth My Sassy Girl knockoff. This remake of a little-known Irish film called About Adam features popular Korean idol Lee Byung-Hun (JSA) as a modern day Don Juan who ends up bedding a trio of sisters, while at the same time irrevocably changing their livesa€¦which begs the question, is it a change for the better? To explain her dismay, the film then flashes backward, as previous scenes are cast in a new light thanks to the inclusion of additional scenes that occurred "in the gaps" of what we've already witnessed.
Married to a doctor and raising a child, Jin-Young is a woman who's lost sight of her own identity, so immersed is she in her roles as wife and mother. Of course, with Su-Hyeon and Mi-Young engaged to be married amidst all this extracurricular sexual activity, any hopes for a happy resolution seem impossible. The best of the lot would have to be Choi Ji-Woo, whose character's transformation from bookworm to sexually liberated woman is a wonderful sight to behold.

It's not the first film to utilize this variation of flashbacks (nor is About Adam), but the way in which events unfold and "re-unfold" is delightful departure from the more traditionally linear storytelling methods employed in most movies.
CHOO Sang-mi has been showing her talents, crossing the boundaries between films and theaters. That is to say, Lee Byunghun performed a role of 21st century 'Eros' where every girl on this planet cannot help being charmed by his unique attractiveness, and bright smile. Lee plays Soo-hyun in such a way that his famous so-called "killer smile" remains a mystery right up to the final scenes. Meanwhile Choi Ji-woo -- a huge star in neighboring Japan after the success of her TV drama Winter Sonata -- puts her considerable talent on display in portraying a woman whose deeply-buried passions suddenly fight for expression.
Still, several highly amusing scenes from this film stand out in the memory, so it's probably worth a watch if one's expectations are kept in check. Originally preferring short passionate affairs, Mi-young does believe that she has found Mr. Yet at the same time, the oldest of the three sisters, Jin-yeong (Chu Sang-mi) has a fire burning inside her for Su-hyeon even though she married. Jang was able to convince Lee Byung-hun to take on the lead role as well as Choi Ji-woo, both actors are immensely popular abroad and overseas. While singing at a local nightclub, she spots Choi Su-Hyeon (Lee), and believing she's found her Prince Charming, quickly makes her move. In this middle section of the film, the timeline is then fleshed out to show that Su-Hyeon and Su-Young have been carrying on an affair. Her boorish husband pays little attention to her and their sex life is practically nonexistent. Luckily for him, Su-Hyeon is the master of the impossible, and even better, it seems he's not the only one who has secrets. As indicated earlier, her character's romance with Su-Hyeon is probably the most interesting and helps hold the film together. Of course, some viewers may end up having a problem with the premise altogether, particularly those possessing a moral code about sex that they feel must extend to the movies that they watch. She seeks for the free love, so she can't be attracted by his innocent boy friend 'Sangil', who loves her as ever. CHOI Ji-woo is not only one of the most popular actresses in Korea, but throughout the Asia as well. Sang-il has his heart set on Mi-young, who, on the other hand, isn't attracted to the innocent type. San Francisco garage door installation, as with other mechanical and electric equipment around the home, need routine upkeep in order to remain in peak condition. Garage openers like Lift Master not just improve safety however likewise provide benefit to users as you can simply open and close your garage door in a flash. Originally preferring short passionate affairs rather than a long term-relationship, Mi-young believed that this time she has found Mr. And it's only a matter of time before the two are dating and - at least, on the surface - much in love. Su-Young's story runs parallel with the previous one, as we watch their illicit relationship develop and eventually get to see the consequences of his proposal and how that impacts the bookish Su-Young.
Here, the super-smooth Su-Hyeon reawakens Jin-Young's buried sexuality with predictable results. Although based on About Adam (starring Kate Hudson, among other actors), Everybody Has Secrets is similar in many respects to the Witches of Eastwick, the star-studded Hollywood flick that featured a devilish Jack Nicholson unleashing the fire hidden inside three women.
But for audiences who don't find themselves confusing or conflating movies with real life, Everybody Has Secrets is a sexy, fun-filled picture that makes for an entertaining diversion.
Some day, she sees a handsome and well-mannered guy, Suhyeon, who came to her jazz bar as a customer and loses her heart to him. Starting as a model for TV commercials, KIM Hyo-jin has become the most-sought-after young actress in Korea. His directorial talents well appreciated in his previous works, the film touches on our sex culture in a light, but serious way, that will lead both male and female viewers to nod their heads in agreement. Seeing her sister's boyfriend coming into the house, she feels electrocuted as if struck by lightning. To preserve your garage door in leading type, you have to take care of lubricating and checking on the spring system, which is among the most fundamental parts for proper and safe operation of the door. It's a shame that Mi-young's eldest sister Jin-young (Chu Sang-mi) who suffers from constant heartbreak is also drawn to Mi-young's love interest. Their rather perfunctory romance eventually reaches its high point when Mi-Young proposes to Su-Hyeon at a family gathering. What's interesting here is that in comparison with his relationship with Mi-Young, his affair with Su-Young seems to be far more solid and, quite possibly, the perfect match. As with the previous story, Jin-Young's reveals that there was even more going on than we've seen in Mi-Young's and Su-Young's individual stories, as those scenes take on even more new meanings.
And a supernatural explanation for Su-Hyeon's motives will probably cross the viewer's mind more than once during the film. The funniest bit in the film involves a short interlude in one of the sisters' stories in which the girl's teenage brother (Jeon Jae-Young, from Wet Dreams 2 and Taegukgi) enlists Su-Hyeon's help in scoring with his chaste girlfriend.
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As if all of this didn't add up to enough misunderstandings, the confusion reaches its climax when middle sister Son-young (Choi Ji Woo) enters the scene and decides to claim Soo-hyon for herself. It's a shame that Mi-young's eldest sister and sexually frustrated homemaker Jin-yong (Chu Sang-mi) also looks at Su-hyon for the passion missing in her marriage. Portraying the role of the old fashioned gentleman, Su-Hyeon poses the question back at Mi-Young, who of course, accepts.

And when the waterworks come (this is a Korean movie, after all), we begin to suspect that what we're really watching is yet another melodrama about a man torn between two loves. He is, for all intents and purposes, the perfect man: sensitive, yet manly, able to become whatever the woman needs whenever the occasion arises. Hilariously, the magnetic Su-Hyeon seems to charm him as well, as the poor boy begins to fear that he's turning gay!
Ita€™s exciting for actors to play an attractive guy who knows from A to Z how to satisfy girls, but it was the funny and well-constructed script that helped LEE Byung-heon decide to star in the film. If you are experiencing any difficulty opening or closing your garage door, you must always pay close attention to the torsion springs, which are the most obvious wrongdoers.
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And one day she sees her younger sister's boy friend, Suhyeon, who came to say hello to her family. Who will the attractive philanderer walk off with in the end - broadminded femme fatale Mi-young, passionate but love-forsaken Jin-young or well-read love amateur Son-young?
As if all of this didn't add up to enough misunderstandings, the confusion reaches its climax when middle sister Sun-young (Choi Ji Woo) falls in love with Soo-hyon and decides to claim Soo-hyon for herself.
But just when you think that the uber-charming Su-Hyeon has seduced the boy's girlfriend right out from under him, it's revealed that he's up to something far more positive. There's no doubt that a daring concept and an attractive story of the film will help it smash the box-office this summer. The case was the same for female co-stars, even though it carried some daring scenes where they talk dirty and expose their bodies. Find out in this romantic new comedy import that offers you Korea's latest cinematic flavors.
And perhaps that's a credit to Lee Byung-Hun, who imbues the morally ambiguous character with such a level of sincerity that he never seems like a sleazeball. Ita€™s a rare opportunity to see all of them work together on the same project, which is one of the major factors that make it the most-anticipated film of the summer season. The torsion springs utilized on garage doors are securely wound and kept under very high tension. Not only that, openers like an Access Master garage door opener even have the feature of turning garage lights or any lights in your home, on and off, and that is all at the convenience of your own vehicles. Broadminded play girl Mi-young, passionate married woman Jin-young or love amateur Sun-young?
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