Rockopolis is a hidden underground settlement that was abandoned sometime before the year 2277.
According to files on Herbert Dashwood's computer and the accounts of The Adventures of Herbert "Daring" Dashwood on Galaxy News Radio (the "Black Widow" episode), Rockopolis was once a hidden underground village. If you approach from above, you'll see a small canyon - keep looking down - you'll notice a soft glow. Bobblehead - Unarmed is located next to Argyle's body, a reference to his use of martial arts during his adventures with Herbert "Daring" Dashwood.
While Rockopolis does not show up on the Pip-Boy "world map", its entrance is clearly marked on the Pip-Boy "local map", which will be helpful locating it. Outside the Rockopolis is one of the possible locations of the random event for a special encounter. The Laboratories were the most important section of Vault-Tec's Secret Vault, the company's private facility, where its members intended to survive the apocalypse and later enter the world having all the useful technologies possible. The FEV in the Secret Vault was a special version of the virus designed to achieve all of the original goal but also repair the main problem - the sterility. Attis rapidly transformed into his new form, covering all the surrounding area and growing with each passing second. Lastly, I saw someone quoting Ynvar the other day, who says A man is only as good as his last idea. This is Rockopolis; one of the safest places in the wasteland; and you just showed a stranger where it is! It is located at the western edge of the Capital Wasteland, north of Girdershade and southeast of the yao guai tunnels. Jump down and you'll have the option of entering Rockopolis without ever seeing the exterior. It consisted of five levels, including the laboratory core and monorail system available to evacuate scientists out of the Vault to a hidden mountain exit.
One special deathclaw was located in a holding pen and was probably a subject of FEV experiments. This strain of FEV was the reason why Attis, the general of the Mutant Army, led his forces there.
Right now the most popular one is the Brotherhood Scribe, so it may be a while before I can make a decision on that one. You'll find out that his mother is being attacked by radroaches and that he needs your help to save her. Make sure that you've opened all drawers and lockers, because you'll find more guns, as well suits and ammunition. This is crucial if you've decided to ignore him and not to rescue Amata from the interrogation.

A high amount of radioactive materials were stationed here for experimentation with living subjects, the most dangerous of which being a special, modified strain of FEV.
Patty, the security officer from the Garden, now trapped inside Attis' flesh, helped the Initiate to find the terminal and the monorail system to stop the mutant nightmare and escape from the vault. Perhaps I’m finally senile enough to where I can enjoy my own mod with a fresh, if slightly debilitated, mind.
You may consider picking up a BB gun, but a baseball bat is a more interesting alternative. You've got two choices here - you can enter the room in order to resolve this problem or you can ignore it and keep heading towards Overseer's office. I would recommend saving your progress here, so you won't have to repeat the start if you decide to play the game with a different character. Herbert accidentally led Penelope Chase, the slaver leader from Paradise Falls, to Rockopolis.
It is easiest to find at night, as there are lights glowing on the rock face as you approach it from the east.
However, the scientists had never succeeded in making the FEV work, and instead of repairing infertility the virus would lead an organism to constantly regenerate and enlarge itself.
But if you're enjoying Fallout 4, there are a few places that require your immediate attention!Secret Locations You Need to See in 'Fallout 4'Let's go investigate!Please know that for some players the following places may be classified as spoilers! If you've decided to help him, you may convince Butch that he's able to take out the creatures on his own.
You could kill them with the pistol you received from Amata, however you wouldn't be able to access the door they're guarding, so you'll be doing this only to collect their supplies. If you decide to enter the room, you will have to kill a new guard who is going to be sent to attack you by the Overseer himself.
According to Herbert Dashwood's computer, the incident led to the enslavement of the city's population and the destruction of the city itself. I would recommend answering politely, because she will hand over ten bobby pins to you (used to open locks). Alternatively Amata can kill him if you let her keep her the pistol, but it's highly unlikely that you didn't want to use it. The most noticeable feature outside Rockopolis is the multicolored plastic triangle pennants hanging from the rocks, but the bright light emanating from the ladder entrance at night should make Rockopolis easy to spot. A wastelander once lived here, and decided to entertain themselves by collecting a vast supply of propane canisters. Exit the room and notice that one of the guards is being attacked by radroaches (2 on the map). You may talk to the Overseer or you can kill him in order to loot his body for much needed items.

Obviously if you have the key from the Overseer, you won't have to take the second one, because they're identical. Part of Rockopolis is blocked off by a pile of rocks, however there is nothing behind the rocks and it is easy to get stuck. There is a string of multicolored plastic triangle pennants (much like those found in Little Lamplight) above the entrance boulder. I would recommend helping him out, because as a reward Butch will hand over a Tunnel Snake outfit. Explore the infirmary (6 on the map) and the northern office (7 on the map) if you forgot to take the figurine. Don't even think about surrendering, because the second you hand over your weapons he'll decide to attack you. The player character must activate the large boulder in front of the pennants (left of the tree). The final available solution is to persuade him to granting you access by saying that you'll hurt Amata if he won't comply (screen). Once again, check your surroundings and you'll find the password to the terminal among other things (medicine, ammunition).
Either way, you should be able to get your hands on two items - Overseer's terminal password and Overseer's office key. We're not entirely sure why they're here, or why a Stonehenge in Boston was necessary, but be wary of the terrifying monster that lives near by.
Click on other functions if you want to, however the most important thing is to open the secret underground passageway. It thinks it owns the cars.Try not to get your ass kicked.Crazy Cat CabinHey there, cat!Since you're hanging around the Walden Pond area, why not take a little trip more southeast of Car-henge to a little cabin?
This site here is a replica of the conclusion to Steven Spielberg's classic Jaws, complete with a terrifying oceanic predator. Here you can find a place to fix up your power armor, some furnishings, and even mini-nuke ammo! We're not sure if this is a place that Bethesda intended us to reach, or whether Diamond City was initially going to be bigger.

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