Name Change Items have arrived and I’d like to take a bit of time here to tell you all about them! When the name change process has been initiated and your Friends List selection has been made you will then be logged out and your account will be temporarily blocked while the system changes are updated to reflect your new name, after that process completes you will be able to login again normally. Make sure you agree by checking the box and if you want to keep or delete your friends list.
As long as these qualifiers are in order you can go ahead and use the new Guild Name Change Item! We understand everyone is frustrated with the changes to mastery mode EXP but we hope everyone understands it is the best thing to do for the life of the game.
We're happy to announce the top 15 players for the North America GNGWC Regional Finals! First off we would like to thank everyone for their very thorough and well thought out feedback for this event! There is no easy way to batch rename files in Mac unless you create a custom script and keep it handy at desktop to quickly change the titles of files in some folder according to defined parameters. Apart from supporting regular expressions, it allows user to tweak with file rename conditions through wildcard entries. From conditions drop-down menu, you can select any of aforementioned file rename conditions. The Sequence option is suitable for huge music, image, or video collection having non-streamlined file names.

The Date condition comes handy in instances where you want to quickly add date stamps as pre or postfixes to original file names. AddictiveTips is a tech blog focused on helping users find simple solutions to their everyday problems. Been looking forward to this one for ages, evern since I saw the awesome combat video they released. If you use the name change item before your new title is awarded the previous test information WILL BE RESET!
Once you use it, a Guild Announcement will be made to let anyone online know that the item was used and the name is being changed. If you have any questions or concerns regarding these items (or for anything else) feel free to send in a DQ&A and we’ll do our best to provide you the answers you seek!
A while back we reviewed PowerRenamer for Mac which brings 4 pre-defined conditions with an option to use regular expressions for changing file names in bulk. Some useful pre-defined conditions are also available to quickly perform basic file rename operations, such as, Append, Prepend, Remove Characters, Date, Sequence, Replace First character with and Replace last character with. In Sequence window, you can define sequence of characters you want to append, perpend or replace with original file names. When select from pull-drop menu, it shows a small calendar with options to append and prepend date of specified format to file names.
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You will be automatically kicked and you will have your new character name within 5 minutes. If guildies are logged in when the item is used they will have to relog to see the updated guild name information, but all guild members do not need to logout for the GM to use the item. NameChanger is a similar tool but includes a lot more options and conditions to perform the file renaming task.
NameChanger has two panned interface which makes it easier to add files to rename list and get a preview of file renaming results. When you enter the range of characters to be truncated from file names, it shows the result in real time before applying changes in right pane. For instance, The Replace All Occurrences With option requires entering text string you want to change and then keywords to be replaced with.
It allows sorting the default arrangement of file names in your list by Alphabetical, File Date, EXIF data, and Ascending and Descending order. It shows full file name in the list, however, you can choose to hide extensions, ignore word case, and force unique names.

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