The coming 2 years could see some of the best smart phones of the era with the likes of Galaxy S6, Nexus 6 and Note 4 lined up. Memory storage will also take a boost and 64 GB internal storage possibility with expansion facility up to 128 GB cannot be ruled out as well. Still nothing has been made official as of now so all we can do as of now is study new concepts. It used to be the case that Christians got banned from the church group for sporting tattoos!
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This means manufacturers like LG, HTC, Sony etc could be in for a stiff competition against Samsung for the battle to be one of the greatest. It seems a bit far away right now, but with Sony Z2 already released and Sony Xperia Z3 rumors already buzzing on the net, the talks about Sony Xperia Z4 are heating up slowly but steadily.
Meanwhile for many such stories and latest updates, stay tuned or you may even subscribe to our blog. A 64gb opeion for interanl memory with, hopefully by then, the appearance of 256gb micro sd cards.
You can send this link to someone and when they click it they will go directly to that facebook update. A few weeks ago I made my dreaded monthly trip to Wal-Mart for cleaning supplies, toiletries, and a few other things.

In the past two years Sony has lived up to its expectations, providing the best camera specifications among the existing smart phones and further improvements can be expected with the likes of Sony Xperia Z3 and Sony Xperia Z4, expected to come up by next year. Now that would be awesome, I am not impressed by the Z3 specs so I shall be waiting for the Z4. By the time Sony Xperia Z4 is released we can expected its rear camera to jump to 24 MP while the front camera will rise up to 5 Mega Pixel. Camera features include CMOS image sensor, smile detection , face detection , autofocus , digital image stabilization , burst mode, panorama , geo-tagging , high dynamic range , digital zoom etc.

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