The next time you are shopping around for a new mate, try using these astrology tips find your true love soul mate. If you are a fire sign, you might want to avoid a water sign, as they douse the flames of passion. If you are an earth sign, you may want to avoid fire signs, as they can psychically burn you out and leave you feeling depleted! Air and earth signs tend to be more platonic than romantic in nature, so if you are looking for drama and passion, the fire and water signs are much more into it. Consider where someone’s Venus is in their chart, if you can find out their birthday and look up their stars online. Birth chart Analysis This report is a detailed analysis of your personality, your creative urge, your competitive spirit etc. The report reflects on the total potential and heights of your life and the different aspects of your life in which you may get a grand success.

Career Analysis A detailed analysis of areas suitable for you, your career path, different phases of your career and a hidden vocation inside you. It has been found very difficult to teach Astrology like subjects out of Gurukuls or other communication techniques without the help of Gurus. For instance, a person with Venus in Scorpio can be a little sadistic whereas a person with Venus in Taurus is looking for a lifelong partner.The sign that the moon is in can also influence relationships. Now, with the modern communication techniques, distance learning is made easier, provided the text has been prepared by wonderful teachers. For instance, a Gemini with a moon in sexy Scorpio is more sensual than one with a moon in the practical sign of Capricorn. It is best to look for love when the moon is in signs ruled by Venus, such as Taurus or Libra.
The planet moves in retrograde motion four times a year causing delays, misunderstandings, and people to stand each other up.People who are meant to stay together for a very long time will share many planets in the seventh house.

When the moon is waning to waxing from  full to new energy dwindles down, so it is not a good time to move towards a romantic goalSame sign relationships can be great.
If you are meant to marry each other, then you will have Jupiter, the marriage planet in the seventh or eighth house of your chart. If you meet someone with your sign or born a few days away from you, then consider the relationship as this can mean the two of you are very compatible. You can find these relationship compatibility charts online or have a professional astrologer prepare your chart for you.

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