Fundamentally the Find my Friends feature is fantastic and can be set to share for just an hour, the rest of the day or indefinitely. The app has the added benefits of the notification functionality; this can let you know if the contact either leaves or arrives atA a certain location geofenced within a custom radius. This functionality could additionally be extended into both Siri and more importantly into the Apple watch. The free application, which requires iOS 5, is Apple’s take on Google Latitude, enabling you to see the location of your iPhone-wielding friends and family.
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Most confusing of all is that there is both a stand-alone Apple-made app called find my friends on the App Store which does not come installed by default, also the same functionality is baked in to the OS, but in the most convoluted location you can imagine inside the messages app. I share my location indefinitely with a select few people including my life partner and my business partner. For example I could set a reminder to trigger if my partner gets within a mile of home so that I may have a drink ready for her when she arrives.

It seems unnecessary to make an app just to simplify something that already exists in the OS but is badly designed. On everybody’s contact card an option could display to read a€?Request to share locationa€™ providing they have a valid Apple ID.
Being such a major part of my the daily interactions I would love to see it evolve into a more integrated and useful feature. Returning once you re-entered rearrange mode and dragged an icon towards the bottom of the screen. According to its App Store listing, Find My Friends lets you; easily locate friends and family, to set parental controls, and to share you location temporarily using simple privacy controls. In the same way as in the Find my Friends app the contact receives a notification asking if they would allow their location to be shared. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to 37prime and content author with appropriate and specific direction to the original content. I would share for a day in the scenario where we are at a event and may needs to split up several times and find each other again. Once granted the first option would be for said user to specify the amount of time they would like to share their location; one hour, the rest of the day, or indefinitely. What would be great is if you could both share your location from the watch and also locate friends by taking their current location directly into maps in order to navigate yourself to them – all using Siri.

It takes a lot of trust (especially to share indefinitely) but you are always in complete control and as long as you trust those with whom you share your location there is no issue.
Assuming the request was granted the requester can be notified of this fact so that they can make use of the functionality in the given time window. Walking directions on the watch are incredible and this functionality would be particularly useful if you are meeting someone in a new location. I hope Apple extends and further integrates this functionality into their operating systems in a more usable and accessible manner in future iterations of the OS. We look at the iOS or Android discussion from our perspective, having worked on several apps now that span both platforms.
Following this a reciprocal question is posed to the contact who granted their location access asking if they would like to make the same request back to the original requestor. Any contacts with whom this is been enabled should display a location icon next to the name in all contact list scenarios.

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