Samatarou ends up watching them from a window above, but gets distracted long enough for Tenko and the boy to disappear. Since they returned to the girl in the red dress at the beginning of this episode and then coupled it with the return of Kumiko, I get the feeling that Kumiko is that girl. This episode is kind of frustrating in the sense that it has a lot of Samatarou and Tenko wondering about each others feelings yet neither of them are can say anything to the other. Kumiko’s eyes in the preview really freaked me out because of the way they are drawn.

I reckon the remaining episodes would be the last or 2nd last arc (where it is joined with the last arc) for the series. If Tenko is not needed she will return to heaven, and of course Samatarou is going to realize how much he loves her, just like in the first arc when he became human and she disappeared.

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