Le sonoritA  infatti ricordano parecchio gli ultimi lavori di West e questo non fa che impreziosire il singolo! D'impatto e da vedere anche il video del brano che vede protagonisti oltre a Drake anche il cantante giamaicano Mavado come capo di una gang e la bella Maliah Michel, oggetto dell'amore passionale citato nel testo della canzone. We were basically just sharing everything we had and holding each other down the best we could. At the time I didn’t know it was Drake, so I was like “Oh by the way, can you tell Drake thanks for the shout out”.
His mother really gave me a whole other opinion of him, even though my opinion was very high.

Una midtempo da€™impatto prodotta dalle sapienti mani di Kanye West il rapper, beatmaker e produttore discografico (vincitore di14 Grammy Awards!), con il potere di trasformare in oro tutto ciA? che tocca.
But when I turned eighteen — I went to the strip club and that’s when I started making my own money. I didn’t even get to speak to him that night and like a week later everybody started telling me Drake shouted me out in a song. He’s just  amazing as far the respect level and his mother helped me to see that it wasn’t an act. So later on that night Drake called me directly and told me that he was the one shooting the video and how he wanted me for the lead part.

Yea, I started working at a black club, and I was making five-hundred dollars a night, easy.

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