Of course, the conventional picture of an emotional person is somebody who wears his or her heart on his or her sleeve. Some people map the world out in terms of ambition, in terms of material signals and symbols of wealth and indicators of status. The problem is they tend to let their emotional side get the best of them in many cases, and this can produce quite a bit of disturbance as far as how they interact with other people and how they see themselves in the world. People born under the Pisces symbol cannot get away from their emotional call regardless of how calm, collected, and seemingly driven and even cold they appear on the surface. If you’re dealing with a person born under the Pisces symbol, always understand that however that person deals with you is partly or fully a product of his or her emotional state. This is the bedrock of the Pisces personality, but there are some fundamental facts that arise out of that.
If you are a good friend to a Pisces, you would know firsthand how warm, accepting, and caring they are. Well, if you hurt them, or you make them angry or disappoint them, they retaliate by simply becoming cold.
Well, many friends and lovers take the Pisces’ warmth and emotional authenticity for granted, but when they disappoint their friend or lover, they feel the cold. The contrast is so pronounced that this is the worst thing that the person born under the Pisces symbol can do to people around them. Then there are friends who basically are very generous to each other you give other gifts that kind of thing, and it’s very easy to fall into the trap that thinking that just because this person gave me a gift that this person actually cares.

You can be stupid, dorky, nerdy, awkward, strange, and weird as you want; and your friend would still accept you.
I truly believe that my gift of psychic ability and insight is a blessing to me and if I have a responsibility to use my God given gifts to help others. All brand names and trademarks mentioned in this site are the property of their respective owners. This ministry is funded entirely on the freewill offerings of those who are being nourished by it. This is the conventional picture and not all Pisces people or even the majority of them fit this picture. This is why it’s not hard for them to make really deep, truly bonded, and truly honest friendships. This emotional weapon actually can be quite devastating if you’ve been really, really good friends or lovers with the Pisces.
It’s like walking out day after day, and you can rely on the sun to be warm and to be bright. In many cases, people gifts not because they truly care about you, but they basically just want you on their side, then they can check you off on their list, and maybe run to you when they need a favor later on. You are fearful of other people around you so you run to a friend, and this friendship is really based on mutual protection.
You feel like there is this space where you’re not going to get judged, where you are not going to get condemned, and you can be who you are.

They will still be your friend, but they will become cold, and you will be kicked out of that inner circle and that inner bond permanently. I have a big problem with over caring about people who can care less about me and in the end, I get screwed over.
If you are able to invest in the raising of funds, please donate online, or by phone at 1-800-930-5194. Relatively few friends do that in a very conscious way, and the Pisces is very nurturing in that respect. It’s not that you really truly care about each other, but you focus more on what you can get out of each other.
There’s an inner circle, a middle circle, a middle, middle circle, then an outer circle. We also use this same word to describe how we feel about our favorite sports team and our favorite foods.
Others of you will experience the joy of learning that, though you may not always feel loving, you actually engage in God’s love as you seek the highest good of others. Join us for the enlightening journey to discover the many facets of this simple English word.

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