When Aquilus regained consciousness, Accipiter told him about the battle that had taken place, and the next morning the two traveled a short distance towards Aquilus' destination. Later that year, Accipiter participated in another battle with an army of Romans, slaying numerous Roman soldiers.
Accipiter met with the Prefect of Lugdunum outside his city, demanding a ransom in exchange for the city's safety.
Picking up the Romans' trail, Accipiter eventually ambushed the Roman convoy holding Aquilus and Valeria captive.
Accipiter is Latin for "hawk", presumably derived from the verb accipio meaning "to take, to seize". This is a rich, vivid, and frightening tour through the World of Darkness for players and readers alike. In 259 CE, Accipiter was in a leading position of the Alemanni forces, leading them in battle across Gaul, hoping to conquer the region. He arranged a meeting with his cousin Aquilus to give him the artifact for protection but soon found himself fighting a small army of Romans.
The Alemanni celebrated their victory that night, where Accipiter was greeted by his Brother Cuervo, an Iberian Assassin whom he did not recognize at first. Though reluctant at first, the Prefect of Lugdunum eagerly gave Accipiter his demand after hearing threats from the Aleman general.

One of the Roman guards, upon spotting the Aleman, slit Aquilus' throat, but they all met an expedient death from Accipiter's bow.
He also understood the value of attrition warfare – he had spent a significant proportion of his military career attacking Roman camps and fortifications.
After the Alemans won the battle, Accipiter found Aquilus unconscious inside the Roman general Gracchus' tent. Cuervo explained that he had been traveling to Lugdunum and that he knew of the Aleman plans to conquer Gaul.
The Prefect was joined by another man, who whispered that the preparations for Aquilus' arrest and trial were ready. They are known as Lords, and across all the World of Darkness, wherever you find vampires, you’ll find Ventrue behind them, pulling the strings. Accipiter overheard the discussion, and, after giving all the money to his men, he rushed off to Lugdunum to find his cousin.

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