Christian meditation is a means to know God through the action of the holy spirit whose function, through prayer, is said to transform the meditator or contemplative’s knowledge of Christ. Christian meditation has many differences in approach from the meditation practices of Asia and the far east. Christian meditation is based on faith, strict dogma and the bible while oriental meditations are experience based and aim at a non personal awareness that is beyond any concept including the concept of a creator god. Christian meditation is intended to stimulate thought and deepen meaning, heightening a personal relationship with God. Revelations of Divine Love, by Julian of Norwich is a fascinating read, disclosing this mystic’s optimistic and very broad minded view of love, joy, compassion and the relevance of sin as a means to come to know oneself. Zen Meditation is perhaps one of the most used words arising out of the meditation practices of India.
In this article I would like to take some time to point you in the direction for the best Christian Meditations on the web today. For many years I've been developing Guided Meditations, producing relaxation and beautiful music. I have created many meditations and even sell music created by composers  for both eastern religions and Christians, such as Dr Christopher Lloyd Clarke. For now, I feel it is my obligation to point you in the direction to one of the best Christian sources for meditation on the web today. The package also comes with a bonus 21 page e-book packed with tips on Christian Meditations.
This is a beautiful guided meditation where you will be walking aside a beautiful flowing stream.

Allow Jesus to guide you to his secret place.This is where you will be safe and secure and always guided and loved. In this meditation, Rhonda brings to light to remind us to always keeping and focusing on the positive thoughts and not allowing the negative thoughts to override our thinking. All of these guided meditation will not only help you to solidify your relationship with God, but they can assist in the aid of anxiety, depression and to help you to have a more relaxed and peaceful lifestyle.
I really do believe that this is the best Christian meditation you will find on the world wide web to date. Hello, many are suitable for all religions,however, I am in the process of doing a meditation specifically for Christians. Christian meditation continues in formal circles at least to emphasis that its dogma is not to be reinterpreted through any means other than the hierarchy of the formal church. Most christian dogma has sought [sometimes vehemently and as recently as 2003] to distance its methodology from oriental meditation practices. It is perhaps the belief in a creator god and his son that marks such a divide, superficially at least, between Christian meditation and other non Christian meditations.
While eastern traditions of meditation seek wisdom beyond concept [including god] Christian meditation seeks wisdom through Jesus Christ.
However, upon reflection I feel like I've failed when it comes to creating a Christian meditation. Rhonda Jones speaks her guided meditations with a beautiful soothing voice, and the music is sublime. Here you can meet guide and enter into his presence and be surrounded by love each and every day.

It's time now to turn your cares and worries over to the Lord Jesus Christ and stop trying to control things yourself. I do promise as soon as I record some this year, i will be putting them up here on my site too. If you do happen to purchase the course through clicking on my links, I will let you know that I will receive a small commission. In addition, Christian meditation helps us live more consciously in God’s presence and rest more frequently in God’s love. Through close observation and practice many similar elements can be seen that are beyond dogma. 8:26) that “we do not know how to pray, but the spirit prays within us” points to an understanding of an aspect of our being that functions, needing only to be unobscured rather than created. When we trust in the Lord with faith in our hearts, we are rewarded with so much love from God. This also helps me to keep doing my reviews and to offer free meditation music each month to my subscribers.
Christian Meditation for Rookies is informed by current brain research and includes methods gleaned from the mindfulness meditation tradition.

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