Learn to Meditate series.This beginners meditation course features a variety of meditation techniques including mantra, meditating with the breath and music, concentration and meditation on a object. Most people find that after some time, the benefits of meditation are revealed in their life, even before they fully understand what meditation is. Simply put, if we allow ourselves to be thinking negatively, to be caught up in hate or anger or restlessness and worry, then we are going to view the world through that state of mind. The journey for every thought is from gross physical or material desire to love in all its flavours: from romance to real wisdom or truth.
As we release ourselves from the outer constructs of ourselves what naturally radiates from the inmost recesses of our existence is the lightness and freedom and joy of the real the kingdom of heaven within us that defines our real and eternal nature. It is very easy to philosophize and talk and muse about all kinds of deep spiritual perspectives, but from the point of view of our actual spiritual progress, what we be is the most important thing.
In this class you will understand the roles of the ego and the soul and learn to discern your inner voice. Topics Include: "Offering and Receiving Love" - It is impossible to feel unhappy when we are offering love for real joy is the result of the flow of love.
There is no more 'in-nature' a state, no closer to heaven, in fact, heaven's singular characteristic is the constant offering of love. Often in doing these classes, a common problem is the management of 'outer' work activities and our spiritual lives.
Topics Include: Understand the difference between intellectual belief and spiritual realisation and how to practise humility.
Topics Include: practising a walking meditation and contemplating the process of meditation in action. Explore the energy within the universe and look at 'string theory' and how it relates spiritually. In my own life, I came to a point where I was amazed at how little I knew about how to increase the quality of my life. We need to continuously look for ways for our meditation to evolve, ways to increase our enthusiasm and inspiration. There is a great deal of benefit to be derived from simply listening in almost every dimension of life but in particular in the spiritual life. To listen to oneself is the doorway to the infinite flow of love within and between all things. This class is not designed to be a cure-all for everyone, but it is hoped it will help inspire with a spiritual approach. Many times people with depression will feel helpless to change their current state, as though there is no point or that no-one can help. To be happy is not seen as a permanent state but as a kind of fleeting moment, a gift that fate might offer from time to time.
Roger walked into what was sometimes known as 'The Lost City' and was immediately struck by the level of suffering. He stared away not because he meant to, but because he physically could not get his eyes to look. Then he recognised a face, a shining light, a nerdy, gawky looking girl he recognised from high school. One of the finest instruments given to us at the start of our life here on earth is our wonderful and complex mind. From the point of view of our meditation life the mind can be a blessing, but, if not properly trained, a profound hindrance. With this very same process it creates an ego, which is really nothing more than a bunch of habits and repeated thoughts about what has happened - our past, and what might happen - our future.
The mind and ego should really be a mouthpiece of the heart, but most often it gets so carried away with itself and its own noise that it completely shuts the heart out. We wonder why in every moment it is not blatantly obvious that we are living our absolute highest?
The reality is that there is no career, there is no soul mate, there is no place, no city, no country, no one else that can add very much to our spiritual life if we are not present. But every day is perfect and there is only one answer to being stuck and that is the flow of love.
If we are not happy, or indeed if we are not as happy as we were formerly, there is only one answer, the flow of love. We tend to believe that if we had another job with more money and less financial strain then we would be able to meditate more. Even more than this, we become the experts of categorising so as not to experience a thing fully.
These dimensions of prejudgment are so insidious that we begin to be bored with everything because we have prejudged everything. Instead of scanning over the top of everything and labeling and prejudging, if we stopped at any single thing and experienced it fully in the infinite power and presence of now, we would find that there are universes within each thing we are not even glimpsing. The ego will walk in a room and see tables and chairs that have a past and future, dead matter with a function and perhaps fashion. But the heart will come and feel energy, it will see the color and energy of things, see the life within the flowers on the table, or even the table and chairs themselves. By the time Jamie was 20, he had tried every drug known to man, he had robbed and stealed and long ago been kicked out of his house. He saw the love that had surrounded him, the people that had cared, the leaves and the flowers that had tried to radiate energy and meaning to him, the raindrops, O those raindrops that splashed on his face. He looked around and realised that science and our world had millions of different names for all these things but in reality there was only one name that made sense and that was love.
Many of us are under the misapprehension that happiness is defined by a constancy of laughter, an absence of conflict and a lack of pain.
The real definition of happiness from a spiritual perspective is very simply about connectedness. Every emotion, every feeling is an expression of love the more love, the higher it will be and the more connected it will make us.
Many people that have major tragedies occur in their lives, such as an accident or other near-death experience, recall these events as turning points, often as epiphanies of great connectedness or love.
Others have got very angry about an inequality or injustice and that anger has fuelled a flow of love and connectedness that became immediately immensely powerful.
Some people argue that Christ was not happy being crucified, but in that great pain, I would contend, came his moments of highest connectedness and greatest happiness.
To be really happy does not mean there are not events that from an outsiders point of view look painful. The point is that to be truly happy we need to fill every moment, every emotion with the highest love, the highest connectedness. They both use very similar entry techniques, to relax and calm the mind and become concentrated and peaceful.
In my experience of hypnosis the focus is on the subconscious, and in understanding and reprogramming past negative learned behaviours.
Hypnosis makes it apparent again that lots of what we have programmed into our subconscious can be extremely detrimental.
I have seen examples where people have recognised compulsive eating habits as a means of hiding oneself or subconsciously taking oneself out of the dating game so as to be free from being hurt in relationships.
Hypnosis is an extremely powerful tool for dealing with the past, and by dealing positively with the past it can help create very positive futures.
Affirmations can be a form of self-hypnosis where a word or a phrase is repeated over and over as a means of reprogramming our subconscious. Sometimes in hypnosis it is hard to be clear on what our primary focus should be, on what we need most and so we may be directing ourselves to issues that are not important for this moment. Because hypnosis is grounded in the past it is only able to clear obstructions to our future. Since we are all a mix of masculine and feminine energy, we can benefit from a clear understanding of the highest vision of masculine energy, whilst in the next class we will explore the feminine. The displays of masculine energy are most raw in ancient, more primal societies, where the man was the keeper of boundaries, the hunter and provider of food, the physical strength behind manufacture and the imagination of the innovator and creator. To be a warrior does not mean that we are stupidly brave or recklessly courageous, it means that we act with complete confidence and faith in the dialog of our spirit, with the voice of our conscience. Many believe that real masculinity is fearless, but this is not only impossible but also unwise. The warrior works with fear using it as a springboard for action, rather than against it and is empowered and strengthened.
Because men are physically stronger than women and smarter then most other animals, there is a physical dominance that men have that has nothing to do with masculinity. Violence or other physical domination is cowardice not strength, and the antitheses of masculinity.
The whole person is a combination of feminine and masculine, the height of connection, creativity and free will. Manifesting Mantra - Learn How to Meditate and Master your Mind -  Instantly Download Jafree's FREE Manifesting Mantra Meditation Now! Since 2012, Unity Temple on the Plaza in Kansas City opens its doors for guided meditations that are free and open to the public.
The sessions started when Unity Temple’s Reverend, Duke Tufty noticed people gathering after 12-step meetings.
Learn more about guided meditation classes in Kansas City and the “Serenity Pause” sessions here.
Cameron Hypnotics attracts Hypnotherapy clients for Stop Smoking, Weight Loss, Stress and Anxiety, Children's Issues, Business Coaching, Life Coaching, Anger Management, Fears and Anxieties, from Newcastle, Hunter Valley, Lake Macquarie, Port Stephens.

It speaks of a new common sense that puts the sacred art of meditation aside from just the religious traditions of the past, and involves meditation with every day and every endeavour of our lives. It follows three distinct steps; we start with the superficial, scattered mind, we then progress by virtue of our hearts concentration - to deeper, analytical thinking and finally from this very deep thinking we enter into intuitive states, revelations, "I know this is right" feelings or extremely vivid goals or intense creativity or spiritual dreams. Wisdom requires not thought but experience, it always feels very simple as it is a revelation of our real self.
With no fear of new tasks there is enormous potential and the possibility to learn quickly, quietly and efficiently. Is it not also uncanny the fact that when we are in the dark we feel ourselves imprisoned, enslaved that even though our conditioning usually paints freedom as the ability to have any material or physical need immediately fulfilled the reality of the darkness is that far from freeing it enchains us.
The single most asked question we have come across is "how do I tell what are the messages of my ego and those of my soul?" To be true the ego and the soul have an existence within each other and so there is a measure of blurring between their realities but for the purposes of this class, let's separate them at their poles, so that we might more easily understand their nature and where they overlap. To be sure, heaven wishes nothing more than to flow through each of us, empowering and inspiring us with the infinite, spiritual force of the universe. The overwhelming complaint is that all this meditation and spiritual activity is fine for the time that we are not involved in our jobs and outer lives, but what do we do then? I was happy, but I was not getting any happier, and I had no idea how to increase my happiness.
We'd really like to thank you for letting us into your spiritual life and we hope that you have enjoyed the classes so far. When we are angry we do not listen, we react without thinking, we feel unsafe, alone and threatened. Whether we realize it or not we do arrive at a particular time and place for a specific reason. Each so-called negative that we experience remains negative while we experience it as a negative. Some people even think of too much happiness as being slightly delusional or uncaring for those that are suffering. Many of us think we naturally are in a struggle with life, that we have to fight against fate, that we have to take what we need or we will be left behind. This was not one or two homeless and hungry, this was tens of thousands of lost, lonely and painful souls. However, the heart is completely in the present moment, which also contains within it the entire universe and all of time, i.e.
It tries to make us believe that it is the only reality, and attempts to do this by always keeping us thinking about the past or the future, and never experiencing the present moment where it does not understand who it is. We wonder if we are on the right path, whether we are working at the right job, if we are doing what our heart is telling us to do, whether our friends really understand us, whether we should move from our current location in the city to in the country with the cows and the forests, or from the country to the city, or from this city to another city. There is so much information for us to take in it is almost a prerequisite for sanity that we develop methods of screening out the unimportant. We start to believe it is really an imperative to be rich and famous and have power over others. As though there was a distance between the nothingness he had just been getting bored with and the excitement and maturity of being more adult. He was no more than 11, but he very quickly associated alcohol and drugs with the distance he needed from pain and boredom and the things he did not understand. He had labels for everything and everyone, mostly they came from others but he enjoyed them all. We are taught to stay on the surface of our lives, to stay with the ego and not allow the deeper introspection that might allow us to realise our other deeper dimensions. In a few moments it will have prejudged in some manner with labels and names and be quickly bored. It might feel a depth in any single thing perhaps even a single point of paint on one of the legs of the chairs. He lived now on the streets of an unnamed city with pain coursing through every cell of his being more and more.
His blaming and prejudging every one and everything else took him to the side of a road with a syringe full of something that he knew was way too much, but it was all he knew. She was extremely sad and in pain, but there were moments were she felt immense love and connectedness. A time of the greatest pain, but also, perhaps the most love, the most connectedness, the most happiness. The runner, the gymnast, the ballet dancer tell of pushing through pain to effortlessness and blissfulness. This oneness is born in anger but immediately is transformed via determination into the flow of love that creates enormous happiness.
Being omnipotent means you are involved in every thing, every experience, the difference is God is always connected and knows it, and is therefore ultimately blissful, but also full of pain. We enter into very deep concentrative states where we are able to replace bad habits and negative thought patterns from the past with positive, inspiring thought models for the future. It makes us recognise that just because we repeat a thought doesn't make it true, but that is exactly what our subconscious assumes.
Or of smoking or drug addictions as a means of punishing oneself over some form of guilt or self-hate. They are the most powerful when one is focussed and concentrated but are effective even amidst the hustle and bustle of worries and anxieties. More powerfully with silence and full concentration, I love and forgive myself might be an affirmation that very simply changes our world.
Unlike prayer where we lay out what we believe we need and do all the talking, meditation hands over the process to our heart and soul, or in some cases to God, and says you do the talking and I will listen. In meditation we realise that by listening and having faith in ourselves, we can be directed and guided the most effectively.
Meditation, however, being in the now, the only place we are actually transformed, can work to help us actually evolve now. Reason takes second place to the masculine warrior who acts decisively and with clear purpose. There is always a flow of love in every action of the warrior, where ultimately it is love that powers the action and connects the warrior with the infinite power of the universe. Every so called negative quality as we have seen in earlier classes, is a catalyst for positive action, the negative impacts come when we do not act. The real warrior is a man of peace, a man that realises that his highest bravery comes from being at peace with himself and understands that this translates to peace in the world. It is cowardice because it egoically quashes free will and encourages paralysis by fear, because the coward acts with fear and not love. A guided meditation to help you quieten your thoughts … allowing your thoughts to drift away like clouds across your mind … finding the stillness of the endless blue sky … and letting your consciousness be there. Remember that meditation is an experience of the heart and not of the mind, for us to learn how to meditate, we need to trust the messages of our heart. Obviously, the goal is not to create two separate lives, but rather to blend a much more holistic sense of self. It is very common for those studying spiritual philosophy to feel that their intellectual understanding is a spiritual truth, but this is a particularly dangerous trap! We often have confused the desires of our body, ego and intellect, with the divine wishes of our soul.
Chains that might be attached to the heaviest, most cumbersome loads but we struggle on, fighting against our own very nature most of the time, because we simply do not know how to, or fear, letting go. We sit to meditate and without inspiration our meditation might become a bit of a day dream, or we could find ourselves nodding off to sleep. In the next few classes, we are going to talk about some of these, namely guilt, anger, fear and more.
Our lives can become hellish if we are often angry, especially for those that are unable to have an outlet for their anger, not to mention those that do have an outlet - for often it is the less physically powerful that receive the brunt of anger's violence. Profoundbecause fear is the root of all negativity, and because it most clearly exposes us to the most powerful of all dangers, the loss of awareness of our real self, our soul. There is nothing random about you being born on the date and time you were born.For this reason we should treat our birthdays with real reverence. Every negative quality is actually just a wall we hit as the last stop before we learn and grow. Just as if a child was about to burn himself by putting his hand into a flame, an adult would yell and grab the child from harms way. For the child, we all say to the child look you were so lucky, we saved you from being burned. It is simply unimaginable that a person could live free from suffering, free from the occasional nightmare, free from anxiety or pain, free from any or all negativity. There were those bankrupt, those ostracised for their colour, religion, their weight or lack of weight, their ugly faces or scars or criminal record, their sexuality, their violence, their mental illness, their lack of education.
Involuntarily already he had dry wretched but had been able to hide it feebly behind a movement of his hand.
There was nothing at all attractive about her physically but in this place she exuded warmth and presence.
Some days there are floods and tornados and some days there are storms and rainbows, and some days are just like any other day.
The only thing is that the media, advertising the sounds and sights of the illusion are shouting all the time at us in CAPITALS TELLING US THAT WHAT THEY ARE SAYING IS VERY IMPORTANT.
We really do think that the terrorists are everywhere, that to be in fear is a normal state and that we need a facelift or botox to retain our worth. We look at things and measure and analyse their surfaces and mistake that for their reality.

His playstation needed an upgrade, the internet was dull and his girlfriend was away with her parents.
A bottle of whisky had been opened and was sort of water colored so he poured a little into a glass and refilled it carefully with water. The heart will feel vibrating energy, love all around and even the smallest thing will open multi-dimensional universes of perception and reality. He realised that the labels and the prejudging kept him stuck in the ego, stuck in the illusion of the surface.
Or to be even more mainstream, if you have ever done a fun-run you will know the pain and the bliss.
There are so many scenarios where unless we explore our subconscious we keep burying these extremely negative behaviours. In the 'now' in meditation we feel expanded and connected with one another and every thing, in calm peace.
In this way we simply release our destructive past and elevate the thought patterns, the creators of our future. The warrior knows that in anxiety and hesitation is paralysis and if fear is maintained in that condition it can quickly eat away the insides of the warrior. They see the actions of the masculine and believe them to be about egoic or physical dominance, but in reality, masculine energy is never about dictating to others or towering above. Jenee Osterheldt, a regular at the “Serenity Pause” sessions and reporter for the Kansas City Star says that the guided meditations are “a lot like a nap. Daily meditation has been shown to reduce stress, improve health, and to give you focus and concentration just when you need it. Positive Learning utilises chunking or designing a simple step-by-step process that paces a skill into smaller achievable tasks.
If you just reflect upon for a moment the way we habitually walk anywhere currently, you might be aware that most of the time, we are thinking about another place we want to be, or things we have to do, or any number of extraneous thoughts.
The one thing you will notice is that negative qualities are energy black-holes, they drain us very, very quickly by taxing our attention and focus and diverting us from the energy-giving divine within us all.
Many times people that suffer from depression are extremely intelligent, very sensitive and compassionate people. It was the Dalai Lama that said that there isnt a big problem that did not start as a small one. The child might cry with the shock of being yanked to safety but most of us would say that that pain was necessary so the child would learn and grow. We try to teach the child that the pain was actually a positive experience because now it has learned and it will act differently. There were people everywhere, in everyones faces, most were barely conscious from a cocktail of alcohol and drugs and petrol and paint cans. From the present moment the heart in the flow of love projects out through the mind in intuition, inspiration and creativity.
That I have so much to do to just function in my normal day to day life that I have no time to meditate or to be in the flow of love. It was so strong on his lips and actually so distasteful that he immediately wanted to spit it out. He saw it over and over again that when people were troubled or perhaps did not understand why something had happened, drugs where there to distance them from the pain. He never had to listen or to think because all the labels meant he could dismiss a thing before it tried to change him. For it the past and future are incredibly important but the now is not, in the now it is lost. The heart does not know how to label and name, to prejudge or analyse intellectually, it knows only how to feel.
He realised that just looking at something with his heart, just like he was doing now, he could see things with much more depth and authenticity. Some days there are cyclones, some there are tornados, often it is sunny and calm, at other times it is rainy. Most emotions that we call negative, however, are usually about disconnecting us from each other, it is only at their absolute positive pole that they become obviously loving.
It is the flow of love, the giving and receiving of love that lies at the heart of meditation.
Sometimes to others, this may seem illogical but to the warrior there is a duty to the authentic self first and reason second.
Fear can paralyse, but for the warrior, fear heightens and focuses our awareness and physical being, allows one to contemplate all options and then act with decisiveness and clarity. The warrior realises that the fear energy must be channelled into calm, positive action for it to realise its highest purpose. It is about the strength and power of the flow love, about the example we set, how we empower and inspire each other, how we rise above division and how we give each other a hand up.
A dozen different instructors volunteer to lead sessions designed to help busy people in the area take a “Serenity Pause.” These guided meditation classes in Kansas City see a surprisingly large and consistent turn out. For example if you were learning to play the guitar, you might begin by learning how to place your fingers on the fretboard for two simple chords. We rarely are conscious of the present moment, and our heart and soul in the process of walking.
Their sense of helplessness parallels the same spiral people suffering from anger travel into resentment and stress related illnesses (mentioned in class 22- Anger). If this works the child will forget the pain of being saved, he will act differently and the lesson will be learned.
It is only that we have created a series of illusions that stop us from experiencing our real blissful nature. It is programmed by its own thoughts, its own creation, and the more a thought is repeated the more likely it is to be believed. That I have kids or my wife is sick or I just got fired or I was abused when I was a kid, or I am too fat or too thin, or I am addicted to drugs or alcoholic or whatever the story, because that is what all these things are, our stories. But he ploughed on, assuring himself that it must be important because all the adults were drinking it all the time. Whenever he met someone new, inside his head he would scan for a label, a prejudgement and then dismiss them.
The ego is always striving to be one cm higher than the next person and labels ensure this. He realised all his labels did was try and identify the only part of a thing that was actually not real, that the real reality was far deeper and beyond the names and labels.
It does not usually attempt to reprogram past thought patterns or behaviours rather through the infusion of love in the meditator, it is felt that new, higher thought patterns naturally develop and old habits are released or transformed. When we fight our fears, working against them, they become stronger because we are creating more inactive fearful thoughts worrying about our fears.
Then with practise you might try a few more, until eventually you would be able to play a complete song.
If it did not get the lesson properly it might feel angry or resentful at the pain the adult that saved it inflicted and not learn a valuable lesson.
When we are caught thinking the physical images that love projects through are the reality, we are not. Just by repeating a thought pattern over and over, firstly it becomes a habit (so we no longer make decisions about it) and most often it becomes a belief, no matter how wrong it might actuality be.
Shes a red-neck, hes a hippie, theyre gay, a muslim, never done drugs or whatever it might be.
As we break down our learning process into steps, we find a circular procedure being formed the Success Spiral. It seeks to deepen every moment of our lives with the richness of experience of our own heart. In effect, the child would allow the pain to be swallowed down and fester inside the child, in resentment or anger.
It is as though the mind is on automatic and it programs itself by the things we repeat to it.
He knew that he had to make it through and it would only come with this deeper seeing that he felt now. He turned on the TV and sat and stared, flicking through hundreds of channels and falling deeper into his chair. Everyone was in a minority group and everyone and everything was at a distance and therefore boring. He was overweight, lacking in confidence and too young for most things but already too old to change.
His mum and dad and sisters and brother had only last week came and offered to give him whatever he needed, had hugged him and told him they loved him, but he had returned to the only comfort he understood. And as the syringe squeezed down and into the last of his veins, he felt the ultimate pain of regret.
He looked at himself there on the gutter with vomit oozing gently from his pain wrecked body and felt the lament of someone who had not seen.

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