You already know that meditation is good for you. Time magazine has devoted entire issues to meditation, as have other major magazines. Meditation creates changes in your brain that make you smarter, happier, calmer, more resilient, healthier, more compassionate—and more connected to others. Unfortunately, meditation takes a long time to learn, and even longer to see significant results. If you’ve tried meditation you know it can be frustrating—and that it’s hard to stick to a meditation program long enough to see significant results.
In fact, nearly 2 million people currently use Holosync® to create tremendous positive changes in their mental and emotional health and the overall functioning of their brain.

Finally, Holosync® causes changes in the brain that make you happier and allow you to live longer. I spent the next decade working with a specific active breathing meditation plus I was meditating with a mantra from a teacher I spent time with in India. Life moved on and so did I but I always maintained an interest and a level of personal practice in meditation & consciousness work.
Why entrainment technology restricted to a set of headphones will impact only your auditory senses and why other technologies have the capacity to impact and influence the entire body. Daniel Amen Recommends: Free Holosync® demo gives you a clearer mind, better health, more happiness and peace of mind.

Thousands of studies at universities and research facilities around the world have proven the amazing benefits of meditation. My interest in the field of consciousness grew and I left medicine several months after graduating to focus on this.
Amen recommended it for several years, at least two actual Zen masters—and many Zen teachers and students—use and recommend this modern meditation method.

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