To learn about our next set of classes, kindly leave your contact details using this Contact form. Common to other types of meditation, our meditation seeks to silence the mind and discover our own inner reality. One of the most interesting aspects of Sahaja Yoga Meditation is the improvement of our health in a spontaneous way. Regular meditation awakens the unlimited creative potential of the second chakra known in Sanskrit as the Swadhishthan. In a TV news report, an Australian bus driver finds meditation to be an effective tool in the relief of stress and depression.
Trials conducted by a university medical team found that traditional meditation can eliminate rapid thought associated with stress. Meditation is a state of mental silence or rest, where our attention is aware, but not engrossed in thinking. Each week many people experience this actualisation at one of the many free meditation classes on offer.
As our indwelling Kundalini rises through the central channel, this benevolent feminine energy activates the chakras, removing all the impurities from them and nourishing the entire inner system. Simply watch this video Experience Self Realisation now – Guided Meditation and you will see how easy it is to feel a gentle soothing cool energy above your head – which is your own!
What is Meditation?Meditation is a state of mental silence or stillness, where we are fully aware, but not engrossed in thinking.It is known as ‘thoughtless awareness’.
Sahaja Yoga free meditation classes will help you to achieve a deep state of peace and spiritual awareness in your life. The meditation is based on connecting with your inner chakras (energy centres) and balancing your subtle body. Occasionally Sahaja hold one day retreats to help those interested, deepen their individual experience and hear advice and tips from those who have been practicing the techniques for some time. Classes can be found throughout London, with some held at a cafe called Yeha Noha in South Norwood. So if you are feeling the need for a bit of relaxation and reflection, why not go along and experience the awakening of your own individual internal 'Kundalini' energy, which will naturally respond to your desire to get into meditation and experience thoughtless awareness.

With Sahaja Yoga Meditation we generally sit on chairs to achieve Yoga, effortlessly & spontaneously. Sit upright and relaxed, cross-legged, on the floor or if you choose, sit on a chair, place your feet a little apart from each other, without shoes: you need to be comfortable so that your attention can be free to follow the exercise. Rest your hands on your lap,  palms open and upward; the left hand will remain still, while the right hand will move. Develop the mindfulness and balance your mind by joining London meditation classes and live a stress free and happy life.
Designed to be search engine friendly, we receive thousands of visitors every day, the majority of visitors are based in the UK. Although he lives and works in London he has given meditation classes in more than 20 countries. She has a special interest in acting and has performed in plays such as Siddartha Becomes the Buddha. As a community service the London Centre has offered free meditation classes in different parts of London for over 40 years. After the first meditation you can experience a general sense of relaxation and a reduction in your thinking activity. Mother nature has placed inside us a complex energetic system that we can simplify as three main energetic channels and seven main energetic centres, known as Chakras, as you can see in the image. Since our birth in our sacrum bone dwells an inner energy called in Sanskrit Kundalini; it is characterised as a feminine energy and once activated, this energy rises along our spine until it reaches the top of the head and finally connects with the universal energy.
It is achieved when the indwelling Kundalini energy awakens and carries the individual attention beyond the level of the 6th chakra, into the seventh chakra, known as Sahasrara.
The classes are easy to understand, and run by volunteers who are always warm and welcoming.
Try Sahaja yoga and meditation classes and see for yourself the improvement to your mental, physical and emotional states. Guided meditations will help you to reduce stress and achieve the peace of true meditation.
The tradition and aims of meditation are explained well, in essence to be in the present with no mental activity or thoughts about the past or the future.

It's ultimately all about getting into 'thoughtless awareness', a natural state of being, where the mind is absolutely calm and silent yet completely alert and aware. So necessarily, finding that balance becomes a target for those who want to experience a life of self knowledge and inner balance. It is through this happening that we are elevated into ‘thoughtless awareness’, the mental silence of true meditation. UK Classifieds is free to join, it's free to reply to ads, most categories are free to advertise in too. All are welcome - either complete beginners or those looking to refresh their own meditation practice. It is achieved when the indwelling Kundalini energy awakens and carries the individual attention beyond the level of the 6th chakra, into the seventh chakra, known as Sahasrara. This can be tangibly felt, it actually manifests, as a cool wind, breath or breeze, often experienced on the palms of the hands or at the top (crown) of the head.
This can be tangibly felt, and manifests as a cool wind, breath or breeze, often felt on the palms of the hands or at the top of the head.
Recharge your batteries and learn how to make a daily retreat, to that silent place within yourself.
You will receive tips on how to help stay in balance during the day and how to meditate at home.
It is achieved when the indwelling Kundalini energy awakens and carries the individual attention beyond the level of the 6th chakra, into the seventh chakra, known as Sahasrara. It is here we achieve Yoga! As the mind finds rest and silence, we become able to feel our inner Self  (Spirit). Hence the state of these centres determines the quality of our life: if they are awakened and in balance, then we live in harmony and serenity. This can be tangibly felt, it actually manifests, as a cool wind, breath or breeeze, often experienced on the palms of the hands or at the top (crown) of the head.

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