Along with the fundamental elements of all of our “Signature Life Source Retreats”, this retreat emphasises yoga, meditation & stress-free living and offers a blend of practices designed to de-stress your body, to open channels for creativity and greater awareness, to quiet the chatter in your mind and to re-awaken your spirit. Life Source Retreats are more than meaningful Caribbean vacations that include yoga, meditation, cleansing, workshops, adventures, and exercises for the mind, body, and soul. All of Paul’s courses are designed to offer both a beginning “fundamentals” and more advanced “nei gong” level of training, so new and existing students are always welcome to join us on retreat! The picturesque mountain village of Gaucin is nestled 600 metres above sea level in beautiful Andalucia. La Posada Romana is a private estate and luxury finca 2 km from the White Village of Gaucin.
Organic market – La Tienda Verde is conveniently located, offering a wide range of ethical food and products. If you’d like to take advantage of our low-cost airport shuttle service (?30), we recommend flying into Malaga Airport (AGP) in accordance with the schedule published below. We highly recommend scheduling flights that coincide with our low-cost shuttle schedule (see next section). We ask that you please schedule flights arriving one hour before the scheduled departure times listed below to allow time to go through customs, etc. Onsite guests: A free shuttle service is available at lunchtime for those who would like to dine out, shop or sightsee in the village (two-hour allotment). When people think of meditation, some may have visions of monks in far off lands sitting together in silence. Deb Criss, a holistic counselor, nurse and musician, has immersed herself in meditation and spiritual practice for most of her life. Rana Jackson, a North Carolina native, now calls Asheville home after nearly ten years living in Austin and Kauai. OM Sanctuary is a 501(c)(3) educational organization whose mission is to inspire healthy lifestyle practices through holistic education and connection with nature.

From beginners to those with more experience who want to deepen or jump-start their practices – this retreat suits all levels of practice. Marked by a 12th century Moorish castle with sunny days and breathtaking views towards the Mediterranean Sea, Spanish Sierra Nevada, Gibraltar and the Rif Mountains of North Africa, visitors will enjoy a perfect blend of local flavour and historic attractions in an awe-inspiring natural setting. Set amongst seven acres of national parkland with mature trees and some of the most stunning views to be had from atop the mountain, it is the natural and nurturing home of our weeklong retreats. We’re happy to pre-order organic veggie-fruit boxes to have ready for your arrival during retreats! We’ll serve Spanish tapas after the first class on Sunday evening (first week only), but you will need breakfast and any snacks until the afternoon shuttle to the village on Monday, when the stores re-open.
The ride down is only 2 km and the meeting place is the corner just beyond Hotel La Fructosa, which is centrally located in the village. From the very basics for absolute beginners, building through the various layers of internal content (cavities, kwa, joints, breathing, etc, etc) allowing people of all capabilities to develop and absorb all they can.
Do not attempt any exercises if you have a physical, emotional or mental condition that may make you susceptible to injury.
As members of our busy society with jobs, social obligations, families, volunteer commitments, financial burdens, etc., we must learn how to ground ourselves in the present moment and not wait for the world or our lives to change before we can become peaceful and happier. She holds a Masters in Social Work and has worked to support others to live the lives they want.
This package includes: one over night stay, light breakfast, Holistic Class and contemplative destinations. We offer the opportunity for participants to experience various practices of yoga and meditation along with other useful tools to help reduce the stresses of daily life.
It is not necessary to hire a car as apartments, houses, hotels, markets, restaurants, class-time shuttle stops and local attractions are all within a 5-15 minute walk of one another in the village itself. Also taking students with more experience in these arts to another level, deepening the existing content and spring boarding off into the energetics, also made accessible through Pauls expert guidance.

Our aspiration at Retreat Guru is to inspire people to experience authentic retreats and reconnect with their innate wisdom, strength and kindness. This dovetailed superbly on the Spring Retreat (Marriage of Heaven and Earth) and set the perfect foundation for the Bagua intensive at the end. I reflect.” You can meditate laying down, sitting, walking and standing, at home and while traveling, while taking a poop, climbing stairs, while brushing your teeth or washing the dishes. Meditation is not just for gurus, yogis, or spiritual people, but really is something for everyone! If you do not like the concept of meditation, simply replace it with “relaxation”, “stillness”, “introspection” or “quiet time”, because it is not about words, but about the experience of presence, tranquility and peace that you can create in your own mind.Participants will be introduced to several different meditation practices and the principles on which they are based on. These may include various forms of guided, silent, simple mindfulness of your heart, breath, your chakras. There will be periods of silent sitting and walking meditation as well as discussions, providing a foundation for applying your meditation practice to everyday life.Our yoga teachers are some of the world’s finest and guide you through various yoga practices each morning and most afternoons.
Specific styles will vary based on participants and retreat.This retreat, like the others we offer, also includes fresh, nutritious food, energy healing exercises, life coaching, exciting excursions and experiencing of the beauty and magic of Tulum. Free your spirit.What you experience and learn here will stay with you long after your suntan fades.
Just practice a little bit every day, and your life can transform.We believe life isn’t about avoiding the thunderstorms, but rather learning how to dance in the rain!

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