Retreats help us to gain a deeper meditation experience that we can take into our daily lives. The practice of week long retreats at Kadampa Meditation Center New Mexico was designed by Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso for modern people with busy daily lives. Retreat sessions typically consist of prayers in English to prepare our minds for meditation, a guided meditation on the retreat topic, and a long meditation period to gain personal experience of the meditation object.
Simon Child will be in New York, with Rebecca Li, for a Silent Illumination retreat May 27 - June 5 2016. This retreat introduces the practice of Mahamudra according to the notes of Tipun Padma Chogyal. Sophie trained from 1993 with John Crook, Yeshe Lobsang, who received this text in Ladakh, spending much time with the yogins there. The articles on this website have been submitted by various authors and the views expressed do not necessarily represent the views of the Western Chan Fellowship. Christian Meditation, Affirmation, and Relaxation Cds and Mp3s- Over 23 Christian meditation or affirmation Cds that will help to restore your peace, joy, and create greater intimacy in your life.
Peaceful Moments Weekly Meditations- Take the meditation challenge, online meditation instruction and circle, Cds, and other resources.
Think Right Now- In-home Behavior Modification Growing in Popularity Unique in-home programs can now help people to quickly end chronic depression & panic without drugs, wipe out food addictions, build self-esteem, quit smoking, get organized, increase sales, keep more earnings, eliminate pain, and much more. Nuphonics recordings combine beautiful ambient music with specially designed frequencies, tones and rhythms that alter brainwave patterns and improve physiological states for the listener.
So, how do we wear all the hats and still have time to be still and quiet in God’s presence? True, we all wear different hats-some of us are mothers, some of us are married, many of us work from home or have full time jobs outside of the home…but one thing we all have in common is our need for the peace of God in our lives. With that said, let’s talk for a minute about some practical things we can do each day to allow the Lord first place in our lives. 3.) If your children and husband are still asleep, that means you still have time to spend with God! 5.) And if you are STILL the only one up for the morning, NOW you can take the time to retreat to a place in your house where you won’t awaken anyone, and talk out loud to the Lord.

Do you see how spending time with God first thing upon awaking each morning is not only possible but quite do-able, even for those of us with the most hectic schedules?
Demetria Zinga is the founder and owner of Faith Media, a technology and consulting firm which specializes in web design and hosting, graphics and print designs, internet marketing, and e-training. The noble art of silent meditation is a powerful tool to unlock the highest potential of human life and there is no greater gift to give yourself than spending time in silence and deep reflection to open the doors to your life’s purpose. By allowing the mind the freedom to be still, the body gains very deep rest, and releases accumulated stress. We do so by limiting our ordinary activities (within our capacity) and focusing on strengthening our spiritual practice and understanding.
We are also given an opportunity to immediately put the teachings into practice through guided meditations. If our circumstances permit, we may attend all retreat sessions and devote an entire week to retreat.
Chi Chern Fashi, will take place in August 2016, at the Plein-air House of the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts in Dluzew, Poland.
We all know this to be true, and yet it still seems to be a most incredible struggle to obtain that blessed time with God each and every day of our lives.
How do we make the time to sit quietly before our Savior when our toddlers are stampeding through our living rooms with permanent markers only inches away from our furniture and walls? We are not only discussing our time in general with God each day, but the fact that we can also give God the first of our day. Believe it or not, this very small act of gratitude takes you a long way during your stress throughout the day. However, for those with work and other obligations, attending just weekend or evening sessions can still bring great benefit. When do we find the time to say a prayer long enough to our Savior before we are interrupted with “MOM!
I am a living witness that despite the busy-ness of each morning, it is VERY possible for me and anyone else to give God the very first few minutes of each of my day. Haven’t you noticed that when we simply keep our thoughts inward and never verbalize them, many times they don’t feel real to us?

We’ll start to notice a difference in our feelings toward others and our relationships with family, friends, and co-workers.
The inner transformation that occurs when you simply allow yourself to completely let go and relax into your natural state is truly incomparable.
Free introduction talks & MeetupsLearn more about what meditation is and speak to teachers first hand FREE TALKSWho are The Meditation Trust?Accessible and affordable The Meditation Trust was established as a Registered Charity in 2000. See the webpage of the individual retreats for more details on the meditation topics and format. Try the following steps for 21 days and see if you’ll notice a difference in your outlook on life. If you need to spend some time slowing down, clarifying your purpose in the world, or want to go deep within, these free silent meditation retreats are perfect for you.
Also note any changes in your relationship with God (you’ll most definitely feel more aware of how close the Lord really is to you, especially during many of your stressful times)! Keeping a journal will help you monitor your growth in your relationship with Christ throughout the years.
In addition, take note of your relationships to your family and friends, and to people around you. As God becomes our rock and our fortress, we’ll find ourselves unmoved by the chaos and stressors of life. As you spend time, and EARLY time with the Lord, you will find your relationships with others changing as YOUR heart changes.
It helps us to realize the tangible-ness of our Lord, and that He is as real as talking to our friends and family, and actually hears us. Your heart will change because you start to become more like Christ as you draw closer to Him in fellowship each and every morning when you first awake.
As our voice echoes our resounding prayers and conversations with God, we are able to hear these prayers with our own ears, and are confirmed with our hearts the truth and reality of our relationship with God, because after all, we were just talking to Him!

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