Watch The Secret Life of the American Teenager Season 3 Episode 4 online via TV Fanatic with over 2 options to watch the The Secret Life of the American Teenager S3E4 full episode. Amy's crankiness has been a focal point on this season of The Secret Life of the American Teenager.
Leave it to Ricky, who has done a lot of maturing over these past few seasons, to hone in on what it is that's really under Amy's skin.
Ricky realizes that the last time Amy was a teenager was that first night at band camp when they had sex. She made an adult decision at 15 years old that she wasn't ready for and thus came an adult consequence. His idea to take her back to the spot they first met to have an honest conversation was great. Grace was acting pretty childish but I also think having a sibling sprung on you is probably pretty crazy.
The second season of The Secret Life of the American Teenager, an American television series created by Brenda Hampton, debuted on the ABC Family television network on Monday, June 22, 2009 at 8:00PM.
Ricky moves into the Juergens' home, something that doesn't sit very well with Anne and George. On "The Beach Is Back," the moody streak continued even after Amy discovered she wasn't pregnant. Amy had to grow up very quickly and even though she has accepted the responsibilities, there are certainly times you can tell she just wants to bust loose and be a kid. I'm proud of Lauren for deciding to let go of her anger towards Jesse and Lauren because it's NOT an easy thing to do. I guess the important thing to remember is that it's not like Jacob chose to be born to an adulterer. Ben also needs better taste in girls, because I'm still really not feeling Dylan or her family. Season two regular cast members include Shailene Woodley, India Eisley, Daren Kagasoff, Francia Raisa, Kenny Baumann, Molly Ringwald, Mark Derwin, Megan Park, and Greg Finley II.
Season 2, Episode 24 S2 E23 Mar 15, 2010I Got You, BabeA messy custody battle ensues as Amy and Ricky continue to disagree over their rights as John's parents.
I tried every eppy to just tolerate him, but everytime i try he gets more annoying by the minute!

However, I also agree with her decision to honestly say she doesn't think she can take her back as a best friend. I would want Amy & Ricky then Amy & Ben any day, and i pray to god that day comes soon! Season 2, Episode 23 S2 E22 Mar 8, 2010Good Girls and BoysRicky, Ben, Amy and Adrian attempt to work out differences. I'm not really sure what Dylan and her friends consider "poor clothes" to be, considering they are cheesy as hell and have no style.
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Following the first season, Jorge Pallo and Luke Zimmerman were demoted to recurring guest stars. Season 2, Episode 22 S2 E21 Mar 1, 2010ChoicesRicky takes time to track down his biological mother and confront her about his abusive childhood. Jorge returned for a select number of episodes to wrap up his character's storyline and eventually departed the series after its January return.
Following the success of its first season, ABC Family announced on January 31, 2009, plans to renew Secret Life, following the cancellation of its hit sci-fi TV show, Kyle XY. Season 2, Episode 21 S2 E20 Feb 22, 2010Mistakes Were MadeAmy visits Jimmy to learn why he never called her; Adrian makes a confession to Ricky. The official press release was released on February 9 with ABC Family ordering 24 episodes for season two. Season 2, Episode 20 S2 E19 Feb 15, 2010The Rhythm of LifeGeorge and Ruben finds out that Ricky and Amy kissed. Though marketed as the season finale, the mid season finale aired on September 7, 2009, with the second half of the season returning on January 4, 2010.
Season 2, Episode 19 S2 E18 Feb 8, 2010Let's Try That AgainAmy fears that Jimmy's standoffish behavior is a result of her bad kissing, so Ricky offers to help her practice, which ends up being a bad idea. Season 2, Episode 18 S2 E17 Feb 1, 2010The Second Time AroundAmy goes on a date with Jimmy. Season 2, Episode 17 S2 E16 Jan 25, 2010Just Say MeGrace's love of self-love comes out at school in the form of a campaign called "Just Say Me".

Season 2, Episode 16 S2 E15 Jan 18, 2010Loved & LostRelationships are on edge, with Ben and Amy dealing with their own relationship drama, as well as Adrian and Ricky and Grace and Jack. Season 2, Episode 15 S2 E14 Jan 11, 2010Til It's GoneAnne encounters an old flame causing Amy to be attracted to his son.
Season 2, Episode 13 S2 E12 Sep 8, 2009Be My, Be My BabyGeorge gives Ricky and Ben some much needed advice. Season 2, Episode 12 S2 E11 Aug 31, 2009CrampedAmy is jealous when Ashley gets her own room in the garage, while Ricky pursues Adrian but she claims to have moved on.
Season 2, Episode 11 S2 E10 Aug 24, 2009Knocked Up, Who's There?Amy attempts to keep Ben's attention. Season 2, Episode 10 S2 E9 Aug 17, 2009Hot NutsAdrian and Amy's fighting escalates and Ricky intervenes. Season 2, Episode 9 S2 E8 Aug 10, 2009A New Kind of GreenAdrian makes an attempt to get George and Anne reconciled, but only for her own selfish reasons. Season 2, Episode 8 S2 E7 Aug 3, 2009SummertimeEveryone has returned from summer vacation, and George tells Anne a big revelation.
Season 2, Episode 7 S2 E6 Jul 27, 2009The Summer of Our DiscontentAmy refuses to let Ben come over to say goodbye to her and John for the summer, but instead allows Ricky to take John to his new appartment. Season 2, Episode 6 S2 E5 Jul 20, 2009Born FreeAmy tells her mother that she will go to Italy with Ben, while Ashley delivers the message that Anne and David are engaged.
Season 2, Episode 5 S2 E4 Jul 13, 2009CiaoAmy is having trouble copy with her hectic lifestyle now that she has school and a baby to look after.
Season 2, Episode 4 S2 E3 Jul 6, 2009Par for the CourseWhen Grace begins to pull away from everyone, Ricky takes it upon himself to try to help her out.
Season 2, Episode 3 S2 E2 Jun 29, 2009What's Done Is DoneGrace is struggling with what has happened, whilst Ben wonders what part he plays in Amy's new life. Season 2, Episode 2 S2 E1 Jun 22, 2009The Big OneAmy copes with the rigors of motherhood while Anne adjusts to the news that she is pregnant.

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