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On utilise les augmentations en les rattachant aux pouvoirs actifs de la barre des pouvoirs.
Les autres font appel A  votre science de l'artisanat, et vous devez utiliser des ressources pures et des runes pour les harmoniser. DA?s que vous assimilez une nouvelle augmentation, elle disparaA®t de votre inventaire et devient active dans le nouveau nexus des augmentations. Following the presentation of The Secret World at this year's Game Developer Conference in San Francisco, we have just released our most elaborate trailer video yet, as well as a handful of eye-popping screenshots!

At this year's Game Developer Conference in San Francisco, the press got to see the first ever live demo of The Secret World.
Funcom has launched a brand new website for The Secret World, filled to the brim with all-new information and media!
Spooky atmosphere, challenging instances and a great community is what made us give Funcom’s title  the first position in our Top MMORPGs of 2013 list. Les augmentations sont comme des baguettes de sourcier qui vous permettent de canaliser toujours plus efficacement la puissance de Gaia.
Here they got to see mission gameplay, in-depth details on the progression system, as well as a first reveal of PvP!

Explore the world, read about the secret societies, or learn more about the monsters populating The Secret World.

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