George James Juergens is the son of Eva Juergens, father of Amy Juergens, Robie Juergens and Ashley Juergens, husband of Kathleen Juergens, grandfather to John Juergens, and step-father to Grace Bowman and Tom Bowman. Prior to his marriage to Anne, George was first married to Kathleen Bowman, Grace's mother, but it ended badly when Kathleen cheated on George. According to The Secret Diary of Ashley Juergens, George was also engaged one other time prior to marrying Anne.
It's unclear whether or not the engagement was before or after his marriage to Kathleen, but George had been very young at the time and called off the wedding at the last minute after his fiancee had already bought her dress, the engagement party had been thrown, and they'd already received most of their wedding gifts.
George tried to make up for it by furnishing her apartment from his furniture shop, but it took a while before she forgave him. Before their divorce, Anne and George had a tryst in the garage on October 11, 2008 and Anne became pregnant with George's baby because he had lied about getting a vasectomy.
After this, they began to work on their relationship, even though Anne still did not want to stay married to George.
George repeatedly tried to win her back, but it was ultimately Ashley who convinced her and it was not until George spoke with Anne's old high school boyfriend that he found out Anne lied about sleeping with his brother, to get him back for cheating on her with Cindy. When Anne returned home, she insisted they needed therapy to work on their issues, even though George strongly objected.
George and Ashley moved back into the house where Ashley got her own room in the garage and George slept on the couch until Anne agreed to let him return to their bed.
Anne and George remain divorced, but they did have makeup sex and George continues to pressure Anne to marry him again until she admits she is gay.
There’s something about George Lazenby’s chin dimple that reawakens my Kirk Douglas obsession.
Peter Hunt’s film is ostensibly about the fiendish bioterrism plot that Blofeld (played by Telly Savalas) has been cooking up in his Swiss mountain retreat, Piz Gloria. Lazenby only had one film in which to make his mark on the franchise, so how do the actor and the film measure up in those crucial areas? Crime boss Draco (Gabriele Ferzetti) offers Bond a cool ?1 million for the hand of his troublesome daughter, Tracy.

Looking for character development in a Bond film, can be an unrewarding task — particularly among the female cast members.
Sean Connery had his moments — remember that unmanly towelling romper suit in Goldfinger? Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Kathleen later admitted that she had only married him so she could have sex with him because her very religious mother was so strict about abstinence before marriage. At the start of the series, George is cheating on Anne with Adrian's mother, Cindy which leads to their divorce. He supports Amy during her pregnancy and is there for the birth of his grandson, John Juergens. He even helped deliver their baby, who they named Robert Scott Juergens, after Anne's father, but then George recalled that Anne had also slept with an old college friend that she had met up with in Chicago and questioned Robbie's paternity.
In case any viewers had been napping through this preliminary beach skirmish, the guy rescuing Diana Rigg from the surf is not Sean Connery. But the die-hard romantics know this film is really about Bond’s unlikely transition from a philandering, Teflon-coated man of action to a lovestruck schoolboy. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service has to make do with an instrumental theme, because even a lyricist as accomplished as Don Black would have struggled to shoehorn that title into a 2-minute ditty.
If you find the change of Bond disconcerting, how about the transition from a horribly scarred Donald Pleasence (You Only Live Twice) to this new, cosmetically enhanced version of the bald megalomaniac?
As well as the usual fisticuffs, George’s 007 gets stuck into stock-car racing and a climactic bobsleigh race with Blofeld.
With due apologies to Judi Dench fans, Diana Rigg’s performance is head and shoulders above any other actress in the series. In his guise as genealogist Sir Hilary Bray, the pipe-smoking George gets to don a cape, a kilt, a cardigan and yet more of those ruffled shirts.
When he asked Anne about Robbie's father, Anne became angry with him and left town to see her mother, where she met up with the brother of the man she met in Chicago, who also used to be her old high school sweetheart.

The new Bond on the block is Aussie George Lazenby, who makes his debut in the sixth film of the series and suffers the indignity of having his voice dubbed in some scenes (by George Baker). The 29-year-old model clearly wasn’t picked for his acting ability, but he carries off the Savile Row tailoring with aplomb. With no Ken Adam sets to blow you away this time, OHMSS begins on a beach and relies largely on spectacular Alpine scenery, before concluding in a sun-drenched Portugal.
But arguably the highlight of OHMSS is the skiing, including Bond’s downhill plunge after escaping from Piz Gloria and his flight with Tracy from Blofeld and his henchmen. With a bevy of international beauties including Anouska Hempel, Joanna Lumley and Catherine Schell, who can blame him? You’d expect the woman who played Emma Peel to more than hold her own in the action and repartee stakes, but she brings real pathos to a woman whose fate seems determined from her opening sea-side suicide attempt.
He also falls in love, gets married and is widowed — all within the space of 142 minutes. Like the Bond theme it hits you right between the eyes, from those opening bars that imitate a hail of gunfire.
The real star here is ace cameraman Willy Bogner, who did some extraordinary work in capturing the piste action as he skied backwards. Then he goes all soft and makes his own proposal to Tracy — in a cow shed of all places. In between there’s the usual heady cocktail of sex, violence, ribald jokes and some jaw-dropping Alpine action. I’m not sure Sean Connery could have maintained a straight face during this startling transition, but Lazenby seems almost tender.

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