The overall look of the Golf R is classic Volkswagen and, in this case, the term velvet sledgehammer is perhaps most appropriate. Under the skin is a 2.0 litre turbocharged four cylinder with peak numbers of 188kW and 330Nm.
The Golf R uses a bigger turbo than the current Golf GTI and by rights it should exhibit some lag. In general terms, the ride quality around town was very good for a car fitted with 19” alloys. In full attack mode the Golf R offered plenty of grip, the factory fitted Dunlop tyres did an admirable job in varying weather conditions. It’s no surprise that the R is pretty rapid, but the real surprise of the day was seeing how the car’s speed was masked. Can i ask why you would choose the 6 speed manual over the DSG and have you had the opportunity to drive the the 6 speed manual? Agree the DSG is a good bit of kit, you learn how to drive it using a combination of all the modes, but 6MT still gives more control. UK pricing for the hot diesel-powered Golf GTD will start at ?21,850, for a manual equipped 3 door, and ?22,345 for the 5 door model. AUSmotive has spoken with a Volkswagen Australia representative and the GTD is yet to be confirmed for local delivery. Powering the new GTD is a refined 2.0-litre (1,968 cc) common rail TDI engine, producing 170 PS and a substantial 258 lbs ft of torque channelled via a six-speed manual or automatic DSG gearbox.
Inside, the main contact points are unique to the Golf GTD – a flat-bottomed steering wheel, a leather gearshift and a standard tartan interior.
As with the entire Golf range, the new GTD will feature class-leading levels of safety with ABS, ESP (Electronic Stabilisation Programme) and seven airbags, including for the first time a knee airbag, all standard. Also I’m not with you on adding a turbo giving you low down torque on a petrol engine.
Heh well I agree with matts last point, I’m not too keen on buying a new car until a hydrogen or at least a plug in electric with generator like the chevy volt comes around.

If it isn’t enough that golfers have to drag bulky bags of clubs, balls, and other accessories along on a trip, more often than not they are charged an extra baggage fee for the additional piece luggage.
Enrollment in the Omni Select Guest program, for those golfers not members, can easily be completed online or at the front desk upon check-in. In addition to the bag cost savings, golfers visiting Omni Hotels & Resorts will have access to some of the finest courses in the United States, which offer a wide variety of scenic beauty and challenge, and guaranteed fun rounds for all golfers regardless of skill level. Golfers and travelers are encouraged to post about their experiences on Twitter and Instagram using the #OmniGolf hashtag.
Actually, inside and out, the Golf GTI offers more drama with its splashes of red detailing and standard tartan seat fabric. With the ACC still in Sport mode I did experience some unwelcome kickback through the steering wheel. Steering feel was quite good and the overall handling of the R was very impressive for what is, we must remember, a volume selling hatchback.
When you’re pushing through an open sweeper, for example, you don’t get a huge sensation of outright pace. A four cylinder is never going to have the warmth and depth of the old narrow angle V6, of course. Given all of that, I reckon a manual box would go some way to making the R more fun to drive. The DSG is a great bit of kit and all of my previous comments would go out the window if I had to drive in Sydney traffic every day, for example.
Those with a preference for the 6-speed DSG will need to dip into their piggy bank for a further ?1305.
And, it’s a case of useable power not coming at the expense of the hip pocket, as the theoretical range from a tank of diesel is 640 miles (1030km). One can only assume this symbolises the choking cloud of carcinogenic particulate emissions. Modern diesel engine with DPFs emits next to no soot and in combination with semi auto gearbox like VW’s DSG its a winning combination for city driving IMHO.

Most 4cyl petrol performance oriented cars with a turbo engine are criticised for their turbo lag and lack of low down torque.
Starting May 27th, 2015, Select Guest loyalty members who present an airline baggage receipt at hotel check-in will be reimbursed for the traveling cost of the golf bag. Fog lights have made way for LED daytime running lights; the only Golf in the range to feature the latest in lighting fashion. Model specific 18” alloys complete the look and 19” wheels in the same style can also be optioned.
Like the current model S3, the Golf R is fitted with the latest Haldex IV all-wheel drive system. However, you do need to keep an eye on the speedo in this car; before you know it you are quickly in licence losing territory. For this reviewer the mix of looks, power, grip, all round ability and keen pricing offered make the Golf R a car I would highly recommend. And on a mountain pass you begin to appreciate the benefits of being able to alter the Golf R’s settings on the fly.
And so it proved, with the note inside the cabin being a touch tinny and almost fabricated.
Indeed, if I was in the market for a car right now the Golf R would be towards the very top of my short list. I must acknowldge I am being overly harsh on this point, only because I have previously read a number of positive comments about the sound of the R.
They do serve the driver well for the vast majority of the time, but when approaching the absolute limit they start to lack a bit of feel.

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