The group meditation class is open to beginners and experts alike, who sign up by submitting their information in the top right hand corner. The Michael Newton model of life between lives exploration is a profound experience where clients can access the knowledge and healing that is available in the space between incarnations.
The combination Hypnosis & NLP Certification Seminar is offered twice per year to prepare students for a rewarding and lucrative career. The Introduction to Meditation retreat, Thursday, March 24 to Sunday, March 27 is open for registrations, but only for women, as all the spots for men have been filled.
In 2016, the Meditation Circle will be focusing on anapanasati, a core meditation practice in the Buddha’s teaching, focusing on the inhalation and exhalation of the breath and the 16 steps or instructions involved with deeply investigating the breath. Esteemed lay meditation teach Sharon Salzberg is hosting a Meditation Challenge this month, encouraging people to meditate each day this month and emailing participants guided meditations. The following encouragement and advice about establishing a regular meditation practice comes from Samanera Jayantha, a recently ordained novice monk at the Bhavana Society Theravada Buddhist forest monastery near High View, W.Va. When you build up the habit of every day sitting, even for 5-10 minutes, you are creating a skillful habit that will bring you and others great benefit.
That’s not to say it will be easy, or that you reach a point where meditation is all sunshine and rainbows. Remember consistency breeds stability, start small and build a strong base that will lead you to peace. May my mind be filled with the thoughts of loving-friendliness, compassion, appreciative joy and equanimity. May all that I see, hear, smell, taste, touch, and think help me to cultivate loving friendliness, compassion, appreciative joy, and equanimity. No matter where I go in the world, in any direction, may I greet people with happiness, peace, and friendliness. Because of the holidays, there will be no meditation group meeting tonight at the Unitarians.
The Meditation Circle of Charleston is a small and fluid Sangha, with lots of people coming and going and some staying for a long while. The story revolves around the battles a group of rebels have with the Doge and his men, and their desire to return to Earth. We feel privileged to provide a space of exploration and learning to those who connect with the seminars and services that are offered.
This guided meditation allows for an exchange of best practices and energy in a friendly and sacred environment. People who sign up will receive a voucher code via e-mail and the necessary information to attend the meditation group.
Eli Bliliuos, a Life Between Lives regression specialist, facilitates these life altering regression sessions that provide insight into a client’s true life purpose. This experience tends to shed light on a soul’s history, goals, tendencies, and purpose. This training is facilitated by Eli Bliliuos, a Master Hypnosis Trainer who has been certified by the IACHT, the NGH, and the IACT.

Retreat sign-ups begin 30 days before a retreat begins and you are encouraged to sign up quickly as Bhavana retreats are attended by people from around the country and world and fill up fast.
This was one of the chief methods of meditation the Buddha likely practiced and taught throughout his 40 years of teaching. Rather than worrying about how long your sessions should be, focus on really trying make daily meditation a habit. Trust me when I say from experience that doing 5-10 minutes of meditation a day is much more fruitful then doing 30-60 minutes once or twice a week. As you start to see these benefits you will naturally have the desire to meditate longer periods and the seeds of your initial practice will grow.
Again, you start out in this meditation by banishing thoughts of self-hatred and condemnation.
May I be protected in all directions from greed, anger, aversion, hatred, jealousy, and fear.
We would like to note the passing of a long-time member, Joe Miller, who for many years graced us with his presence. In this eco-sci-fi tale, a portion of humankind flees a sick Earth into orbit, living in thousands of ships and escaping the torment of losing their home by creating holographic dream worlds.
Each night of the four-night run of the show, a different person portrayed the Doge (Alex Bannerman, Larry Groce,  Gary Brown and Joe Miller).
Well, during the meditation, get a sense of pleasure and allow that to transfix you in here instead. We look at all the influences rushing around in our minds and we come to realize that we have the ability to choose which ideas are useful and which ones are not, which of the phenomena we’re aware of are useful and which ones are not. We strive to provide a sacred space of learning and enlightenment by inviting the spiritual leaders of our time to share their knowledge and insight. Upon successful completion of the course, students will be certified by the International Alliance of Certified Hypnotists & Therapists. There is no charge for retreats,  in the spirit of Buddhist traditions that sees teachings as given freely because they are considered priceless.
You don’t need to self-identify as a Buddhist  to gain the benefits of a regular meditation practice. Through the years, he has visited the Meditation Circle several times and is planning a return visit in 2016. It details his time as a drug dealer, mentions his time in the Army stockade for being AWOL, as well as his arrest and detainment in an Afghan prison after trying to smuggle drugs into India.
If not for the constant craving for chemically induced experiences, he might not have found his way to the dharma, the teachings of the Buddha. While he was traveling in the mountains of Asia, he heard about a meditation course in Katmandu. In one of the great ships, the height of Venetian society is recreated, ruled over by a stern and authoritarian doge.

They all wore the same magnificent, award-winning and historically accurate doge costume made available to us by Magic Makers in Huntington.
You nudge it a little bit here, nudge it a little bit there to make it feel good, and this makes it easier to get pulled into the present moment rather than into the future or the past. As the Buddha said, craving is our constant companion even when the mind is in the present. The various healers that call our center home are dedicated to the spiritual growth and well-being of our society.
Communication with spirit guides, members of the soul group, and people who have passed on, are common in these video recorded sessions. Past Life Regressions are strongly encouraged prior to a Life Between Lives Regression as it is considered a stepping stone to the LBL. But dana — generosity — is always welcome as Bhavana survives entirely upon the generosity of its supporters and visitors. You develop a greater and greater sense of mental seclusion by just dropping those distractions, dropping all those voices and attitudes that pull you back or pull you forward. The past and the future drop away and all you’ve got left is the body sitting here breathing — right here, right now.
To cut through this craving, we have to call into question the things we’ve been identifying with. But when you create that still center inside and allow yourself simply to watch these things, you step back and realize that you don’t have to identify with them.
We invite you to inquire about our services and programs and to share in our dedication to make our world a better place. Eli Bliliuos facilitates Past Life Regressions and Life Between Lives regressions in New York City, Queens, and Miami. I played one of the rebels, but when it came time for Joe’s turn as Doge I was struck by his imperious but dignified portrayal.
You allow yourself simply to be right here, absorbed in working with the breath, settled down with a sense of wellbeing, settled down with a sense of familiarity.
In his second sermon, the Buddha pointed out to the monks that if you let go of your attachment to form, feeling, perception, thought-constructs, and consciousness, what happens?
In other words, they became secluded even from their sense of who they were in the present moment — because our sense of who we are is composed of those five kinds of things, coupled with craving and clinging.
As you step back from these things and allow that activity of repeatedly creating your sense of who you are to fall away, see what happens.

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