The great poets understand the easiest and most enjoyable path to comprehension is through imagery, the use of metaphor and simile. The human mind loves metaphors and similes because they are so powerful.  They are able to instantly change our bio-chemistry.
Before relaxing in Savasana your brain may feel like a blackboard having chalk screeched across it. Your emotions may be a dark, confining tunnel, but as you stand in mountain pose feel the darkness turning into a light, airy meadow.  You even hear Julie Andrews singing the sound of music. Your mind may be a glaring searchlight, but sense it gradually morphing into a soothing candle flame.

Your head may be pounding like a jackhammer right now, but you now feel the hands of a well trained masseuse giving you an Indian head massage. Your mind may be a screaming siren filled with distractions, but as you focus on slowing down your breath listen as the noise fades to the whisper of a flute. Your thigh may feel like a tight rope right now, but as you stay in bridge pose feel the rope going slack.
The key to unlocking the yoga teacher poet within is to put pen to paper and see what pours out. Should I invest in the Yoga Teacher Kit Collection or just the Yoga Teacher Lesson Plan Kit?

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If you're looking for a treasure trove of yoga lesson planning goodness, take a quick peek at Yoga Teacher Lesson Plan Kit.

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