Yoga Nidra, also known as yogic sleep or sleep with awareness, Yoga Nidra is an ancient practice that is rapidly gaining popularity in the West. Event details may change at any time, always check with the event organizer when planning to attend this event or purchase tickets.
Our guided meditatio scripts are written by a meditation teacher, and recorded using audio voice recorders. I am sure most of you are actively planning how to get through 2013 with even more success.

It is intended to induce full-body relaxation and a deep meditative state of consciousness.
We will soon be releasing our guided meditation app, with audio and scripts for every purpose.
If you find this guided meditation entertaining and helpful, be sure to share it on Facebook and Twitter. To help you get a good start and be as successful as possible with fulfilling your New Yeah resolutions, I have made a categorized collection of useful iPhone apps.

I have selected classic New Year resolution themes (Lose weight, start working out, spending less money, becoming more productive, avoiding stress…) and hope your needs fall into one of these categories. I am sorry if you are not using an iPhone, but I am sure you can find similar apps for Android.

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