As we have described in the related articles, the essence of meditation is getting into thoughtless awareness without any mental effort or focusing exercise. In the following section, you will have the chance to follow a guided meditation sample which is recorded for our online course. What does she say at the end of the guided meditation with her hand pressing on her fontanel, “Mother, Please give me self ___?
Meditation can be an effective form of stress reduction and has the potential to improve quality of life and decrease health care costs. If you have little or no experience with meditation, "Our Online Meditation Course" will get you up and started quickly and easily. Share your success storiesWrite your success stories and let others know how you benefit from Sahaja Yoga Meditation. If we talk about meditation then it is mean we''''re talking about peace, happiness, and love.
Meditation can maximize your brain, increase creativity, and more than it can provide a peaceful life, in harmony with the environment. Maybe today you feel hesitant to start something, or maybe you is currently very difficult to take decisions. Often times when there’s inner or outer turmoil, we look to self-help books, fall back into old unproductive habits, or seek out a new spiritual practice. The vibration of conflict, whether it’s an argument with your teenager or having to sit in heavy traffic, is painful as it moves through your body. You may notice that you continue to complain, long after you’ve left the mall, making yourself even more anxious.
You can know when the mind is chattering away, and you can know when you are feeling angry or happy.
Rather than try and remove yourself, pay attention and be curious about what is going on inside of you. But most of the writing that I do for myself, including my business blog, I don’t publish (double gasp!). True to my word, I wrote my first article on a Monday with the intention of publishing it on my blog on Tuesday. The writing I do for my clients isn’t about me, it’s all about them, and it’s easy to let it go.  But the writing I do for myself is all about me.
Here’s how attachment works:  I’m on my blog, ready to upload my article, and my mind says, “What if people don’t like what I wrote? Popular business coach Fabienne Fredrickson says that our talents are like delicious brownies that we have a duty to share.  If you’re not sharing then you’re being greedy. So why is it that so many who serve are plagued by dark circles underneath their eyes, exhaustion, illness, and even a negative attitude instead of being uplifted by the experience?
But to be a slave, means to be dominated by somebody or something.  To slave away at work, at home, or even in a volunteer capacity, means that you’ve given up some sense of self-empowerment. Maybe you’ve started a project that was so fun and exciting when you first began, but now you feel tired, dominated, and put-upon whenever you think about it. Maybe you’ve come into a lot of money or got a big promotion and now you feel stressed because you believe that if you stop working you will lose everything. Here are four ways to emancipate yourself from the vicious cycle of feeling like a slave at work, at home, or spiritual center and bring the joy of service back into your life. Two monks are walking alongside a river when they come upon a woman who needs to cross to the other side. Think of all the big and little hurts that you’ve been trying to let go of for the past 30 or 40 years.
Even when you think you’ve let something go, it unexpectedly sneaks back into your mind to bother you.
And you start ruminating on the past, arguing with yourself, and trying to figure out exactly what went wrong.  In essence you become the second monk. The good news is: you can be like the river and allow events and memories to flow through you. You see, once you start arguing with the memory, thought, feeling, or emotion, you’ve created a burden for you to carry. It doesn’t feel good to allow the feelings of being rejected on the playground when you were 8 move through you. But the price you pay for not doing it is that you will carry that wounded eight year old child around with you for a very long time.
Lie down flat on the floor with your legs slightly apart and your arms away from your body.
She looked up at me and said, “Because man has always needed to believe in something greater than himself.” Then she lowered her head and continued to read. I was surprised,  I thought she was going to talk to me about God, heaven, hell, and destiny. I left her room and thought about how early humans must have been enthralled by the vastness of the night sky…and how they must have felt so small in comparison.
We are inherently self-centered beings.  We think about ourselves incessantly and we think that everyone else is thinking about us too.
Serving something greater than we are helps us to get out of our own heads and helps us to find ourselves in others.  It creates compassion and reminds us of our link with the Infinite Universe.
In this way we are able to experience ourselves as both big (self-centered) and small (part of a whole).

This commercial was such a sensation because it hit on a fundamental truth that most people are dissatisfied with their lives.
Unfortunately you cannot find purpose, happiness, and meaning through your work or by fixating on your cosmic life lessons. Sure having meaningful work that pays well is wonderful and necessary.  You have hands that are made to touch, hold, and to work. While it is necessary to find meaning in our suffering, suffering is never anyone’s purpose in life.  No one is born to suffer. What you may not know is that you cannot have feelings of happiness at the same time that you are feeling isolated and alone. No one would argue that the great philosopher, physician, humanitarian, and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Dr.
Reverence for life simply acknowledges the fact that all beings have an innate will-to-live.  Humans, monkeys, mice, even bacteria all have a will-to-live. Albert Schweitzer believed that it is within this will-to-live where you will find your oneness with life. As a practice, he advocated simple acts that helped to preserve and support life.  Doing things like helping an insect out of puddle, helps to create the feeling of belonging that we all crave. From this point of view, purpose has little to do with the pursuit of personal happiness but surrender to a greater, universal purpose of advancing life in all things.
In surrendering to the greater purpose your life becomes a like a natural spring bursting with the awe and power of life.
The desire that you have for meaning, purpose, and happiness is only the will-to-live within you knocking at the door of your heart.
So place both hands over your heart, take a deep breath, and say, “Today, I support the will-to-live within myself and everyone and everything I come in contact with.”  Let the will-to-live within you be a constant reminder of your true purpose, to be one with Life through supporting life. Hello everyone, I wanted to talk with you a moment about the relationship between loving kindness and personal freedom.
In June while preparing a lesson on “forgiveness”  for my meditation class, my husband Stu and I had a long discussion on the subject. My husband replied, “There are people who don’t deserve forgiveness, and I am not interested in feeling ‘at-one’ with them. Later that evening when I brought this subject up with my class, I presented Stu’s position and most of them agreed with his outlook. Forgiveness is all about where you are on your life’s path.  And as soon as you take the attention away from the “other person” and focus instead on your happiness and freedom then forgiveness begins to happen. In fact, all of the self-help books I own are confirmation of a deep inner truth that I already know. I read them because I like having the reassurance that if nothing else, there is another person who feels and thinks the way I do. I imagine this is why most people scour the self-help area of the bookstore, just to be reminded. Perhaps it would be more useful if we all took the time to write our own self-help book and dedicated it to ourselves. Since launching my new content marketing business, I’ve become more aware of the importance of relaxation to the creative process.
It is universally true that when you are relaxed you are more creative, have more energy, and enjoy your work more. Thank you for your faithfulness of a new day bringing new hope, new light, and new opportunities.
In this powerful meditation; trance channelled by Avatara, Jill Harrison, Archangel Metatron brings us Shamanic Spiritual Guidance, to help you become conscious of who you truly are. Archangel Metatron will guide you on a journey with spirit, taking you to meet your own personal animal spirit guide, your totem, before connecting with the energies of Mother Earth and those of the Shaman, to receive healing on many levels.
Shamans are messengers between the human world and the spirit worlds, and this meditation allows you to gain access to their knowledge, power and immense healing. The Shaman teaches us, that, to be able to move forward in life, one must embrace all life's teachings.
To be one with life, means to be aware that when one has pain, it is spirit and soul's way of alerting you to things that no longer suit your journey along the path called life. When you can flow freely with life and can accept that there is an easy way, and a hard way, and you can automatically follow the right way, you will find the peace you are searching for. Understand, that for those who experience pain or any uncomfortable feeling around the body, this hi-lights that there are blockages, and represents that you still have not let go of past issues. It does not serve you to hold on to those negative thoughts and feelings, which manifest in the physical as pain, tension and unrest. SUPPORT US TODAYPublic contributions allow us to establish and sustain powerful, transformative, life changing webinars, training programs and retreats at affordable prices.
Please consider supporting us with a donation to help us carry out our mission, to help others to reach their highest personal and spiritual potential. If you have benefited from our books, meditations and teachings, please consider a donation today. And the goal is to achieve the yoga, enlightenment, getting connected to the source of the All-pervading Power. If you choose to sit on a chair, place your feet a little apart from each other, without shoes.
We invite you to take our free online meditation course and get the full benefits of meditation.

I literally started my first meditation yesterday and found the guided meditation very useful. Meditation involves achieving a state of 'thoughtless awareness' in which the excessive stress producing activity of the mind is neutralized without reducing alertness and effectiveness.
Meditation is not a reference tool or a means; however, refer to the attainment or circumstances. This practice literally involves clearing the mind of all thoughts to rest in God’s presence. We don’t take the time to really feel the crush of our emotions, or to watch our reactions. We don’t trust that there is an ever-present reservoir of love, compassion, and joy within us. When we are unconscious, we remove ourselves from emotional, psychological, or physical pain by either pretending it isn’t happening or by telling a story about it.
That is, rather than allowing the vibration of your anxiety to move through you, you wind up perpetuating it with the story. Sometimes you forget about yourself and become lost in the situation, the thought, or the emotion. I think that the subject matter works well here as it demonstrates how we can apply our meditation and mindfulness practices to our everyday lives.
I write for myself, my meditation students, my copywriting clients, and their clients.  I write and I love it. But without hesitation, the first monk picks the woman up and carries her safely across the river.
But as circumstances change due to environment or age, finding meaning in work will always be short lived. And that a happy person is one who upholds the will-to-live in all things and refuses to harm life.  In doing this Life lives through you. What the practice of loving kindness does however, is give you the experience of  personal freedom. It’s you standing up to the world and announcing that you are going to be happy no-matter-what, that you are going to love yourself and others the very best you can no-matter-what.
I wade through the first few chapters looking for the perfect sparkly object; the one that will help me be better, more connected, more loving, and of course rich. For you must be able to recognise those aspects, that no longer serve your purpose in the now, if you truly want to live the life you desire. Without these spiritual goals, the meditation will only serve as an alternative health care product! In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript! So, sit quietly with certain attitudes, such as attention to the breath or the mind is not meditation, but rather a way in order to achieve the meditative life, which is full of tranquility, full of happiness and love. If you feel stressed, confused, have problems with relationships with other people or social phobia, meditation can help you in overcoming those problems, and meditation also has many health benefits for the body, such as lowering blood pressure and increase endurance.
Alpha waves are known by hypnotic experts as a control wave, and always used to give suggestions in hypnotherapy. Imagine if the doubts and delays that have made you lose so much, such as happiness and wealth. The word practice is used with meditation and with spiritual disciplines because they take practice! But look at it this way you may be taking up space for someone who would love to have that position. Much has been written on the power of prayer and affirmation to help you feel better and alleviate stress. That one step can make all the difference to break the paralysis of fear and turn it into momentum that can catapult you forward. However for ease in reference to, then meditation becomes a familiar name in connection with meditation exercises. Numerous scientific studies show that meditation makes people healthier and stronger as a whole, whether in relation to the mental or the body.
Alpha waves so needed by you to maintain stamina and mind to always keep up and be more creative. Rather than trying to talk yourself out of being stressed, just relax your face and roll your shoulders up and back. First, when you are stressed you are likely to be clenching your teeth and second, you are low on energy. Why are there only 2 clerks available on Christmas Eve?” OR you call your friend and start complaining to her. Knowing this, his wife always made sure that she was at mile 25 to cheer him on; to give him the courage he needed to finish the race.

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