Continue your meditation practice and raise your vibration again by listening to the MP3s .
Welcome to Guided Meditation Podcast!  I'm Lita and I'm here to help you relax and find your peaceful center.
This type is usually used for meditating with the purpose of dealing with specific physical or mental issue, so popular guided meditations are, for example: dealing with different kinds of phobias or addictions, pain and stress relief, lowering cholesterol or dealing with Diabetes, and a whole range of manifestation-related meditations meant to enhance manifestation mindset (we also have a separate article dedicated to using meditation for manifesting).
Guided meditation combines two powerful mental techniques: meditation and creative visualization, to bring about the change in the way we think about certain things in life. Our brainwaves, electrical activity in our brains which can be measured, are constantly active, even during sleep and there are 4 basic patterns of these waves: Alpha, Beta, Delta and Theta. Alpha and Theta stages are connected to creativity, visualization, memory and profound learning.
The trick is in the way our mind works: it is incapable of making a distinction between a real image and an imagined one, as long as you manage to make the imagined image seem real. In a nutshell, meditation combined with visualizing makes you able to relatively quickly learn new thinking patterns: meditation helps you get in the state in which you learn new things more easily and adopt them on a more profound level, all while relaxing your mind and making you feel calm. The guidance part is there to help all of us who experience real trouble focusing on something, or sticking to the image we’re using to create a new belief.
When someone else guides you through the imagery, they won’t drift, they will stick to depicting the scene and they will do it in a way that will make you feel comfortable, in a surrounding that you know is safe and relaxing.
In any case, this is one of the best techniques for achieving a specific purpose, such as deep relaxation, behavior modification, or releasing negative emotions and self-limiting beliefs – if you haven’t yet, be sure to try it! With some practice, the images that arise from beneath the conscious mind can become interpretable and clear.

Imagine walking in a field, in the soft glow of the moonlight on a pleasantly warm summer evening.
As you’re walking you notice many signs of abundance; piles of gold and diamonds are scattered throughout the field. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
These audios are created to guide and support you, whether its for stress management, insomnia relief or to simply know better that place of inner peace, comfort and upliftment that we can all experience in that place of inner stillness. It is especially good for beginners in meditation, as the narrator guides you through the process, giving you directions on how to relax your mind and body and helping you to focus your thoughts on specific images and feelings. In a normal, everyday mode, our brain and body are exposed to thousands sensations and thoughts that we react to, consciously or unconsciously.
While Beta state is a state of our normal waking consciousness and Delta brain waves are related to deep sleep and unconsciousness, Alpha state is associated with relaxation, focus and wakefulness, and Theta is a brain state of REM sleep (dreams), hypnosis, lucid dreaming, and the barely conscious state just before sleeping and just after waking. Thanks to the meditative part of it, the feeling of peace and calm will pour into your everyday life, and not stay related only to the issue or situation that you’re visualizing. A point is reached where the subconscious is allowed to take over and insert its own images and symbols. You think to yourself that there is enough for everyone to be wealthy beyond his wildest dreams. You realize that something amazing is about to happen; this is obviously a place of great prosperity and abundance.
With tremendous anticipation and excitement, you push against the doors with all your might.

The images you give yourself and your thoughts around them should be centered on the topic – wealth, in this example. Meditation helps us to slow them down and to listen to them as if they were happening to someone else – in other words, to be an impartial observer of our own experience. In the following example, the guided part of the imagery is stopped at the point of walking through the doors. The pleasant scent of the nearby shrubs and flowers intoxicates you as you deeply inhale the moist air. You notice a light in the distance that appears to grow larger as you continue walking towards it.
As previously stated, leaving the imagery open-ended will allow you the space to find the answers you’re looking for.
You realize that it is a temple – a glorious temple made of gold and lit spectacularly by the full moon.
For example, you don’t want to imagine being in your bathing suit while in a snowstorm.

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