In the early 1980a€™s practitioners trained in the art of meditation were placed at various trouble spots throughout the Middle East. Your participation will send the energy of peace to the world bringing about the energetic shift needed for peace to reign upon the earth.
May you be blessed with the peace that you experience as a result of taking part in this guided meditation. Channeling grace, the freely given love of the Divine, to each participant individually during the Meditation for World Peace is a very powerful experience.
April 18, 2013 by Marsha Lucas, PhD Leave a Comment Belleruth Naparstek is a gifted clinician and teacher (and an absolutely lovely human being), who is THE expert on guided imagery, IMHO. Over the past couple of weeks I have read articles bragging on the benefits of mindfulness meditation.  Can you help me understand how and what mindfulness can and can’t do, as compared to guided imagery?
My impression is that the end result of the two techniques is pretty much the same.  It’s just the process of getting there that is different  – is that true?

Yes, your impression is pretty much correct, although there has been more research done on mindfulness than guided imagery.  Still the outcomes on stress, performance, depression, pain, anxiety and quality of life appear to be comparable. The idea is that of course the mind can’t stay focused on any of these things for more than a second or two – it jumps around of its own accord (- and as a result is frequently referred to as “monkey mind” by meditators). With these chic jewelry brands that give proceeds to charity, you and your lucky gift-getter will both shine from the inside out. With clockwork-like precision, each time the practitioners began their meditation which focused on the feeling of peace, crimes against humanity dropped, emergency room visits declined and traffic accidents went down. This guided meditation allows those who have never practiced meditation, and those who are experts, to partake in this movement to promote world peace by embodying and simultaneously sending out the vibration of peace and love. When Theresa channels grace to your group during the Meditation for World Peace it fosters an environment in which the participants feel a deep sense of peace and well-being while they send healing energy around the world. But the practice has you continually noticing what the mind is doing and gently bringing its focus back to one or more of those designated internal experiences.

The words to the Meditation for World Peace came to me from the Divine so when you hear "I", "My" and "Me" please know they refer to the Divine. The more aware of your internal experience you are, the better able you are to be strong and steady within yourself, and less at the whim of other people and external events.
This happened with such regularity that those conducting the experiments were able to calculate the minimum number of people meditating on peace, needed to effect a change in a community, or the world.

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