Hvis du kommenterer og opretter link til denne artikel i din blog, bliver din post linket herfra. It may come as a surprise to you that one of the most powerful, and efficient, ways to re-program your mind for success is to use a meditation audio when you’re sleeping.
So, if you want to input positive thoughts for a more positive mindset, record yourself saying good things about your life and play it at night. Using a unique combination of breathing exercises and guided meditations, Yoga instructor Kanta Barrios leads you along a gentle path toward the attainment of calm.

This is where you intentionally guide your mind to becoming quiet through the use of physical techniques such as focused breathing, relaxing your body into the mattress, visualization or focusing your thoughts on a single word or mantra.
So, it stays up late every night eating popcorn and watching the rest of that movie you were watching before you fell asleep in front of the TV. Using these types of manual relaxation techniques is a good way to start yourself drifting down that slumber path for a good night’s sleep, but a sleeping meditation can be much more than that. So, I simply recorded that I was very caught up on all my work and got things done quickly.

For more about the benefits of using a brainwave meditation audio, see the article, “Meditation Software:  Why Choose Brainwave Meditation Music” in this issue.

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