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Download Fall Asleep, Stay Asleep: Relax Into Sleep, Sleep Through The Night, And Awaken Refreshed - Martin I.
Guided imagery taps directly into the mind's natural mechanism for storing, interpreting, and expressing information. Tells you how to reverse these debilitating states through relaxing, rejuvenating guided imagery techniques that Dr.
While our ancient ancestors had a legitimate use for the fight-or-flight instinct, today what was once a matter of survival has become the stuff of sleepless nights and anxiety-filled days.

ANDREW WEIL'S GUIDE TO OPTIMUM HEALTH: A Complete Course on How to Feel Better, Live Longer, and Enhance Your Health Naturally, one of America's most trusted physicians and a respected voice for integrative medicine invites you to attend his first comprehensive one-on-one audio learning course.
Weil introduces the topic, shares his own experience with visualization, and reveals the results of current research on how the practice of imagery directly influences one's well-being.
Rossman's research has shown, harnessing the imagination through guided imagery can re-train our brains and bodies to react to stress, anxiety, and even physical pain in a healthier way.
By using imaging sessions that target specific symptoms and conditions, we can learn to focus the mind-body connection to achieve the best results.
Weil to learn the same reliable, practical advice on natural healing that you would by attending a seminar with Dr.

Rossman guides listeners through a complete series of practical exercises that provide an immediate experience of the healing benefits of visualization. Martin Rossman has developed a program to help you break the worry cycle—and transform worry into a positive force.

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