Dans un elan de curiosite (et surtout dans le cadre d'un processus de recherche), j'etait en train de me demander dans quels FPS a-t-on incarne une nana ? Metroid, Medal of Honor Resistance, Borderland, Perfect Dark (et sa suite), Half-Life Decay (le mode coop de la version PS2 de HL). Yep, dans Unreal premier du nom (je ne sais pas pour le 2?), on est une prisonniere evadee en fait. Les backers sont plus cons que des turfistes en fait, vu que meme quand ils parient sur le bon cheval, ils perdent.
J'ai un tres gros doute sur le fait que l'on soit une prisonniere dans Unreal, j'ai pas le moindre souvenir de ca ca m'aurait marque. Je n'exclue pas que tu confondes avec la femme au tatouage de serpent autour du nombril dans Unreal 2. Ca oui pour le vaisseau prison qui se crash je me rappelle bien de tout mais j'ai aucun souvenir qu'on ait le moindre indice de la feminite de notre personnage, du moins je me rappelle pas l'avoir remarque.
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Jeu d'action a la premiere personne, Half-Life ne mise pas seulement sur un rythme frenetique pour captiver le joueur. Retrouvez l'actualite de tous les jeux video PC et Console que vous preferez sur le magazine gratuit Jeux Video.fr. Enfin j'ai pas joue au 2, mais un des trucs que j'avais apprecie dans le premier c'est que les developpeurs et scenaristes ne te mettaient pas en permanence ses nibards sous le nez comme dans les autres jeux ou tu incarnes une fille. Pour ma part, j'ai fini ce jeu sur PS2 (version ameliore avec en plus un mode cooperation idenit : Decay) et ce fut une tres grande experience.
Voila quinze ans que Valve a distribue son premier jeu, Half-Life et ainsi introduit Gordon Freeman. Vous y incarnez en effet Gordon Freeman, un savant pris dans une spirale d'evenements fantastiques suite a une experience ayant mal tournee. Developed by Gearbox Software and published by Sierra Entertainment, Decay was released as part of the PlayStation 2 version of Half-Life in 2001. Grace aux forums et a nos equipes de testeurs, nous vous proposons aussi des astuces, des codes et des configs ainsi que des patchs, cheats, soluces et les dernieres mises a jour.

It is the third expansion pack for Half-Life, and like its predecessors, Decay returns to the setting and timeline of the original story, albeit portraying the story from the viewpoint of a different set of protagonists: two women scientists working in the Black Mesa Research Facility.
Decay is a cooperative multiplayer game, designed to be played by two people working together to pass through the game's levels.Decay was not a critical success, but was received with some positivity by video game journalists. Many reviewers felt the game was fun to play through with a friend, but that its more puzzle-oriented gameplay somewhat detracted from the overall experience.
A number of reviews stated that the game simply felt little more than an extra add-on for the PlayStation 2 version of Half-Life. Like the original title it is based on, Decay requires players to engage in combat with hostile non-player characters and complete various puzzle solving tasks to advance through the game. However, Decay differs from Half-Life and its first two expansion packs, Opposing Force and Blue Shift, in that it is designed for cooperative multiplayer gameplay. This requires players to work together to progress through the game's levels and complete puzzles as they arise in-game.
Although intended to be played by two people in split screen mode, Decay can still be played by a single player.[3] In this case, the player can only control one character at a time, and can switch between the two characters quickly.
When not in use, a character has sufficient artificial intelligence to defend themselves, but otherwise does not move from where they have been left by the player.[4]In Half-Life, players usually fight alone and only occasionally encounter friendly non-player characters who assist them, such as security guards and scientists. While Decay still features levels where this is the case, significant sections in Decay are dedicated to working with friendly non-player characters, usually escorting them to various objectives and protecting them in firefights.[3] An array of enemy characters from Half-Life populate the game, including alien lifeforms such as headcrabs and Vortigaunts, as well as human soldiers sent in to contain the alien threat.
How players perform in each mission is ranked at the conclusion of the level as a grade from "A" to "F". This score is based on each player's accuracy with weapons, the number of kills they acquired and the amount damage they sustained during the course of the mission.
Half-Life takes place at a laboratory called the Black Mesa Research Facility, situated in a remote desert in New Mexico. In Half-Life, the player takes on the role of Gordon Freeman, a scientist involved in an accident that opens an inter-dimensional portal to the borderworld of Xen, allowing the alien creatures of Xen to attack the facility.
The player guides Freeman in an attempt to escape the facility and close the portal, ultimately traveling to Xen to do so.[6] Like the previous expansions, Decay shows the story of Half-Life from the perspective of a different set of protagonists. In Decay, players assume the roles of Colette Green and Gina Cross, two doctors who work in the same labs as Freeman, analyzing anomalous materials and specimens retrieved from Xen in prior teleportation experiments. After the experiment that causes the alien invasion takes place, Green and Cross must work with two ranking members of the science team, Dr.

Rosenberg, to contain and stabilize the deteriorating situation in Black Mesa.[7]Decay begins with Gina Cross and Colette Green arriving at the Anomalous Materials Labs at Black Mesa and reporting to Dr.
Rosenberg to pushing the analysis equipment beyond its design capacities, Cross and Green are assigned to assist setting up the experiment for Gordon Freeman.[8] When Freeman inserts the specimen into the scanning beam, however, it triggers a "resonance cascade", causing massive damage to the facility and teleporting alien creatures into the base. Keller and Rosenberg agree that Black Mesa cannot deal with the situation on its own, and so decide to call for military assistance.[9] Cross and Green escort Rosenberg to the surface, where he sends a distress signal to the military.
However, the military are ordered not only to contain the situation, but to silence the base by killing its employees. Rosenberg elects to stay behind to meet with the military on arrival and Cross and Green return to Keller.Once reunited with Keller, Cross and Green work to seal the dimensional tear to stop the invasion. After resetting key equipment to prevent a second dimensional rift, the two are tasked with preparing a satellite for launch. The satellite, which is launched by Freeman in Half-Life, is used in tandem with ground-based equipment to significantly weaken the effects of the resonance cascade.[10] Keller tasks Cross and Green with activating this set of prototype equipment, a displacement beacon, which through the satellite may be able to seal the dimensional rift. However, after activating the beacon, both characters are caught up in a "harmonic reflux", a distortion caused by the rift. The two player-controlled vortigaunts battle through Marines and Black Ops in the underground Black Mesa complex to find the orange crystals in the back of a military van. While the E3 convention only provided a demonstration of the main Half-Life PlayStation 2 game, further details were released relating to Decay's premise and story, as well as confirming that the cooperative mode was to be designed for two players.[13] The game's use of new model sets were also showcased.
Rosenberg: I've been talking with Harold, he seems to be under the impression you're planning on running the anti-mass spectrometer at greater than 90 percent.
We can't expect anyone else to understand the importance of resetting those dampening fields.
We can have soldiers here in two hours to secure the facility and bring everyone to safety.
Its one the swirling eddies in the space between two displacement event currents, although I can't imagine who was creating the other current.

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