I asked Patty Kikos, yoga teacher from Empowered Healings, to enlighten us more on what to expect in a yoga class, and she has shared it with us here.
If you were to think back to what may have brought balance to your life 5 maybe even 10 years ago and then fast forward to today, chances are you may have slowed down the pace a bit, but not necessarily the intensity. In a hatha vinyasa class, when you learn to link your movement with your breath, and after adding an intention for your practice, you are practicing the art of vinyasa.
The word Hatha is a Sanskrit (an Ancient Indian language) term for the balance between the sun and the moon. In order to maintain the dynamic flow of a class that links movement, breath and intention, we activate what is known as ocean breath or ujai breath. The reasoning behind this is that our mouths don’t necessarily have the same filtering system as our nose does, and in order to prepare the body for a practice that will continuously keep the body moving, we need to ensure that our ligaments and muscles are warm enough to endure the constant physical movement.
In a Hatha Vinyasa class, expect to move a little beyond your physical comfort zone, perhaps a little beyond your emotional and mental comfort zone as well. At the end, just before the final deep relaxation when we come to lie on our back, we allow ourselves a few minutes to sit cross legged in a meditative position. I love my Hatha yoga, I find it better than other styles because more focus is put into holding the position which means that I get more out of it.
Thats a good point, holding the positions for extended periods really allows you to settle in and get a deep stretch.

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ProfileAmelia Phillips Trainer, Fitness & Nutrition Expert, TV presenter, blogger, and Co-Founder of the Michelle Bridges 12-Week Body Transformation. Hatha Vinyasa Parampara Yoga ist eine Methode, basierend auf den klassischen Yogaschriften und den Unterweisungen ihrer Lehrer, die von Sybille Schlegel und Andreas Ruhula 2012 entwickelt wurde. Vinyasa Flow - Sun And Moon YogaVinyasa flow is a technique where a person moves from one pose to another while either exhaling or inhaling. Health Advantage YogaYoga provides several advantages for one's healtht It is beneficial for various health disorders and also promotes flexibility of the body i e.
The material on this web site is provided for educational purposes only, and is not to be used for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.
La relaxation profonde (Yoga nidra) ou Yoga du sommeil conscient, nous offre l’experience du lacher-prise.
A l’adhesion, il vous sera demande un certificat medical de non contre-indications a la pratique du Yoga. Le Yoga se pratique en groupe, c’est pourtant un travail tres individuel vers la connaissance de soi. La pratique reguliere et consciencieuse du Hatha Yoga permet de s’epanouir sur les plans physique et psychique.

Les cours ont lieu sur la colline du chateau de Nice au dessus de la vieille ville le mercredi toute l’annee quand le temps le permet, voir planning ici. If we took it a step further, we could extend that to the total balance of mind, body and spirit. An intention can be something as simple as focusing on your breath instead of your wayward thoughts, using a positive affirmation with each breath you take, or even offering up your practice to something or someone other than yourself.
These are 2 polarities that exist within all of us when we think of either our right or our left side, our top or our bottom, our strength versus our flexibility, our mind compared to our emotions, and even our sense of surrender compared to our quest for control. This literally means that we inhale and exhale just through the nose whilst simultaneously making a soft sound using the back of the throat. This is where a particular style of meditation is taught, or sometimes it is simply a chance for us to allow our mind a few soft moments of contemplation and reflection before we surrender into that final resting pose. Be brave and take another step forward and maybe you can add your own personal interpretation of what that might mean for you and your current journey in life. For example, while doing a Cat-Cow stretch, you will arch your spine while inhaling and round it while exhaling.

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