Full DescriptionThis is a classic Hatha Teacher training course with additional benefits of physical Therapy in the form of spinal alignment and energy work to encourage realignment of the spine and all the layers of the body.(physical, energy,mental and spiritual ) We take anatomy and physiology to a deeper level, share a comprehensive understanding of asana and pranayama which further helps your depth of meditational practice. Zuna Yoga 200 hour Hatha Vinyasa Teacher TrainingImmerse yourself in yoga philosophy and practice on the castaway island of Gili Meno, near Bali and Lombok.
Full DescriptionShare an unforgettable, fun-filled experience as you journey through the rich landscape of yoga. The Zuna Yoga 200 Hour Bali yoga teacher training is one of the most comprehensive yoga instructor certification programs available.
We will explore the diverse teachings of the Yoga tradition and the profound knowledge that underlies its practices. At the end of the course you will be presented with a professional Yoga Teacher Training Certification diploma, recognized by ALAKH YOG.
Yoga is increasing in popularity in the west where we find it in many forms like ashtanga yoga, bikram yoga, acrobatic yoga. In the yoga philosophy ethical as well as existential topics are discussed and a yoga practitioner is advised to pay attention to how he is living in the world and the consequences of his actions. The yoga practitioner may notice a change in behaviour and as a consequence of the practice he may become less violent and less interested in creating drama around him, this may happen even though he has paid no thought to the philosophy part.
According to the teachings of yoga specific body positions which are named asanas, open the energy channels and psychic centres of the body and mind freeing the body of tensions.
The practice of Asanas also helps us to focus on the present, when we become more aware we improve our concentration, coordination, time and memory reaction. In my classes I found a proper way of teaching is to give my students enough time in each asana.
In the Pranayama practices there are four important aspects of breathing which are utilised.
HATHA YOGA WORLD, conducts 200-hour residential yoga teacher training in Rishikesh and Dharamsala India based on traditional style of hatha yoga. Course fee includes - yoga training, course material, accommodation (private room with attached bathroom), All the registered students are required "Tourist Visa" only, for a speedy and convenient application process. Whether you have been practicing yoga for 6 weeks, 6 months, or 6 years, you may find yourself at a place in your yoga practice where you are yearning for more. When and how to go deeper in your practice, using the poses, the breath, and relaxation techniques.
A brief introduction to the Yoga Sutras and their application to your daily life, as well as a discussion of the origins of yoga and how it came to be what it is today. Spend 11 days with us, and experience so much more of what yoga has to offer, regardless of how long you have been practicing yoga. Still want more? In addition to the Intensive, if you desire to go further and acquire registration with Yoga Alliance at the 200 or 500 hour level, your Yoga West mentor will work with you on a program to fulfill your hours. I wish my teachers would come here for training because it is so well-rounded and meaningful.
This program is a well-rounded training program that addresses the history and philosophy of yoga, as well as the physical postures.
Kristin has a very modern approach to yoga and I liked her ability to organize and handle her business in such a friendly way.
Professional – patient – loving – sage advice – organized – open minded – wonderful communicator – passionate about yoga and has a good sense of humor!
This course will peel back your layers of understanding your truth, how to then express it and to maintain your own strength and stability during the never ending challenges of life.
Our Hatha Yoga Teacher Training course has been developed to provide a deep understanding of the Yoga practice and teaching.
This 21 day program at the tranquil retreat center of maoMeno is an opportunity to deepen your practice and gain skills to teach yoga.
You will cultivate a solid foundation in tradition and the techniques necessary for competently teaching Yoga at a 200 hour RYT certification level. The course is an in-depth study of Asana (posture), Pranayama (Breathing Practices), Meditation, Yoga Philosophy, Yoga Anatomy, Prana and the Energetic Body, Sequencing, and Adjustments, as well as instruction on how to develop a personal meditation practice. The Yoga Teacher Training Course focuses on the practice and method of Hatha Yoga style of Asanas, Pranayama techniques, Kriyas, Bandhas and Mudras and the essentials of Yogic practice. HATHA YOGA WORLD is Associate with Alakh Yog A Registered Yoga School For Standard RYS 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Courses Certified by Yoga Alliance USA, with which you can start teaching yoga professionally around the world.
Yoga is for the uneducated individual a series of complicated body postures with the aim to stretch different muscles and ligaments.

But it is not a religion in that sense that it has any fixed set of beliefs or there is a prescribed godlike figure to be worshipped in a particular manner. This is because the yoga postures are said to purify the body and the mind restoring balance and harmony in the individual so that he comes closer to his true nature which is light and peace. They have a calming effect on the mind and are beneficial for treating depression and stress related diseases. Many people can’t touch their toes during their first class, gradually they begin to use the correct muscles.
To slowly learn how to feel in each asana, paying attention to which muscle is stretching and how it feels. Although this interpretation may seem correct in view of the practices involved, it does not convey the full meaning of the tern. However, this is not the word which is joined to prana to form pranayama: the correct word is ayama which has far more implications than the word yama.
This course is desined for beginners who have basic knowledge of yoga for intermediate level yoga students.
Not a stopping point, but more of a lookout point….thinking, “Where do I go from here?” Maybe you have the unshakable feeling that there is more to this ancient practice than just a series of poses, and you are ready to go deeper in your exploration. During these 8 powerful days, Kristin, Janaki, and Mary will give you the tools that you need to deepen your practice, and teach and empower others. The intensive is a fun, yet challenging; lighthearted, yet thought provoking navigation deeper into the study of Hatha yoga. The full 200 hour Integrated Yoga Studies program requires an additional 100+ hours of workshops and lectures.
Requires a $500 deposit 60 days prior to the start of the intensive, and payment in full is due by the first day of the intensive. Thank you for your time, knowledge, support and most of all for your love and passion for this program and yoga! The information we received and the hands-on practice we participated in gave me a broad perspective on yoga. Her knowledge of the business side of yoga makes her the perfect person to facilitate this training. It is an intense course and definitely empowers the student to walk tall, strong and prepared. This event will be hosted at the beautiful island retreat of maoMeno on Gili Meno, Indonesia (near Bali, Indonesia). The benefits and limitations of the postures, the common mistakes and correcting them with proper alignment are elaborated in detail during the teaching methodology sessions. In the health industry it is used as a therapy for curing backache, joint problems, reduce stress leaves and correct body posture etc. Hatha is the balance and harmony of these two forces so that the third force, the Sushumna nadi can be awakened and Kundalini risen. Many of the asanas are inspired by nature and animals, there are postures such as the tree pose and the fish pose. Over time, the ligaments, tendons and muscles lengthen, increasing elasticity, making the postures more comfortable.
Yogasanas are tools to higher awareness, and asana practice comes first in Hatha Yoga texts such as Hatha Yoga Pradipika.
The meditative and calming effect of the practice helps people to reach a deeper and more satisfying place in their lives, we find ourselves to be more in our body and less in our head. It also gives the body more strength when you hold the posture for a longer period of time.
These warm-up exercises loosen up the body so that the postures (Asanas) will be more comfortable.
After completion of the course, you can register with Yoga Alliance as a RYT 200 yoga teacher. We are not surprised….yoga is so transformative, and the desire to know more and perhaps even share can be almost overwhelming.
At the completion of the  Intensive, you will be able to stand with confidence in front of a room full of people and guide them through a yoga practice. These hours can be completed from a broad assortment of workshops, study groups, self study, and one on one practice, if needed. This course is for those new to yoga, teachers looking to expand their knowledge, or anyone just wanted to dig a bit deeper.

She was very organized, concise and clear yet quite open to a wide variety of discussion questions. Having a Sivinanda trained yogini co-lead the training offered a unique perspective I could not have gotten anywhere else.
You will gain a deeper understanding of all things yoga and become part of a yogic community. Besides this, Prenatal Yoga, Yoga for Core strengthening and Yoga therapy for back pain are introduced to make the aspirant a complete Yoga Teacher. The ultimate goal of yoga is enlightenment which means reaching a state of purity and love, a “buddha-like” state.
Referring to modern science ida is seen as the sympathetic nervous system and pingala as the parasympathetic nervous system, the awakened state of kundalini is a state of full awareness and control over your whole self, even your subconscious mind The practice of hatha yoga aims to eliminate the toxins and impurities from the body and mind and increase the flow of prana or vital force. In the Yogasutras of Patanjali there is a concise definition of yogasanas: “Sthiram sukham aasanam”, meaning ‘that position which is comfortable and steady’. Many of my students with back, neck, joint and muscle problems give me good feedback after my classes. The asanas have positive effects on the body posture and the muscle tension, improving flexibility and preventing joint problems and soon. I also find it easier for people to find the right breathing if i give them more time in each asana to be comfortable and relax.
The techniques of Pranayama provide the method whereby the life force can be activated and regulated in order to go beyond one’s normal boundaries or limitations and attain a higher state of vibratory energy. Workshops and lectures will generally be held on weekday nights and on weekends.  From here, you can set your own pace and work at the speed that works for you to achieve your goals. We do require that participants have a sustained practice of at least six months before enrolling in our course.
The faculty of Yoga West is so diverse and so impressive that having the opportunity to spend time in their classes as a student as priceless!
I thoroughly enjoyed my class time with her and felt that her evaluations were fair and insightful. Being able to contrast the Sivinanda approach to the Ashtanga approach has helped me recognize the subtle differences between carious schools of yoga. For those who want to teach, this will mark the beginning of a successful career as a yoga teacher. A list of recommended literature and after the TTC you can with Pankaj to gain more security in practical teaching.
It does not only work on the alignment of the body but as well on balancing of the nervous and endocrine system, two major systems which need to function properly in order to maintain good health.
This is done through the practice of different technique such as Asana (posture), Pranayama (breathing), Meditation, Mudra (hand postures) and Bandha (energy locks). The asanas have positive effects on the body posture and the muscle tension, improving flexibility and preventing joint problems and so on.
In this context, asanas are practised to develop the ability to sit comfortably in one position for an extended period of time, an ability necessary and a preparation for meditation. It is the force which exists in all things, whether animate or inanimate, although closely related to the air we breathe, it is more subtle than air we breathe, it is more subtle than air and oxygen.
You will have lots of practice teaching opportunities, so that you will be superbly prepared for this next step on your yogic path. I feel connected to the instructors at the studio who were warm, friendly, and encouraging.
Therefore, pranayama should not be considered as mere breathing exercises aimed at introducing extra oxygen into the lungs. When the technique was first developed around 5000 years ago it was intended as a tool for spiritual enlightenment. Pranayama utilises breathing to influence the flow of prana in the nadis or energy channels of the pranayama kosha or energy body.
The word YOGA is derived from the Sanskrit root ‘yuj’, meaning to bind, to join and to yoke.

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