Madonna has released a new trailer for her "Secret Project" with fashion photographer Steven Klein. The 54-year-old singer first teased the collaboration with Steven Klein on Instagram months ago.
The program started as a way to provide an expressive support setting for those suffering from grief. But it also provides a way for caregivers, families and cancer center staff to walk through the feelings of loss, understanding and remorse.
The story of cancer treatment in the United States is one of hope, with survival rates today presenting a stark contrast to those of just a few decades ago.

While Madonna herself does not appear in the video until the last few frames, her voice can be heard over the course of the clip, speaking about the state of the world and a need for a revolution. The first trailer made its way online last month, with Madonna revealing very little on what the project actually is. When Dick Clark called her over following her "American Bandstand" performance that same year, the host asked her what her dreams are, to which she responded, "To rule the world." There's proof dreams do true.
Nylen Cancer Center is helping patients and families express their emotions and share a little of themselves in an artistic way. It is open to anyone who has experienced cancer, including patients, survivors, families and staff.

While incidence rates are declining for most types of cancer, others are on the rise, such as melanoma, thyroid, and pancreas. Cancer is a disease of aging, and more than 70 million baby boomers are heading into the over-60 population.

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