Use the iframe code - If you are an administrator of your account and have opted to "allow unfiltered html" in your posts, then you can use the iframe embed code on the other tabs of this modal. Recently on the Dr.Oz show, Deepak Chopra defined meditation, performed a healing and demonstrated law of attraction using basic meditation.
Join us at one of our local centers and experience the benefits breathing techniques, yoga meditation. Get regular access to valuable information on meditation that you can use improve the quality of your health and life.

Collection of guided meditation and visualizations to bring about calmness, serenity, healing, balance. This doesnt have all the functionality of our plugin but it will allow you to embed by pasting the url. This film introduces you to one of the meditation techniques offered by Tri-Dosha, namely healing meditation. When I started to learn about holistic health and healing, many people were doing silent meditation.

In state of meditation you experience the world differently by paying attention present moment, now.

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