The more you meditate on God's Word, the more you open yourself up for Him to renew your mind.
Tip!You can either laminate each card, or glue it to a 3X5 index card to make them more durable.
Finished with these Printable Bible Verses?Click here to select your next topical Bible Study. In Blessings with Our Animal Companions, Sister Mary Winifred offers reflections on the importance of companion animals and a selection of prayers to pray over our animals.
The four weeks of Advent are intended as a time of preparation for the mystery of Christmas. Centering prayer, also called prayer of the heart, is a form of prayerful meditation with roots in the 14th century that calls us to loving attentiveness to God in our lives. The homeless, like the rest of us, are children of God reminds Bob McGonagle, himself formerly homeless, in this much-needed resource. Popular for its simplicity and repetition, the Jesus Prayer provides an avenue to a deeper and more intimate relationship with God. This collection of prayers is a source of spiritual strength for alcoholics themselves as well as those praying for anyone dealing with the disease. Nicholas, the godly and generous bishop of Myra was much more than an elf figure who distributes gifts on Christmas eve. Many of our beloved Advent and Christmas traditions began in the ancient world, while others have a direct connection to scripture and the story of Christ's birth. Our bodies are designed for worship and prayer, explains Nancy Roth, who offers simple suggestions on breathing, sitting, and movement that awaken our sense of the unity between body and spirit. Jeanne Lowe provides these meditations to further the experience of following Christ to Calvary.
Stewardship is about how we share and nurture all the gifts God has given us-- including our bodies, time, talents, estates, and even Creation. There are many ways to pray, but most prayers are focused on the five foundations: adoration, thanksgiving, confession, intercession, and petition. A reprint of Forward Movement's classic first pamphlet, The Disciple's Way outlines the way of life for which all Episcopalians should strive. How can we clear our space, time, and minds from the clutter that keeps us from seeking and listening to God?
The opportunity to be a godparent or sponsor at the baptism of a child calls for thinking about your faith and the responsibilities you assume in this new role. In Observing Lent, Christine McSpadden emphasizes the practices of self-examination, fasting, study, prayer, and giving alms while on your Lenten journey. Readings for quiet preparation and meditation before communion and a moment of silence afterward.

In a season dominated by Santa Claus, gift-giving, and parties, it's easy to lose focus of the dramatic change God has made in our lives. Lectio divina, or divine reading, is a four-step approach to reading and praying scripture with its roots in western medieval monasticism.
Inspired by Michael Wyatt's daily letters to his sick, hospitalized sister, these reflections will bring comfort to all who are suffering have loved ones who are ill.
Explore the ancient roots and Christian meaning of this increasingly popular spiritual tool. From the rosary to centering prayer, journaling to icons, this essential resource offers insightful introductions to ten ways to pray that have proved useful to many. Forward Movement's newly updated pamphlet on grief offers readers the opportunity to engage some of life's most difficult moments. Icons are often called windows into heaven for their ability to draw us into the divine, into the presence of God.
It's December 26: carols have been sung, gifts opened, and friends and family have gone home.
The fifty days of Easter offer an opportunity to practice living as a resurrected people- and then to take that practice into the rest of the church year. A brief history and overview of Forward Movement's birth, growth, and continued ministry to the wider church.
Highlights the holy seasons of Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, Holy Week, Easter, and Pentecost as well as additional holy days and days of optional observance. This pamphlet explains what marriage is and more importantly what it means to have a Christian marriage. A youth group asked for "a piece we can give to our friends." Catherine Caimano responds in engaging question and answer format. Author Mike Kinman describes the theology of baptism, exploring the sacramental act through the story of creation and the baptism of Jesus.
In this useful guide, contemporary churchgoers and newcomers will find the language and customs of the Episcopal Church decoded.
Disagreements are a natural part of life, but if handled unwisely they can lead to bitter quarrels and destroy friendships. During the Easter season, we hear the accounts of Jesus' appearances to his friends in the days immediately following the Resurrection.
The Blessed Virgin is a major figure of Christian devotion in the Roman Catholic and Orthodox churches.
This card includes brief devotions taken from The Book of Common Prayer for individuals or families to use for prayer in the morning, at noon, at mealtime, and at the close of the day. Being welcoming is one of the most basic things a congregation needs to get right if it wants to grow.

Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori explores the Five Marks of Mission as a framework for the reconciling work God has sent us into the world to do--that's what mission means. The two prayers from the inside covers of Forward Day by Day: A Morning Resolve and For Today. Acolytes play an active role in several aspects of worship, helping make the service run smoothly and purposefully. Making your Literature Rack a Resource for Spiritual Growth offers tips for how to keep your literature rack a vibrant resource for congregation members, guests, and community members.
Praying together forms a healthy spiritual practice your children will rely on for years to come. A ministry of The Episcopal Church, Forward Movement has been inspiring disciples and empowering evangelists around the globe since 1935 through our offerings that encourage spiritual growth in individuals and congregations. This booklet of practical advice, discernment and reflection, meditation and prayer, has been written for people coming to terms with chronic illness and other conditions - long-term sickness, disability, grief, depression, anxiety and other forms of suffering.This timely exposition of the Catholic understanding of the dignity and value of each life eloquently answers today’s vocal minority who press for easy answers, including assisted suicide. McCrimmons is a family firm which has been offering high quality products and friendly service to churches, schools, individuals and bookshops for over 45 years. Jesus welcomes them into the loving sacrament of Holy Communion, allowing children to express their relationship with him. In this pamphlet, Scott Gunn offers an introduction to the Episcopal Church and its basic beliefs and practices. In presenting five concepts of Jesus, it introduces both who he was and, more importantly, who he is to us today--and why this is good news. Babcock writes of how prayer transformed her ability to deal with her disease--bringing comfort, meaning, and recovery. Noted author Phyllis Tickle explores the movement of Emergence Christianity and how it might shape the Church of the future. In the busyness of the holiday season, take some time to reflect and even to pray with these familiar carols and hymns. This newly updated resource provides creative ideas for using Forward Day by Day in personal devotion and sharing it with others for outreach and evangelism.
Many of us live such an increasingly demanding life that we've lost the ability to simply rest, renew, and recover.
Nick Donnelly, married to Martina, is a Deacon of the Lancaster Diocese and himself suffers from chronic illness. He has edited and authored several titles for the CTS, including Prayers for Grieving Parents and other titles on the Rosary.

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