Our Food Store is proud to be the subject of the Business Focus article in the latest edition of the Highland Heart! Our Food Store came about when a number of interested people from Voices and the Food Security Coalition recognized the need for a more resilient local food system.
Nostalgic still life of hot fudge sundae in classic tulip dish with retro diner objects in background. Smiling gingerbread man standing next to flour sifter with baking ingredients and additional gingerbread cookies in background. All plans come as a Standard license, and can be upgraded to an Enhanced license at any time. Source: By Alvin Chumari for Health Xchange, with expert input from the Department of Cardiology, National Heart Centre Singapore (NHCS), a member of the SingHealth group. If you were to suffer a heart attack while in the company of people, calling out for help is probably the first instinctive thing you’d do. To know if you’re suffering from a heart attack, you first need to be able to identify its symptoms.
Severe chest pain (like squeezing, or a heaviness, or pressing) at the central or left part of the chest, lasting usually for at least 20 min.
Should you experience a heart attack – regardless of whether you’re alone or in the presence of others – the very first thing to do is to call for emergency medical help. Large studies have also shown that taking an aspirin – the most commonly taken blood thinning medication in the world – during a heart attack improves survival.

Most cases of heart attack are caused by a blood clot forming in one of the blood vessels responsible for supplying blood to the heart. If you have aspirin at home, and you know that you are not allergic to it, then you could consider taking it while waiting for the emergency medical services to arrive. Could taking nitroglycerin – a prescribed medication that temporarily widens blood vessels to improve blood supply to the heart – also help? Dr Chin says, “Nitroglycerin has not been shown to prevent heart attacks or improve survival substantially during an attack.
Angina results from an imbalance in the supply and demand for blood to the heart, but it is due to a narrowed blood vessel and not to a clot that needs to be broken down.
As for self-administered “treatments” such as coughing repeatedly or applying pressure on the chest area during a heart attack, Dr Chin cautions that these are probably just urban legends.
Similarly, applying pressure on the chest area during a heart attack is unlikely to help unless the person’s heart has stopped beating (also known as a cardiac arrest). Child Safety and Injury PreventionThis is your chance to get answers to your questions on how to better childproof your home! Everyone who signs up gets full access to our entire library, including our curated collections.
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You need specialised treatment to be delivered to you as quickly as possible in order to save your heart muscle. For example, if you’re driving, first pull to the side of the road and call for aid,” advises Dr Chin. The resulting blockage deprives the heart of oxygen-rich blood, causing damage to the heart muscle, which progressively dies. Taking nitroglycerin during such a situation may temporarily expand the narrowed blood vessel and relieve discomfort. When this happens, CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) should be administered – ideally by someone who is trained to do so.
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Taking an aspirin during a heart attack may help as it prevents the clot from getting bigger, giving the body a chance to break down the blood clot. If you are in fact disposed to vote for impeachment, in the name of a justice that is fair and blind and impartial, please do so only on the basis of the real record and the real testimony, not on the basis of what someone else tells you is in the record.

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