If so, you are experiencing the major red flags that you need a break from caregiving’s demands and responsibilities. Respite is a break — not a full stop — in caregiving, says Beard, who is also a licensed social worker and dementia care specialist. In-home respite brings services (such as delivered meals or cleaning) and care providers (such as companions or personal care assistance) into the home. Paid in-home respite can be provided by a family member, but it’s usually provided by a home care assistant hired through an agency.
For those who qualify, funding or reimbursement for respite may be available through Medicaid, the Veterans’ Affairs Caregiver Support Program and Title III of the Older Americans Act.

You may think respite is something you will never need, but the reality of caregiving is that things change — often without warning. Health & Well-BeingTop 10 Allergy and Asthma Triggers in Your HomeYou undoubtedly have at least some. Sometimes it’s unpaid care provided by family members, friends, people from the person’s congregation or social organization or volunteers “placed” though government-funded programs (such as RSVP or Senior Companions) or other programs, such as Volunteer Match, Catholic Volunteer Network, or LotsaHelpingHands. It can be provided in adult day programs, which provide safe, supportive and stimulating care during the day. In addition, the ARCH National Respite Network can point you toward resources in your area.

Or it can be provided in residential care facilities that offer respite care, such as nursing homes or dementia care facilities.
They provide the services and supports found in day programs and may also provide overnight accommodations and care.

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