Quote of the Week"Asana practice challenges the body and focuses the mind, while its philosophical principles encourage spiritual growth.
Describes methods for extending the mind's power to heal the body, relieving such complaints as headaches, insomnia, back pain, and angina. If you enjoyed reading this book as well please feel free to write a comment, I will be happy to share it.

Asanas can be viewed as a kind of prayer, and they have significant and wholesome effect on our physical body, our psyche, and our emotional health. They secure a fine physique, which is a strong and elastic without being muscle-bound and they keep the body free from disease. Nature goes to the same place to create a cluster of nebulas, a galaxy of stars, a rain forest, or a human body as it goes to create a thought." - Deepak Chopra.

This distinguishes asana practice from other systematized forms of movement" - Alanna Kaivalya.

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