The recently re-established CBS Films has come out of the gate as expected, with safe, tepid films featuring big stars.
The Mechanic is directed by Simon West (Con Air, Lara Croft), and will open in US theaters on January 28, 2011.
Seems the marketing team at CBS Films is kneeling to the smartphone gods, sneaking a QR code into their jigsaw puzzle of a poster.
Just a logo and a synopsis, which may piss off fans who take the time to snap the QR code expecting more.

With Faster, and now The Mechanic, they’ll at least inject some adrenaline (and testosterone) into the mix.
The Mechanic, set for a January release, is a version of the 1972 Charles Bronson thriller of the same name, with the hitman-as-mentor storyline. This time around, the oft-typecast Jason Statham is the lead, breakout talent Ben Foster is the student. Throw in revenge as motivation, and you can understand why this new movie poster for The Mechanic is all about the weapons.

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