I hate it when you’re watching a YouTube video, right, and you press spacebar to pause the video but instead of pausing the video, it just jumps down the page instead. K, it’s the K button, now if you press the K button provided your cursor is not in the search bar or something like this, right. Easter eggs are hidden secret stuffs which are put in software or websites by their developers to provide some fun to the end users. Today in this topic we are going to share a few hidden secret Easter eggs present in YouTube website.
When this Easter egg was introduced, you needed to press and hold Left and Up arrow keys on your keyboard while watching a video to reveal this Easter egg.
Now you can reveal this Easter egg by pressing Down arrow key on your keyboard while a video is buffering.
After pasting the above string at the end of the video URL, press Enter and the video will automatically skip the first 30% part. This Wadsworth constant was created by a Reddit user and a YouTube employee because they thought that the first 30% part of a video is not worth to watch and doesn't contain any interesting information.

Open YouTube and search for Fibonacci in search box and the search results page will show videos in a tile arrangement based on Fibonacci sequence and the golden ratio. You'll also notice aqua.flv - Slide 0000 up to 0009 written at the bottom of the search results page. Open YouTube and search for Do the Harlem Shake in search box and the search results page will do the Harlem Shake. Basically these Easter eggs are hidden in the UI and you need to know the exact steps to reveal them. Almost all of us are aware of the popular video sharing website "YouTube" which is run by Google. The search results page will have red background and will show a blue rectangle around some videos. The search results page's fonts will be automatically converted to Comic Sans and will show text in various colors.
The search results page will show the videos list using popular Star Trek effect which looks like YouTube is beaming the videos on search results page.

The song Harlem Shake will be automatically played on search results page which can be muted or paused by the user and videos will shake based on the beats. I’ll do that thing where – you know that what kids do in schools where they pick off the buttons on the keyboards and they put them back in different arrangement, and it spells out a rude word, right.
Just type the numbers while you are watching the video and it'll launch Missile Control game at the top of the video. You didn’t think that you could learn something this handy from such a shittily made YouTube video, did you?

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