While Islander is recovering from his Friday night sufferings, alcoholic daemons, and (gasp!) metal shows, I thought I’d step in with an occasional roundup.
The Finnish black metal band Aegrus recently revealed the details for their upcoming release. Bedrich Smetana was a Czech composer who pioneered the development of a musical style which became closely identified with his country’s aspirations to independent statehood. This is a second round-up for the day, collecting some of the news and new music I discovered yesterday that I thought were worth sharing around.
I never got around to posting a second round-up yesterday, as I had planned, so I’m loading up this one not only with what I had intended to feature yesterday but also with some other items I discovered last night.
Earlier this month I reported that Ukrainian black metal band Blood of Kingu (started by Roman Sayenko of Drudkh) would be releasing their third album via Season of Mist on September 2 in North America (and August 29 everywhere else).
The song wastes no time unleashing a torrent of blasting drums and rippling tremolo runs that carry a seductive melody behind gargantuan vocal proclamations. Consider the idea of a Czech black metal band creating an album in homage to the Goddess Kali, the Aghoris, and Hindu funeral rites.
The music is in constant motion, transitioning between moods of light and dark, alternating the pace between hard-driving rhythms and stately progressions, crossing boundaries between incendiary assaults and gorgeous panoramas that more closely resemble post-rock than black metal.
Here’s the second part of my effort to collect worthwhile new music discovered over the last 24 hours. In May I gave a laborious description of how I had found the Czech black metal band Cult of Fire. I took a chance and put those titles into Google Translate and, lo and behold, it turns out the language is Hindi.
Demonhood Productions, as I learned this morning, is a relatively new Norwegian label mainly focusing on underground black, death, and thrash metal.
Similar to spiritual benefits, there are a number of physical benefits for meditation as well.
Meditation is the road to enlightenment with increased emotional stability and improved relationships.
Kayena-Vaacha Mana-Sendhriyerva, Buddhyatma-Naavaa Prakrute-Swabhawat, Karomi Yadyat Sakalam Parasmai, Naaraa-Yanayeti Samarpayami, Ohm Tat SatI offer all that I do, To Lord Narayana, Whatever I do with my body, Whatever I do with my mind, Whatever I do with my brain, Whatever I do with my soul, And whatever I do with natures help!
Our constantly expanding Yoga Art Gallery brings ancient traditions and classic art to your yoga space or studio. Please have a look around our collection of fine art from India featuring Hindu Gods, Hindu Goddess, and Buddhist Artwork. We are a small business who appreciates customer contact and answering any questions you may have about our products, or the symbols and deities featured on these pages. If you have any personalized requests for specific India art or Buddhist original art, please contact us. Welcome to the Meditation Art line of Hindu and Buddhist Art from India and Fair Trade Art Products.
Our magnificent miniature paintings exemplify the skilled work of a master craftsmen who uses rare, antique Inidan banknotes as his canvases.
In one type of meditation, a practitioner might choose to focus his energy on an object he selected before beginning his meditation, such as a flower or a rock.

The practitioner engages in one of several forms of yoga to help clear his mind and prepare for his meditation.
These mantras are designed to assist a practitioner with concentrating on meditation and not on any events outside of the body or in the practitioner’s thoughts in his mind. One such aid is to shut oneself off from the senses, lessening the likelihood of distractions. Sun rise, sun set… Now I’ve said before that not every band has to innovate to be worth your time. The EP, entitled Conjuring the Old Echoes, will be unearthed some time this summer via Hammer of Hate Records.
As much as anything else, it was a vehicle for exploring the music of bands I wasn’t familiar with, based solely on the attractiveness of their album or EP covers. For more details about what this list is all about and how it was compiled, read the introductory post via this link. Interestingly, according to the article quoted above, it was composed after illness had rendered Smetana completely deaf in both ears. It’s catchy-as-hell melodic death metal that bears resemblances to Amon Amarth, but with flavors of folk and power metal in the mix. An aura of infernal darkness radiates from the music in waves, but man, it’s also highly infectious.
From the opening moments of the first track, it’s apparent that the band set their sights on creating something more complex and more artistically ambitious than a straightforward black metal blitzkrieg. The melodies range from the bleak and heart-broken to the shimmering and soaring, but the overall atmosphere is one of epic grandeur, dramatic and impassioned.
The compilation also includes a song by a Czech band named Cult of Fire that I’ve recently become interested in. However, Cult of Fire are now signed to the German label Iron Bonehead for release of their next album (which should be coming in 2013). Meditation regularly ensures proper intake of oxygen increasing the blood flow leading to a deeper level of physical relaxation. It builds self-confidence, develops will power and increases one’s perceptual ability with focus and concentration. The Reflexology Art Series highlights the balance between body, spirit, and vision that is yoga art. We have traveled the world to bring you the finest art and fair trade art products available. Our hand painted prints are inspired by ancient imagery from the Rajasthan Region of India and are produced on paper, parchment, and cloth that is hundreds of years old. The second type of meditation, called mindfulness meditation, involves the practitioner focusing on his perception or experience while meditating. Different types of yoga employed for pre-meditative purposes include Vedanta, Japa, Raja and Surat Shabd. Brahman is the supreme god in Hinduism, and assists a person in achieving a true meditative state. A practitioner of Hindu meditation does not need to believe in any or all Hindu theological teachings, but being aware of some Hindu teachings can help enrich the practitioner’s experience.

There’s still a category link to all those posts on the right side of this page, even though the project has been moribund for quite a while.
Having done that (and written about the first advance track from the album here), I immediately became a fan. It ended with a track from the band’s 2012 debut album Triumvirat that was included on a free comp from Demonhood Productions. As I also discovered only this morning, they released a compilation in March that’s a free download on Bandcamp.
Enhancing our immune system fighting against allergies, it cures arthritis, migraines and asthma. It increases the sense of responsibility by helping in quitting smoking and alcohol addiction, and reduces dependency on drugs and pills. These are hand made pieces of art made by indigenous people of India, who are paid a living wage for their work. The lithographs of buddhist and yoga art are made using traditional methods and printed in limited editions, all signed and numbered by the artist.
Many Budhdist and Hindu influences carry a theme throughout our collection of fine art work and our fair trade art products. Hindu meditation comes in dozens of forms, each with its own set of philosophies and techniques used to help the practitioner achieve a meditative state.
The person might also visualize a Hindu deity of his choice, which also helps the practitioner focus on his meditative state and not on distractions. A person might also focus his mind on a single point or thought, not deviating from it during the entire meditation session, to aid in his shutting out other thoughts and outside influences.
Some Christians have infused Christian teachings with Hindu yoga positions in a quest to teach Christian theology. And so when I learned that Dalkhu released another new song yesterday, I felt confident it was going to be another good one — and so it is. As reported in that earlier post, Cult of Fire are now signed to the German label Iron Bonehead for release of their next album (which should be coming in 2013).
It relaxes our nervous system producing lasting beneficial changes in brain electrical fire activity. Our quality crafted Buddha Statues come in a wide variety of poses and are made of metal, faux wood, faux ivory, and cast resin.
All artists are paid a living wage and we take every step possible to support earth-friendly components to all our products. The meditative state is supposed to be calm and allow the practitioner to concentrate clearly, seeing himself as he truly is and not as he is perceived in the world. It cures headaches bringing out a greater orderliness of brain function which reduces emotional distress and aging process. It develops emotional maturity, greater tolerance, better social behaviour with increased job satisfaction and usage of higher intelligence in every fields.

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