If you're sure that you typed your password correctly and still, it doesn't work, look for a small, blue link named "Can't access your account?".
Important: As I said at the beginning of this article, it all depends on current security settings of each account. After I clicked on the link to reset my (Hotmail) Microsoft account password I was automatically redirected to this page which tells me to enter a new password twice. After I did this, I was redirected to login page where I had to enter my email address again along with my new password.
Microsoft’s Hotmail email service is one of the most popular services on the Internet. This article acts as a guide for Hotmail users who have sign in or log in troubles on the website or in Windows Live Mail. Lets take a look at the standard Hotmail login: Users open the Hotmail website in their web browser. The most likely issues that Hotmail users encounter during sign in are that the password or email is not accepted during the log in process. Your Windows Live ID is the email address you use, along with your password, to sign in to any Windows Live program or service, such as Hotmail, Messenger, or SkyDrive. Alternative options to reset the password are provided if the Hotmail email does not arrive in the secondary email account, or if no secondary account is registered with the service.
Please note that multiple attempts to sign in with the wrong password may block the account temporarily. A last resort is the Windows Live Password reset page, where it is possible to recover the account by entering the answer to the secret question that was defined during account creation. Here are some general tips that you should take a look at to protect your account from signing in problems. You should also make sure to enter a secondary email address, which is used to reset a password. You may also want to consider using a password manager to automate your log ins and password creations.
Your last resort is a post on the Windows Live Help forum if you are still having troubles with the Hotmail sign in. This entry was posted in Email and tagged hotmail, hotmail log in, hotmail login, hotmail sign in, log in, login, sign in on October 8, 2010 by Martin Brinkmann.
I have tried repeatedly (25+ times) to sign in to my hotmail email account and can’t even get to the sign-in page as a rule.

I do not understand why I cannot get into my email address.I am in trouble and require assistance.
I have come back from my hols only to find I cannot even get a sign in page up, only a blank white one. I’ve found including setting up an outlook account so you can e-mail to tell me the problems. As you can see in the following image, you are required to type your email address and also the captcha code. When you attempt to reset your password, Hotmail will require a secret question that should be known by you when you created your email for the first time: see the following image.
My email account was created in 2011 so I added two different email addresses that I own - at different email providers.
I used "Email me the reset link" and this is the same window - the confirmation message is a little different. I checked my Inbox and also Spam folder and the message that allowed me to reset my password didn't arrived. It's just a reminder of your current security settings so make sure that you review this information again. From here you can edit your name, rename your account, edit personal info, change your password and security info and much more. You can change your password when you can access your account but this is not the case here.
Those are usually connected, meaning if it is not possible to sign in to the homepage it is also not possible to use Windows Live Mail to access the account.
It is possible to configure the sign in page to remember the password and username, so that these details do not have to be entered again on future visits to the email service. You can also use it to sign in to other Microsoft services, including Xbox LIVE, Zune, and Office Live.
You may also want to double-check that the caps-lock key is not active, which turns lowercase into uppercase characters automatically. Microsoft operates a Windows Live ID status page that indicates if known problems of the Windows Live service prevent users from signing into Hotmail.
If the captcha code doesn't work, you can try another one or you could listen the audio file - it's the same thing. Therefore, in order to reset my password, Hotmail will send me an email with further instructions on my other emails that I specified when I created my account.

If you click on that link, it will ask you for more details and you will have to specify an email address that you can access if you wish to receive an answer. They inform me that a link to reset my password was sent on my email address (I had two, you might have only one).
Here, we are talking about how to recover your Hotmail - Live password (Microsoft), although the technical term here is called "reset" this is a simple recovery process via another email that you own or using a different method such as the security question. One of the changes in the process is that users can now sign into Hotmail on the Internet, or by using Windows Live Mail, the mail program that supports logging into Hotmail to read and write emails. See the screenshot below and compare it to what you are seeing on your screen if you are in doubt if the site you are on is the right one. We usually recommend not to save the login credentials as this can be a security risk, especially on multi-user systems.
Once done, a link to reset the password is sent to the secondary email address of the account.
It acts as a one-time password that expires the minute it has been used for the first time. Well, if somehow you lost access to your Hotmail email, you can attempt to recover your password. I did not cover this part as most people won't need it but keep in mind that there are no guarantees that you will be able to recover your email.
The second attempt was a successful  one, I received two emails instead of one, both of them with the same content. There are no guarantees that you will be able to access your account and it might look a little different, it all depends on your security settings. However, it worth to try, if you can offer enough details maybe the Hotmail (Microsoft) team will be able to help you. It should be obvious that this is not a good idea considering that the password to the account is not accepted, and thus it is not possible to sign in to read the new email.

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