If you're sure that you typed your password correctly and still, it doesn't work, look for a small, blue link named "Can't access your account?". Important: As I said at the beginning of this article, it all depends on current security settings of each account.
After I clicked on the link to reset my (Hotmail) Microsoft account password I was automatically redirected to this page which tells me to enter a new password twice.
After I did this, I was redirected to login page where I had to enter my email address again along with my new password.
For years, Microsoft engineers have quietly limited Hotmail passwords to 16 characters, a revelation that has surprised and concerned some users who have long entered passcodes twice that long to access accounts. One such user is Costin Raiu, the director of the global research and analysis team at antivirus provider Kaspersky Lab.
Storing millions of passwords as plaintext is among the biggest sins website administrators can commit. The limitation is in stark contrast to those found on services such as Gmail, which reportedly permits passwords as long as 200 characters or even Yahoo Mail, which allows 32-character passwords. A Microsoft representative told Ars that "Sixteen characters has been the limit for years now" and downplayed concerns that the policy unnecessarily opens users to account breaches. The spokeswomen declined to say why Microsoft passwords are required to be so much shorter than passphrases allowed by competing services.
The spokeswoman's response appears to indicate Microsoft engineers don't store passwords in plaintext, although the spokeswoman didn't address that issue despite Ars specifically asking about it.
Even when attackers use super-charged computing resources from Amazon's cloud-based services, a unique, randomly generated password of more than eight characters takes on average more than 10 days to guess. The biggest problem with the limitation is that Microsoft has silently enforced the policy. In his July post, Microsoft's Doerr said the company is in the process of moving beyond the use of mere passwords to grant users entry to their sensitive account data. This kind of thing is actually more common than people think.Back at my old job, we did a lot of work in Red Hat Enterprise Linux. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Conde Nast. It's very hard if not impossible to reset your Hotmail password if you have forgotten the phrase or cannot access your account.
Stellar Phoenix Password Recovery is such a unique password retrieval tool that you can recover any forgotten Windows login password and the auto-complete passwords of web browsers (e.g.
Download and install Stellar Phoenix Password Recovery tool and open it from desktop or the start menu.
On the left, click 'Password Finder' button, all the saved passwords will be categorized in the name of web browsers and mail client.
As you can see in the following image, you are required to type your email address and also the captcha code.
When you attempt to reset your password, Hotmail will require a secret question that should be known by you when you created your email for the first time: see the following image. My email account was created in 2011 so I added two different email addresses that I own - at different email providers. I used "Email me the reset link" and this is the same window - the confirmation message is a little different.
I checked my Inbox and also Spam folder and the message that allowed me to reset my password didn't arrived. It's just a reminder of your current security settings so make sure that you review this information again. From here you can edit your name, rename your account, edit personal info, change your password and security info and much more. You can change your password when you can access your account but this is not the case here.

Forgetting password and losing access to email account as a result of hacking are few perils of using online email account.
On Friday he reported receiving a new error message when he entered the same 30-character passcode he long used on the Microsoft site. But Raiu wasn't pleased with the competing possibility, that "since its inception, Hotmail was silently using only the first 16 chars of the password." That would mean his passcode wasn't nearly as resistant to brute-force attacks as he had thought. In a blog post from July, however, Eric Doerr, a Microsoft Group program manager for Microsoft accounts, suggested the limitation is the result of engineering decisions intended to make passwords compatible across multiple product lines.
Assuming the passcodes are stored as one-way cryptographic hashes that are generated using the PBKDF2 key derivation function, the SHA512crypt, or another algorithm designed to securely hash passwords, Microsoft is mostly right in downplaying the consequences of the 16-character limitation. Each additional character that is used adds an order of magnitude more time to the process. That means users like Raiu believed as many as 30 characters were required to access an account when in fact significantly fewer were needed. It seems like people didn't bother reading the article.Sure, a 16-character password may be acceptable *if you know about the limitation*. I don't know if they've change it since, but while you could enter passwords of any length and you could have policies enforcing things like "must have at least one non-alphanumeric character", when logging in, it only cared about the first 8 characters. In such case, you have to depend on the third-party Hotmail recovery software to retrieve your Hotmail account. If you have used your Hotmail password in these account, there is a good change that you can recovery Hotmail password.
Then open the TXT file will any supported text editor like Notepad to view your Hotmail password and login your account in Hotmail sign-in page. I humbly recommend you to use a password manager called Roboform to manager all your password. If the captcha code doesn't work, you can try another one or you could listen the audio file - it's the same thing. Therefore, in order to reset my password, Hotmail will send me an email with further instructions on my other emails that I specified when I created my account. If you click on that link, it will ask you for more details and you will have to specify an email address that you can access if you wish to receive an answer. They inform me that a link to reset my password was sent on my email address (I had two, you might have only one). Here, we are talking about how to recover your Hotmail - Live password (Microsoft), although the technical term here is called "reset" this is a simple recovery process via another email that you own or using a different method such as the security question. If you are a Windows Live Hotmail account user and has lost access to your email account – then following should help.
When he typed in the first 16 characters, as the error message directed him to do, he was able to access his account just fine. That's because despite the growing sophistication of password cracking, brute-force attackers hit an "exponential wall," when trying to cycle through every possible password greater than about eight characters. Depending on the password, this secret policy might have made accounts less secure than calculated.
So you could fulfill the aforementioned rule by making your 9th character a question mark or something, but then type your alphanumeric 8-character password, minus that 9th character, and it would let you log in.It was a bit disconcerting when I discovered this fact.
I've had no reason to access 'help' where this information is supposedly hidden.Some people use phrases, which can easily exceed 16 characters.
According to the Pew Internet and American Life Project data, 92% of adult US Internet users send or read email. Just select the program you're using, and the password and user name of your Hotmail account will be shown in the table. With it, you just need to remember one master password, and Roboform remembers all the other passwords, including Hotmail password, of course. Well, if somehow you lost access to your Hotmail email, you can attempt to recover your password.

I did not cover this part as most people won't need it but keep in mind that there are no guarantees that you will be able to recover your email. The second attempt was a successful  one, I received two emails instead of one, both of them with the same content. You can recover access to Live Hotmail account in event of not remembering the correct password or account hacked by someone.Can login? The change concerned Raiu, because it meant that for years his Hotmail account hadn't been as secure as he was led to believe.
Imagine, for instance, if a user picked "secretpasswordtomaleedisonomega" as the passcode to login to Hotmail. The problem is that Hotmail has, until very recently, just thrown away any parts of your password which didn't fit, instead of giving you a warning or an error message.When you pick a password, you try to make it unique and hard to guess. There are no guarantees that you will be able to access your account and it might look a little different, it all depends on your security settings. However, it worth to try, if you can offer enough details maybe the Hotmail (Microsoft) team will be able to help you. The chances of it falling prey to a cracking attack are significantly more remote than "secretpasswordto," the text string that contains the first 16 characters of the intended password. But it turns out your password isn't getting changed at all!All the 'this kind of thing has often occurred in the past', 'company xyz also does this', 'no one ever cared about this before' arguments are really out of date. By concealing the 16-character maximum for all these years, Microsoft may have given users a false sense of security. If you forgot the answers to the secret questions, and there is not any secondary email address, you have to see the alternative method to recover Hotmail password with a 3rd-party Hotmail password recovery software. Neither of those four words are particularly hard to guess, but combined, there's a lot of entropy.But suppose you use it on a site which silently, without informing you, throws away everything past the first 7 characters. You will receive secret code via SMS on mobile phone for successful modification of account password.Can NOT login? Whole countries are putting massive resources into breaking passwords.Our standards are getting higher so we are right to no longer put up with this nonsense.
Try Resetting passwordIf you are not able to login into Hotmail account then changing password is not an option. When they complain about how hard it is to change their software to be more than 16 characters, they are complaining about the wrong thing. Now, in this case they keep 16 characters, and not 7 (so it'd be "correct horse ", which is harder, but still hardly what I'd consider a good password), but the principle is the same.
It is not very difficult to have Hotmail let you know that they have this limit when you try to put in a longer password, so we can at least know what we are dealing with (which they finally decided to do).
If you picked a long passphrase on the assumption that "it's ok to use plain english words, as long as the password string is sufficiently long", then you can wave any kind of security goodbye if it turns out that said length is completely disregarded, and only the first handful of characters are actually significant.Sounds like a pretty serious problem to me. Enter any current email address that you can access to allows Hotmail support to contact you.2. A private forum will be created just for you so that support agents can track the investigation, ask additional questions, supply additional information and find the results of the investigation.4. This account is temporary and will only remain accessible for 30 days.Clicking continue button will create a temporary Windows Live Solution Center account. Using this account a private forum will be created allowing you to discuss and investigate on Hotmail account recovery.

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