November 6, 2015 by Shannon Ryan – 3 Comments On Monday, I began my guide to raising financially confident kids by focusing on breaking some popular money myths and laying down the ground-work as to how financial literacy benefits our children.
With that being said, of course, it’s important to keep the conversation simple and positive. In the post I go into more detail on how save, spend and share works, but it is a very simple and powerful set of questions. Save, spend and share goals will help your kids become comfortable with setting and achieving goals and using their goals to make confident decisions, just as my girls did.
Here are simple guidelines, tips and suggestions to help you talk to your kids about money based on their age. On Monday, I’ll share some more teachable moments that you can utilize and other essential money and life skills that are important for kids to learn. About Shannon RyanShannon Ryan is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) whose passion for financial literacy began in childhood when her father started his "money lessons" during dinner. I just became a parent 3 days ago, and have already been thinking about how to raise my kid financially and educate her.
Confidence is a huge key point to becoming financially successful, and I think a lot of people focus more on literacy rather then emotion when it comes to money, including myself.
It is so nice for a father to share his knowledge on money management such as budgeting, saving, and spending to my kids because I feel they need to know it at a very young age so that they can become financially literate and ready when faced with such circumstances.
Our daughter is just 16 months now, but we definitely plan on making money a regular topic of conversation in the future. Many parents want to wait until their kids are older, believing they will better understand the lessons being taught to them. They helped them understand one of most important principles about money — it needs a purpose. My girls have been setting personal save, spend and share goals since they were six years old, and it is something they look forward to doing annually. They worry about questions their kids might ask them or don’t feel ready to have the conversation. And regardless of age, I always recommend that you start with the basics – setting save, spend and share goals and giving money purpose.

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Never underestimate their abilities: Once they start feeling that, they will lose their self-confidence and then always underestimate themselves.
Make sure the praises are more than telling-offs: Keep a track of these if possible, and the criticism should be always less than appreciation. There are more and more opportunities available for girls as compared to the past, but there are also mixed messages and new issues our girls are facing. While I recommend starting these conversations when your children are toddlers, it’s never too late to start. It helped introduce the concept of saving and value-based goals around something the girls were very motivated in helping us achieve. I am also very proud to share that they have done a great job of achieving their goals, which helps them feel financially confident and gain a stronger sense of overall self-worth too.
These are valid concerns or fears that can prevent you from talking to your kids, which we don’t want to happen. She resides in Manhattan Beach, CA with her husband, Chris, and their two daughters, Lauren and Taylor. With the relationship and guidance provided from a parent, a girl can achieve and do great things, living a life with confidence, inner strength, and contentment. The following posts address any lingering money hang-ups you may have, and my 2-Step tutorial outlines how to ease into money conversations with your kids. What is even more important is for parents to ACTIVELY LISTEN to their daughters.Active listening basically means to show that you actually heard what the other person said. And most importantly, money will never have a chance to become a taboo topic in your home and you can avoid bad money habits or beliefs from ever taking root. She is referring to how moms have subconscious beliefs (ideas a person is not always completely aware of) about their bodies.

Some of these beliefs come from childhood, such as by seeing how their mothers perceived and managed their bodies. Other beliefs come from experiences, good or bad, such as being called names as a child, looking different from others, not meeting expectations presented by the media, and so on. Other beliefs come from within, thoughts a mom develops over time about who she is and what she likes or dislikes about herself.It is important, especially for mothers, to present positive body image beliefs for their daughters. Having an unhealthy belief system about your own body image makes having confidence in life more difficult. However, there are some key factors in which fathers play a role in raising confident girls.Many fathers are spending more time with their kids these days. Allowing your daughter to explore all types of activities, as well as actively participating in those activities with her, is a great way to enhance her feelings of self-worth and self-confidence, because it shows her that its okay to be herself and follow her own interests and uniqueness.Recognize her emotions, be responsive when she wants to talk, and talk to her casually about things that are going on in her life. When a father is open to talking with his daughter, she is able to feel secure in being able to talk to him about different things she is going through. As unfair as it might be, appearance does influence things to some degree such as the way an employer views an employee (such as whether the employee is dressed appropriately for the job). However, the goal should not be to encourage your daughter to solely or even mostly identify appearance with self-confidence, self-worth, or beauty.It is important to take care of ourselves. For instance, we can do things that will enhance our natural beauty (rather than use synthetic means, like make-up and jewelry-not that those are bad things).
This will enhance the look of your skin and promote stronger cellular immunity to diseases and will allow your body to fight of antigens or irritants that might bother your skin, such as common concerns like dry skin, eczema, or acne.Exercise.
This will help our bodies and minds to function well which will also increase our self-confidence.
Heather has also obtained a master's degree in clinical social work and a bachelor's degree in psychology with a youth services minor.

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