So the first day, you do only stretch 1, and the second day you only do stretch 2, until day 6, then you do all 5, including 6? And in Stretch 6, she has blocks on either side to help lower her into the splits, but clearly Cassey can do the splits and doesn’t need the blocks.
I did the whole thing, exactly as said, held each stretch a minute each side, didn’t miss a single day, and my flexibility is so much better, but actually, I feel like my splits are worse. I’m no expert on this but you probably gained muscle during this time and that made it harder to stretch like before.

But, just like how I felt when I got into the headstand for the first time, it was PURE BLISS. I know how to do the stretches, but are you meant to hold them for a certain amount of time?.. This will be a VERY REWARDING journey, however, you will need to show me that you are DEDICATED. So, everyday from today til July 1st, I’m giving away a set of Stretch Bands to a random POPster who has posted the above graphic on their Instagram!

Unlike losing weight or getting slimmer thighs, your goal is not driven by fitting into skinny jeans, societal pressures or vanity.
Every day I want you to post a picture of the pose of the day as a sign that you did your stretches.

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