Ever wonder how your tiny carbon footprint really impacts the big picture of climate change? Take a few minutes to contact your political representatives and the media to tell them you want immediate action on climate change.
Ask your utility to switch your account to clean, renewable power, such as from wind farms. Carbon taxes make polluting activities more expensive and green solutions more affordable, allowing energy-efficient businesses and households to save money.
Transportation causes about 25 per cent of Canada's greenhouse gas emissions, so walk, cycle or take transit whenever you can. Many organizations, including the David Suzuki Foundation, are working hard on solutions to climate change and rely on financial support from citizens like you. In other words, the oceans have been rising, a millimetre or two a year, for the past 15,000 years. What Climate Change Deniers also deny is that climate change is a human-driven phenomenon largely based on industrialization, and that we should therefore feel guilty about our comfortable lifestyles. There have been eight of these climatic cycles over the past 800,000 years or so, and we’re darned lucky to be in one of the warming phases. Climate Deniers also tend to believe that, if there is a global-warming problem, we can deal with it. Indeed, for the $7 billion or so that Canada has wasted so far pretending to comply with the Kyoto Accord (with, literally, no benefit at all and an actual increase in greenhouse gas emissions), we could have protected all of Canada’s coastal cities from rising oceans. An inch or two isn’t much compared to how much the seas have risen in the past, so us Deniers are not inclined to believe the Ocean-is-Rising Chicken Littles.
Deniers ask themselves a number of other inconvenient (to borrow a phrase from Al Gore’s climate-affirmer movie) questions. But, the Affirmers say, the consensus of the scientific community is that global warming is caused by human activity, and several thousand scientists can’t be wrong. Of course, it makes sense to develop more efficient technologies and energy sources, but we’re doing this anyway.
In other words, Kyoto and the whole global warming industry is the 21st century equivalent of the Rain Dance.
That’s not a very popular position right now, which is why some of we Deniers prefer to stay Anonymous. So, it doesn’t concern you that atmospheric carbon dioxide levels are higher now (by about 50% or 100 ppm) than they have been in the last 400,000 years, and that carbon dioxide levels and global temperature have correlated over that span as well? This whole commotion is similar to 90’s ritual of cutting 6 pack can packaging plastics because they could strangle some animal in the ocean.
You are correct, visible light from the sun passes through the atmosphere, and very little is absorbed by CO2.

This light reaches the earth, (some is reflected back as visible light, especially by snow), the rest is absorbed by the earth’s surface. Some infra-red light destined to travel into space, is unfortunately absorbed by CO2 (and Methane) causing warming. Infrared radiation coming from the element (not visible to the human eye), will increasingly warm their hand; eventually the element will GLOW RED HOT (visible light starts to be emitted). Personal motivations asside, I do not enjoy it when my tax dollars are hijacked by bad or falsified science. You climate change deniers don’t seem to understand basic physics, not to mention the complexities of climate change. A group of 3,146 earth scientists surveyed around the world overwhelmingly agree that in the past 200-plus years, mean global temperatures have been rising, and that human activity is a significant contributing factor in changing mean global temperatures. The findings appear today in the publication Eos, Transactions, American Geophysical Union. About 90 percent of the scientists agreed with the first question and 82 percent the second.
And Kelly you don’t understand basic computer science I could post this same message here as many times as I wanted with each one showing a different IP address using proxy servers to buffer the data being sent. This site is based on several years of research for a book examining the claims that humans are the main cause of global warming and that warming will be a disaster. The triumphs of science are due to the substitution of observation and inference for authority.
Whether you save it on your desktop, share it with friends, or stick a copy on your fridge (PDF), this quick reference guide breaks down what you can do today to protect the planet for future generations. Remind them that reducing greenhouse gas emissions will also build healthier communities, spur economic innovation and create new jobs.
Keep stuff out of landfills by composting kitchen scraps and garden trimmings, and recycling paper, plastic, metal and glass. Before you book your next airline ticket, consider greener options such as buses or trains, or try vacationing closer to home.
Consider making a donation today by calling 1-800-453-1533 or by visiting our secure website. Like most Deniers, I’m aware that global warming has been going on for the past 15,000 years, ever since the last Ice Age ended. Undoubtedly, human activity plays a part in climate change; we are creatures who change planets. How likely is it that we’re going to get a sudden increase in sea level rise beyond what is natural because of human CO2 emissions, which are less than 5 per cent of nature’s carbon dioxide emissions? Nothing we do is going to prevent the planet doing what it does naturally, which is go from Ice Age to Interglacial to Ice Age.

Of course, there are several thousand other scientists who don’t agree, but their voices are ignored. If there’s evidence that humans are producing global warming, then why don’t the Affirmers just produce that evidence, as Darwin did with evolution? Industry has been getting more and more efficient for 200 years, pretty much all by itself with little government prompting. Rather than face our fears, we hide those fears behind purposeless (and pointlessly expensive) activity. As with all warm objects, the earth radiates heat energy as infra-red light (invisible to the human eye) and certain frequencies of infra-red resonate CO2 molecules, and are absorbed. However, let us remember that woodland and tropical rainforest have been cut down over the last few hundred years, these are the sinks that absorb CO2. And next time you're at the polls, vote for politicians who support effective climate policies. Let store managers and manufacturers know you want products with minimal or recyclable packaging. You can also stay in touch with people by videoconferencing, which saves time as well as travel and accommodation costs.
Host a presentation for your community or workplace by requesting a presenter trained by Al Gore from The Climate Project Canada.
If you can't go car-free, try carpooling or car sharing, and use the smallest, most fuel-efficient vehicle possible. But it seems far more likely that, since the Earth has a hundred-thousand-year warming and cooling cycle, other, much grander factors are in play. Faced with forces beyond our control, we fall back on what are essentially religious rituals.
Most of what we've been told about the causes and dangers of global warming is misleading, exaggerated, or plain wrong (including the claim that the planet is warming--it hasn't since 1998). And it is part of the scientific attitude that the pronouncements of science do not claim to be certain, but only to be the most probable on present evidence. Which is precisely what the Affirmers (like, alas, our new Liberal Leader, Stephane Dion) do not want to do. One of the greatest benefits that science confers upon those who understand its spirit is that it enables them to live without the delusive support of subjective certainty. And a home energy audit is cheaper than you think — book one today to find even more ways to save energy.

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